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The Best Day of the Year

It’s awesome that I consider the kickoff to someone else’s series of skateboard competitions better than the kickoff to my own, but I just love Bowl Series. There is no better times. And after all, the Bowl Series is what gave me the idea to start a full series of contests in Surrey. Why do 1, when you can do 5 or more??

So today was one of the best Canada Day Seylynn Jams in a long time. The weather was amazing, the crowd was full and there was sick skating going on all day in every category. Ben Chibber brought out a group of kids that localize his indoor park – The Dry Spot – and they were shredding in Beginner. Presley was the only dude in the finals that wasn’t part of their crew, and the little 5 year old from Squamish let them know who`s boss, but still finished in 4th, out of 8 kids in total. The Intermediates were also laying it  all on the line with crazy tricks and awesome flow lines. I think the kids name that won it was Ross but I can`t remember, which is bad since I MC`d their runs. Either way they all skated good. The ladies were shredding the bowl, Protest Rider and my wife Carrie Williams finished in 2nd place behind crazy ol` Jess who hits the most difficult speedlines, and today did them all barefoot. Jess ended the ladies jam with a face smash in the deep end carving in frontside a little to fast. 5 girls in the comp, stellar.

The advanced was where it was at, like usual. 40-50 dudes going hardcore, ranging in age from 17-45+. You know it`s a crazy scene when the guy that gets 1st place is in his early 20’s, the guys that gets 2nd is in his early 40`s and the guy that get`s 3rd is the youngest dude there at 17. 9 people made the Finals in this one – Wow! We had a sick heat with Giver, myself Hippie Mike, Jaden Easton-Ellett, Brad `Fighter`Muscat & Andy Anderson and all 5 of us were ripping. Only 1 guy from each heat qualifies to finals though and Andy squeezed through. Good think he kept up with his game in the finals and ended up in 3rd place. Bushman and Eve Feaver were also all over the bowl today, Protest Skateboards was being highly represented, and Eve came through in 2nd place. It`s tough judging out there when there are over 40 guys in advanced and all of them are skating good. The MC role was definitely easier than the judging today. Adam Hopkins came through in the Finals and won his 6th straight Bowl Series contest leading him in the direction to go flawless again this year – Alex Chalmers style. Adam took the King of the Bowls Trophy last year with 5 wins out of 5 comps. He was killin`it today, definitely a crowd favourite.

Big thanks go out to Mike Strato and the Vans Crew, the Gullwing Crew and many other sponsors for getting the 19th year off to an awesome start. Strato works hard for these contests so thank him when you see him. And to Mark Halliday of Moonrider Productions who is working with me to create a documentary following this year`s Bowl Series start to finish. Him and his crew of filmers were sweating in the hot sun all day to capture the best of the best footage. And to Pete`s Meat Butcher Shop for running a fundraiser BBQ to raise funds and donate them to the late Carver Don Hartley`s family. Awesome guys.

Thanks to everyone else just for being there, nothin`but love.

Cold drinks, fast lines, hot sun and lots of fun!

Stop 2 – Griffin Bowl

July 14th

Seylynn Advanced Winners

  1. Adam Hopkins
  2. Eve Feaver
  3. Andy Anderson
  4. Rob Rickaby
  5. Steve Denham
  6. Clinton
  7. Merrick
  8. Leif Brooke
  9. George Faulkner
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Protest Skateboards knows how to Party

