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So many Flat Spotters

Flatspot Contest Winners - Hippie Mike, Kyle Wein & Dylan Dombroski

Hippie Mike and some of the crew rolled into the Flatspot Longboard Shop the other night for the Bowl Contest they were hosting. This bowl is tiny and tight, with home-made pool coping throughout it, a very skinny and mean extension, narrow decks and and weird capsule style wallride corner. It was a very unique bowl and would’ve been a great one to have had a few practice sessions before the contest when it wasn’t so packed, but we all made it work.

Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Eve Feaver, Jeff Cole, Andy Anderson and Hippie Mike represented Protest Skateboards in the bowl while Jordan Strong repped outside with Ryan Barron displaying their ability to shotgun way too many beers. Allen Handley, Dylan Dombroski and Dennis Reagan also came with the crew.


So many people were ripping the bowl and anyone who woke up the next day without sore toes and shins was definitely not standing on the deck. The deck  is not deep enough for anyone to stand while people are skating and there were times when 15-20 guys were in the bowl and shit was going down. Fighter was dropping his signature Judo Blunts on the 20” wide extension every try, Eve Nosepicked it and stomped a couple inverts on it too. Justin Readings showed his skills and experience there with the most flow of anyone, and Dave Helmer almost lost some teeth a couple times, but was definitely killin’ it. A lot of good talent all packed into a tiny area and there was like 75-100 more people just hanging out watching and drinking. The place was packed.

Kyle Wein gap lipslide Flatspot

The contest didn’t even start until after 10:30pm when the infamous BanjoMan was done playing. Thanks to Mischa Chandler and Justin Readings for setting it up and Andy Anderson for taking on the main judging role. There was about 12 people that entered putting $120 up for grabs along with some product. Everyone had a bunch of runs to prove themselves and try and make the finals. The top 5 made the finals and the  Protest/Surrey crew was dominating it – Hippie Mike, Jeff Cole, Allen Handley and Dylan Dombroski all made it in there along with another Dreadlock Shredder Kyle Wein. He threw down in the finals though and really killed it as time was running out by gapping over the doorway channel and sticking a sick lipslide around the whole corner. It was sick and he ended in 2nd Place. Dylan Dombroski was dominating the bowl the whole night with fearless ambition hitting tricks on top of the wallride and airing off the extension to the lower trannys and just always staying on his board no matter how squirrely he would get. Dylan won hands down. Jeff Cole was killing it with old school and new school tricks and sticking everything he tried all night and continued to reign in the finals, Allen Handley skated the same and there were so many tricks going down from both of these guys it was crazy, and lots of tricks that no one there was used to seeing. But somehow, Hippie Mike pulled through and beat them both taking 3rd Place. Then he shut down the session with a fastplant off the wall back into the corner of the bowl.

Hippie wall plant Flatspot

Blunts, Switch tricks, Wallbangs and Fastplants, Inverts, Nosepicks, Beer, and lots of hard crashes. For a 2 foot high bowl, this contest was pretty crazy…

Watch for video footage coming soon.

Congratulations again to Dylan Dombroski for winning $100 and some fancy product! 

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