Hippie Mike - At the lake - Sunshine Valley - backshot lean

Hippie Mike is a man of many talents, many skills and many creations. A master of construction, Mike loves to build and create unique and custom projects, but he also takes the same mind frame to everything else he does. A dedicated skateboarder/snowboarder since 1986, Mike lives his life through his passion for speed and his addiction to always learn, teach and expand his mind.

After working for the City of Surrey for almost 11 years helping to build a stronger community, Mike opened up a much needed Skateboard Shop in Surrey, BC which is now closed as he recently moved up to Sunshine Valley.

Through many events Mike has created and organized over the years, he has always driven to help bring unity to the world and provide positive opportunities for our next generations. He is a true Freedom Fighter and a believer that all mankind should be treated equal.