With Summer finally arriving I wanted to show my appreciation to the dudes that rep Protest Skateboards for me so we had a big ol’ BBQ and Ramp Jam at the ranch. It was a combination of generations of people who have been in my life and helped out with everything I do behind the scenes and on the front lines. I was most stoked to see my old pal Homer walk into the yard. Me and him went through a lot together over the years and it meant a lot to me for him to show up. He took over the Carnivore Barbeque for me which helped also since I don’t really know how to cook meat. But of course having Homer there pretty much confirmed that his son Randy was showing up, 8 beers in and with plenty more to go. Majority of the deck team showed up – Andy Anderson, Carrie Williams, Cisco Gooding, Bushman, Jeff Cole, Fighter, Jordan Strong, Kaelen Faux, Jaden Easton-Ellett and of course myself Hippie Mike. We were missing Ryan Brynelson, Eve Feaver and Surrey Stu but we made it through without them. Jay Mykyte and Allen Handley were shredding the ramp the whole time with Dylan Dombroski, and everyone was having a great time together. Carrie learned Fakie Crooks, Brad learned Rocket Blunts and Randy kept leaping off the cliff from the ramp like a maniac. He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt. Drew Boyle made an appearance and Justin James rolled his ankle on the ramp like 5 times. Bushman was checking out my yard and spotted a car jammed vertically in the ravine that I’ve never noticed in the 7 1/2 years we’ve owned this house. So then of course everyone was climbing down to check it out. Turns out to be a Simca which was one of the most popular car manufacturers in France until it was bought out by Chrysler in the 1970’s. Gotta love Google, but even better, gotta love the fact of how many people have pissed off the cliff right beside this thing and no one’s ever noticed it there. Bocce, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pool, Skateboarding, Loud Music, Drunk idiots and great friends. 

It was an awesome time. Thanks to everyone who came out, and of course I bought waaaaaaaay to much food so I guess we’ll be meeting up again real soon.

Protest Forever!


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Canada Day at Seylynn

I moved to BC in 1998 with my wife Carrie and was welcomed into the skateboard community here right away with open arms. I met a lot of amazing people right away just through skateboarding in Burnaby, and some of those people are still some of my closest friends, what I consider to be family. But the day that changed my life forever was the first year I went to a Seylynn Bowl Series Contest. I had heard about them for a few years but never made it out, and then when I started riding for Substance Sk8 Shop, Mike McManus took us the Bowl Series contests in White Rock and New West and I saw all these guys that I knew from the Burnaby Park and they were shredding the bowls super hard. I learned the lines quickly and had a great time, I’m pretty sure I even placed 2nd at New West that year. I now knew what The Bowl Series was and understood that I needed to be part of it just for the fun factor. The next year we made it out to Seylynn for the kickoff which is always on Canada Day and there were hundreds of people there. I was stoked!!

Since then, we have never missed a year at Seylynn, and have hardly missed any of the Bowl Series contests at all. Seylynn, Griffin, White Rock, Squamish & Whistler (and New West used to be in there, even Bonsor had it’s times a couple years), these are the original parks that made people like Colin McKay, Alex Chalmers, Dave and Rob Boyce who they are today. And Eve Feaver and Bushman have been repping at these parks forever as well, that’s how I met them, and now they are on the Protest Team. It became a lot more than a series of skateboard contests every year, it became a family reunion, especially Seylynn. Canada Day is the day I think about most of the year, just for that reason. You know the people you’re going to see there, you know the positive vibe that will fill the air, and you know that there’s gonna be some serious talent to watch skate too.

To all the legends of Seylynn Bowl SeriesSeb, Cuz, Carver Don, Dave Priest, Stevie D, Johnny B, Hippo, Langer, Jamie Sherrat, Jay Balmer, Mike Strato, Surrey Clint, Clinkhammer, Mitchy, Big Jay, The Faulkner Twins, Bushman, Eve, Stu & Drew, Andy Anderson, Giver, Adam Tagg, Dave Boyce, Alex Chalmers, Rosie and Trevor, McCallum, Pidgeon, Adam Hopkins and so many more. Legends from every era all coming together every year to kick off this event and make it what it is.

This is where I belong, and these are the memories that we make as a family to remember forever. Bowl Series – Year #19 starts July 1st, 2013 at Seylynn Bowl. Who will show up? Who will win? Who will end up this year’s King of the Bowls at the end of the series? Only one way to find out…..

Here’s some footage from last year’s kickoff put together by Dennis Regan from Rollingbonespodcast

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So many Flat Spotters

Flatspot Contest Winners - Hippie Mike, Kyle Wein & Dylan Dombroski

Hippie Mike and some of the crew rolled into the Flatspot Longboard Shop the other night for the Bowl Contest they were hosting. This bowl is tiny and tight, with home-made pool coping throughout it, a very skinny and mean extension, narrow decks and and weird capsule style wallride corner. It was a very unique bowl and would’ve been a great one to have had a few practice sessions before the contest when it wasn’t so packed, but we all made it work.

Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Eve Feaver, Jeff Cole, Andy Anderson and Hippie Mike represented Protest Skateboards in the bowl while Jordan Strong repped outside with Ryan Barron displaying their ability to shotgun way too many beers. Allen Handley, Dylan Dombroski and Dennis Reagan also came with the crew.


So many people were ripping the bowl and anyone who woke up the next day without sore toes and shins was definitely not standing on the deck. The deck  is not deep enough for anyone to stand while people are skating and there were times when 15-20 guys were in the bowl and shit was going down. Fighter was dropping his signature Judo Blunts on the 20” wide extension every try, Eve Nosepicked it and stomped a couple inverts on it too. Justin Readings showed his skills and experience there with the most flow of anyone, and Dave Helmer almost lost some teeth a couple times, but was definitely killin’ it. A lot of good talent all packed into a tiny area and there was like 75-100 more people just hanging out watching and drinking. The place was packed.

Kyle Wein gap lipslide Flatspot

The contest didn’t even start until after 10:30pm when the infamous BanjoMan was done playing. Thanks to Mischa Chandler and Justin Readings for setting it up and Andy Anderson for taking on the main judging role. There was about 12 people that entered putting $120 up for grabs along with some product. Everyone had a bunch of runs to prove themselves and try and make the finals. The top 5 made the finals and the  Protest/Surrey crew was dominating it – Hippie Mike, Jeff Cole, Allen Handley and Dylan Dombroski all made it in there along with another Dreadlock Shredder Kyle Wein. He threw down in the finals though and really killed it as time was running out by gapping over the doorway channel and sticking a sick lipslide around the whole corner. It was sick and he ended in 2nd Place. Dylan Dombroski was dominating the bowl the whole night with fearless ambition hitting tricks on top of the wallride and airing off the extension to the lower trannys and just always staying on his board no matter how squirrely he would get. Dylan won hands down. Jeff Cole was killing it with old school and new school tricks and sticking everything he tried all night and continued to reign in the finals, Allen Handley skated the same and there were so many tricks going down from both of these guys it was crazy, and lots of tricks that no one there was used to seeing. But somehow, Hippie Mike pulled through and beat them both taking 3rd Place. Then he shut down the session with a fastplant off the wall back into the corner of the bowl.

Hippie wall plant Flatspot

Blunts, Switch tricks, Wallbangs and Fastplants, Inverts, Nosepicks, Beer, and lots of hard crashes. For a 2 foot high bowl, this contest was pretty crazy…

Watch for video footage coming soon.

Congratulations again to Dylan Dombroski for winning $100 and some fancy product! 

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Protest Welcomes Bushman and Eve Feaver


Being a skateboarder for close to 30 years, I have a different level of recognition than today’s generation and one thing that has always impressed me is a True Lifetime Skateboarder. They’re hard to find, understandably, since skateboarding basically ruins your entire body to a point that is sucks to walk around on a normal day, but some guys are just naturals, and they will ride their boards forever.

When I originally started Protest Skateboards over 10 years ago, it wasn’t about trying to create an empire, it was about creating a Family, a Team of Skaters that loved to hang out, and loved to Skateboard, and had some hidden talent that maybe needed to be displayed a little more for all to see. We’ve always had a solid Team, and the Team was already pretty big, but I decided recently that I wanted to add 2 more – 2 that I consider to be 2 of the all-time best. If you’ve never been to a Bowl Series Contest then you might not have any idea who these guys are, but if you grew up a skateboarder through the 80’s or 90’s in North Van, West Van, East Van or Burnaby, you would know for sure…

Don Wilson, known simply as “Bushman” is reaching that 45 year old mark this year, and has been shredding on a skateboard since 1976. Seylynn Bowl was built in 1978 and Don helped to create most of the lines that you see people do there today. He is the only person that I know that everyone gets out of the way of no matter what, raging up and down the snake run like a Freight Train. He is definitely a legend of skateboarding, and one of the original NV Locs, influencing many other skaters to go as hard as they do, like Dave 57, Stevie D, Alex Chalmers, and many more. And still to the day, he pushes himself to be better than he needs to be at his age, slashing coping at Squamish, and carving hard wherever he goes.

The other is someone who learned a lot from Bushman, and that’s Eve Feaver. Eve turned 40 years old last year and it definitely did not slow him down. Placing in the Top 3 at almost all of the Bowl Series Contests last summer, Eve proved himself to still be a champion that can keep up with kids like Andy Anderson and Adam Hopkins. His style is amazing, his tricks are expressive, and his landings are always as solid as it gets. I have always watched Eve in awe for many years while he skates, no matter where we go, and he never ceases to amaze me. The funny part is, he amazes himself at the same time. Probably the most humble skateboarder around, Eve Feaver is a true legend – from Seylynn to White Rock, Griffin and Whistler, Eve can demo at all the old Bowls, but don’t be afraid to put him on some coping too.

Both of these guys grew up as Skateboarders, the same as I did, and we are all still growing up as skateboarders.

They are legends, they are mentors to many, they both hold King of the Bowl Titles, and they are now a part of Protest Skateboards

Eve Feaver & Don “Bushman” Wilson

Welcome to the Team boys….

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GLORY DAZE – Episode 1 Eve Feaver – “40 years old and still kickin’ it – Judo!”

Welcome to the very first episode of GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike!! We’re here in North Vancouver at one of North America’s oldest skate parksSeylynn Bowl. Today we’re spending time with a true “old schooler” that’s still out here representing on the board. Sponsored by Sector9, he was King of the Bowls in 2004, the original owner of Push Skate Shop and still one of the original  NV Locs. He just turned 40 years old a couple of weeks ago but that’s not slowing him down one bit – give it up for Eve Feaver!!!

Hippie Mike: First off, how does it feel to be the very first person ever profiled by Glory Daze?

 Eve: Feels pretty good, yeah it’s an honour

 HM: How many years have you been skateboarding?

 Eve: Well I got my first skateboard when I was 6, so about 34 years ago… Actually skating on it all the time, probably, close to 30

 HM: Who were your biggest influences as a kid?

 Eve: A good friend John Munro who I skated with together for a long time and had a lot of fun

 HM: Who are your biggest influences now?

 Eve: Right Now?? My kids are a very big influence on who I am, and my grandfather. He’s living in Ontario, and he’s an artst and a very humble man

 HM: Name your 3 favorite people to skate with and why…

 Eve: Only 3, eh… I try to enjoy skating with anyone who’s around, but 3 people, I’d have to say – Bushman (Don Wilson). We’ve skated together a long time and we’ve got a lot of great connections and things in our lives in common, and we get along pretty good; Umm, Jamie Sherratt, same thing. We’ve been skating together for a long time and family ties, man. People you know who have families bring you closer together; and uhhh, Surfer Mark. Skates here, and you know usually you pop by for a few minutes after work and there’s only a few select people who are always here, and he’s one of them, a lot of fun to skate with

 HM: Where is your favorite place to skateboard?

 Eve:  Seylynn, without a doubt

 HM: Were you here (at Seylynn Bowl) for the Opening Day back in 1978?

 Eve: I was not here – I was 6. It wasn’t something that my parents were necessarily a part of, so, I wasn’t a part of it

 HM: Name your 3 favorite tricks

 Eve: My 3 favorite tricks? Nosepick. Hand Plants. And I guess, slides of all sorts… powerslides mostly.

 HM: What do you do when you’re not skateboarding?

 Eve: Family; my kids and wife. Try to do some sports with them, golfing with them, or just hanging out. That’s pretty much it, skateboarding and family

 HM: Have you ever got a Hole in One?

 Eve: No (laughs), not yet. It’s gonna happen though

 HM: are you prepared for the amount of money it’s going to cost you when you do get a hole in one and have to buy the entire golf course a drink?

 Eve: I am not… it’s gonna be on my own little, made, backyard, 1 hole golf course

HM: What year did you open Push Skate Shop?

 Eve: 2004.

 HM: What year did you sell it and why?

 Eve: 2007 or early ’08. It was about 3 ½ years. It was hard to have a Skate Shop, a fulltime job and a family. One of them was going to go, and that’s the one it had to be. We wanted it to stay there, it didn’t matter who owned it, as long it was there. Everybody needs a place to stop in and hang out for a second, you know, grab a pop or something

 HM: How many companies have ever sponsored you

 Eve: (long pause) One. That’s it

 HM: Any appearances in Magazines, Videos, Tv?

 Eve: I have never had a single picture in a magazine. I have a couple of small parts, like a shot or 2 in one of the Sector9 videos, in a Protest video, and The Seylynn Story – a documentary on the park

HM: One of the best videos ever… Were you ever involved in the planning of any skate parks?

 Eve: Yes, one in Coquitlam, in Maillardville, which is being built right now. It’s another New Line Skate Park. We’ve been working on that for about 4 years or so, and it will be ready soon, hopefully in July

 HM: Have you ever had any serious injuries?

 Eve: Uhh, serious enough, yeah. I separated a shoulder at Hastings, which… sucked. It’s hard to work like that. And I fractured my tibia at the RDS Park. Landed flatbottom on the big ramp and my heel smacked my tibia. That sucked too. But no, I’ve been pretty lucky. A little skin left a the parks, but no real breaks

 HM: What is the toughest thing about being 40?

 Eve: The toughest thing about being 40?… Um, wondering if I could keep up, and so far I can, although I don’t quite have the air in the lungs as much anymore, but I think I can get there

 HM: Do you consider your skills on a skateboard to be better or worse now compared to when you were 20?

 Eve: Better. You see, it was “doing” a trick at the start. And now, it’s “feeling” a trick. I enjoy all the small parts about everything I’m doing. I don’t know, it doesn’t have to go by fast anymore. I can take my time. I can still move fast and still enjoy every small bit of every trick

 HM: What’s your opinion of having soooo many skate parks for these kids today to access – good or bad?

 Eve: It’s great. It’s awesome that they get so much variety. Instead of just flatground type skateboarding, there’s such a mix now. You can decide on any day to go do a completely different type of skateboarding, so yeah, it’s good

 HM: In 2009, we experienced the tragic episode involving a head on collision in the bowl right here at Seylynn Bowl Series contest and we lost The Mad Carver – Don Hartley – forever. I know you and Don were good friends and had known each other a long time. How did that day change your life?

Eve: (long pause)… It’s changed it for every day after. I think about him every time I skate; every day, if I don’t skate. A real influence was Don Hartley. Not just on a few – on many, many people, from all parts of his life… That day, I was in the run, it was during our run – all the Locs, everybody that knew each other, and it happened. And it was like the hammer dropped, you know, everything changed from that day on. But he has a very strong family, and you know, they’re great, so, I don’t know how much more to……. you know…. it changed a lot of people, and I am just so grateful to know him at all. I thank skateboarding for that. I wouldn’t have known him otherwise

HM: If you could change 1 thing about today’s world, what would it be?

Eve: That people would care a little more about just everyday life with everybody else. We all gotta deal with all the same problems basically, so everybody’s gotta recognize, you know, and take a second for everybody else

HM: Describe who “Eve” is on the inside, and what motivates you to be that person…

Eve: Umm….. I like to do things… I like to work hard. Whatever it is I think I take pride in what it is that I’m doing. Try to have fun with everything I’m doing…. I don’t know, that’s a tough one. How do you talk about yourself that way? I look to my influences to help me make choices too. It’s not just me. I am other people as well. I am who I came from. And sometimes there are battles, and sometimes you’re thankful for all that you have. That’s me I guess – don’t need too much, just happiness I guess

HM: Do you consider yourself to be a leader or a follower?

Eve: I think I am a Leader, but sometimes I know my place, and can follow

HM: What is the best accomplishment in your lifetime?

Eve: Well, kids are my best accomplishment. I guess that’s the standard one. But something that I’ve done that is only mine…… King of the Bowls (2004)

HM: Who was the coolest Pro you ever got to skate with and where?

Eve: So, at the old Richmond Skate Ranch, I got a chance to build some of the ramps with Lance Mountain, and that was pretty fun. And Neil Blender was there too and me and some of the guys that were there went for a street skate through Richmond with Neil Blender. To see a guy that you only see in the magazine or something and it was a fun time just hanging out with another skateboarder who just happened to be from another place. That was good. But there was also Steve Caballero I got a chance to skate with there. Um, Adrian Demain, but Ray Underhill was one of the funniest, friendliest guys I ever got to skate with

HM: What’s the best beer to skate with?

Eve: Uhhh, Ozujsko??? (laughing, since I had just given him his first taste of Ozujsko during the interview)

HM: Name your 3 favorite skate brands of all time…

Eve: Powell Peralta, Skull Skates and Sector9

HM: What is your most influential Skate Video to watch?

Eve: Seylynn Story – always

HM: And finally –

Do you ever see yourself quitting skateboarding?

Eve: Nope, not for a second. No matter what happens, I gotta roll still, so that’s the way it’s gonna be

HM: So I’d just like to thank you for coming on Glory Daze, especially being the first person ever. One of my favorite people to skate with – anywhere – Eve Feaver

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Chuck Bailey 2011 Contest Results

So it’s finally over, but what a great summer for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, hard to believe that this was the 8th year and there are still some of the same people showing up to all the events. Awesome.
This day was long anticipated by so many people, the first ever full lenght contest at Chuck Bailey. Since I work there, and part of my job is to be outside in the park, I skate it quite a bit. And every day there are multiple people of all ages there skating hard, and constantly learning. So many of them wanted to be the first to win at Chuck Bailey Park, I knew we were in for a wicked show…

The day was sweet, one of the nicest days of this so called summer of 2011. There was between 100 and 150 people at the park and they were all having fun. The Mini’s started off the competition in style by shredding everything in sight.

JR went off in his first run pumping up the crowd, so awesome to have him back. I missed JR soooo much last summer when he had moved away. He spent all summer at Chuck Bailey skating with Adam and Josh Lewis and they all ripped it up at the comp. The big surprise in this category was Justin Fiorante who came out flying over the 3 block and ended by almost kickflipping it. I love seeing that point where a kid all of a sudden gets real good. Justin always had a bit of talent, but I could tell at the last few contests that he has made it to a new level in his skating. Sick runs buddy, and I believe his first ever win!!

The Beginner category was owned by Luke Thodus, undoubtably. 180’s over the 3 block, gap lipslide on the ledge to ledge, and some mighty big boardslides for a tiny dude. Killed it. The rest of the 27 Beginners also had amazing runs. There were so many tricks landed in Beginner, we could’ve gone home right then – show over.

The Intermediates got to skate one at a time, lucky for them.Sky and Brandon both showed that they’ve been hanging at Chuck Bailey every day for the past couple months, Cole Thodus impressed all with his super skills and big ledge and rail skating and Tanner and Jackson Hawthorne both came out with solid practically flawless runs both times. Sick category, tough to win. The ladies all skated together – Brianna, Cali and Erin trying there hardest to show there skills, and Gen and Sam carving the place up. Not many tricks, but still a good competition. Too bad Carrie was sick and coudn’t skate.

Then finally came Advanced – 20 people all wanting to be the first ever “Champion of Chuck.” Fighter and Calvin got to start it off together, and start it off they did. Both of them tore the park up completely different from the other. Calvin demo’d on the rails and 3 block while Fighter went fast and huge everywhere. It was already ineveitable that being judge in this category was going to seriously suck. Baba, Coddi, Ryan Barron, Nick, Cisco, Jaden, Brendan, Dominic, Damon, The Jigga, Giver, Jordan Repin, the list goes on telling you all the people that skated amazingly and still didn’t place. It came straight down to the king of switch stance – Adam Fontaine, and the outright King – Andy Anderson. Adam hits hard switch tricks on the rails and even I have to double take to confirm that it wasn’t regular – because of how flawless he skates. Switch back tails, back lips, back smiths, whatever. But Andy was untouchable. He camped out the night before at China Creek for the Jacks Contest, but skytrained to Chuck to compete in Advanced. Both of his runs were amazing and if the Original Bones Brigade was looking for a sixth, Andy woud’ve been the one. Untouchable!

The standings were announced at the end, the plaques were all given out, the food and money was donated to the Surrey Food Bank (385 lbs of food and $425.75), the Most Improved Award was given to Dominic Devries (The Dominator), and the King of Surrey was named for 2011 – Andy Anderson – placed top 3 in all 5 contests, and also won King of the Bowls this year, a Historic Moment. The bad part for all the others is that, unlike Bowl Series, at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, you’re allowed to win the King Trophy more than once. Can Andy be the first to do that one, we gotta wait a whole year to find out…
See you then.


Mini 1. Justin Fiorante; 2. Josh Lewis; 3. JR Barron; 4. Aiden Eastman; 5. Jon Schrack; 6. Sam Stephans; 7. Isiah Stroud; 8. Jack Stroud; 9. Ethan Clark; 10. Alex Mager; 11. Dylan Rossi

Beginner 1. Luke Thodus; 2. Matthew Major; 3. Morgan Skinner; 4. Matthew Forcier; 5.Adam Lewis; 6. Rob Schrack ; 7. Billy Shouting; 8. Max Stephans, Noah Eastwood & Riley Allen; 9. Matthew McCauley; 10. David Martin, Bailey Flecks, Jacob Drescher & Mitch Hudson; 11. Scott Cresine; 12. Kevin Tran, Riki Mockizuki & Evan Way; 13. Sage Van Hatten & Trystan Briggs; 14. Colton Routtenbourg; 15. Mark Melyukov, Andrew Goodlet & Austin; 16. Hayden Gordon; 17. Nikki Thomas

Girls 1. Genevieve Lawrie; 2. Sam Maiers; 3. Cali Martin; 4. Brianna Brownrigg; 5. Erin Beynon

Intermediate 1. Jackson Hawthorne; 2. Tanner Hawthorne; 3. Cole Thodus; 4. Brandon Poland; 5. Sky Clow; 6. Peter Kelly; 7. Austin Shelton & Mick Bey; 8. Alex Savage; 9. Aaron Marshall; 10. Robert Wylie

Advanced 1. Andy Anderson; 2. Adam Fontaine; 3. Calvin Dignard; 4. Dominic Devries; 5. Cisco Gooding; 6. Brendan Nielsen; 7. Jay Mykyte & Fighter (Brad Muscat); 8. Brandon Baba; 9. Jaden Easton-Ellett; 10. Jordan Repin; 11. Matt Cook & Allen Handley; 12. Ryan Barron; 13. Damon Kerr; 14. Giver, Ryan Soug & Coddi Ryane

Most stickers on their helmets – Tie between Aiden Eastman & Jason the Scooter Kid

5′ tall or shorter Best Trick on the Quarter – Luke Thodus – Heelflip Rock and Roll

Best Trick on the 3 Block Set Up – Calvin Dignard – Double Heelflip over the 3 block

Highest Wallride – Brad Muscat

Most Improved – Dominc Devries

King of Surrey – Andy Anderson

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Surrey’s First Covered Skatepark “Chuck Bailey Skatepark” Grand Opening

A first for Canada – A skateboard/youth park which had a covered area built over a portion of it. This will be a revolutionary guideline for the parks of the future. We create these places for the children and youth of today to go out and be active, but the weather can definitely be a factor. Finally, a place we can go to skateboard, bike, blade or just hang out during the rainy season without having to leave Surrey. And for all those who don’t live in Surrey, it’s just a skytrain ride away.

Located right near Gateway Station beside the Chuck Bailey Recreation Centre, this new Youth Park will be busy forever.

The plan was cemented for this park to be constructed in February 2010. Some delays occurred, but construction did begin early 2011 and the Grand Opening date was chosen – May 28th. As time drew closer some people were worried that the park was not going to be ready by this time, but I always had faith in New Line to have it done. I would always just say,”It’ll be ready…”, and it was. The construction fence was taken down on the 27th, and literally within a couple hours, the place was jumping with 50-100 people who all had nothing but positive remarks. My opinion of the park – “The best outdoor skate/youth park in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley.” With the covered area, it will always be used, but the best part is how unique everything else in the park is. New Line went all out with their design team and created many obstacles that you will not find in any other skate park, including custom formed rocks built right out of the transition of the quarter pipes. There is something for everyone to keep them excited to venture to this facility for years to come.

The Grand Opening day was perfect, a little cloudy but no rain. I would have to say close to 500 people around, 300 being skateboarders, bikers, and rollerbladers. We had plenty of indoor events happening, and 3 different demonstrations – The Surrey BBoys break dancers, Bioulles BMX Demo, and the Kevin Harris Freestyle Skate Demo which wowed the entire crowd. Kevin brought Kai Dunkel, a 22 year old up-and-comer form Germany, and Ryan Brynelson, a 19 year old local from right here in North Delta, both extremely skilled at this rare style of skateboarding. But of course no one can touch the level of expertise the Kevin brings to the surface with 35 years of experience. He blew people’s minds, and taught them history on the microphone all at once. Check out the demo on You Tube.

Big thanks go out to all of our performers from the event. Even more thanks go out to New Line Skateparks Inc. for designing and constructing another amazing facility.

Councillor Mary Martin and Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts both made great speeches in regards to how awesome this park is. And one more amazing fact is that this is one of the first skate parks ever built where there was no real fundraising. Built completely by the City of Surrey, with 1/3 of the money funded by the Federal Government, it is yet another revolutionary step made by the City of Surrey for other cities to follow. Surrey is the City of Parks, and is always creating more and more places to try to get all people outside being active and enjoying their surroundings in positive ways. We are always looking towards the future, and in skateboarding, the City of Surrey is definitely a leader for all other cities to follow in our footsteps. With 8 skateboard/youth parks it is the highest number of parks per capita in Canada. Thanks Dianne!!

There were tons of kids enjoying the new park this day of the Grand Opening, and lots were competing in the “Best Trick Contests” and plenty of prizes were handed out. It’s a great park and I can’t wait to add it to my list of parks for competitions and special events.

Thanks to everyone that was involved in planning, sponsoring and working at this event. And thanks to all who came out.

Surrey Rules!

– Hippie Mike

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