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Protest Welcomes Bushman and Eve Feaver


Being a skateboarder for close to 30 years, I have a different level of recognition than today’s generation and one thing that has always impressed me is a True Lifetime Skateboarder. They’re hard to find, understandably, since skateboarding basically ruins your entire body to a point that is sucks to walk around on a normal day, but some guys are just naturals, and they will ride their boards forever.

When I originally started Protest Skateboards over 10 years ago, it wasn’t about trying to create an empire, it was about creating a Family, a Team of Skaters that loved to hang out, and loved to Skateboard, and had some hidden talent that maybe needed to be displayed a little more for all to see. We’ve always had a solid Team, and the Team was already pretty big, but I decided recently that I wanted to add 2 more – 2 that I consider to be 2 of the all-time best. If you’ve never been to a Bowl Series Contest then you might not have any idea who these guys are, but if you grew up a skateboarder through the 80’s or 90’s in North Van, West Van, East Van or Burnaby, you would know for sure…

Don Wilson, known simply as “Bushman” is reaching that 45 year old mark this year, and has been shredding on a skateboard since 1976. Seylynn Bowl was built in 1978 and Don helped to create most of the lines that you see people do there today. He is the only person that I know that everyone gets out of the way of no matter what, raging up and down the snake run like a Freight Train. He is definitely a legend of skateboarding, and one of the original NV Locs, influencing many other skaters to go as hard as they do, like Dave 57, Stevie D, Alex Chalmers, and many more. And still to the day, he pushes himself to be better than he needs to be at his age, slashing coping at Squamish, and carving hard wherever he goes.

The other is someone who learned a lot from Bushman, and that’s Eve Feaver. Eve turned 40 years old last year and it definitely did not slow him down. Placing in the Top 3 at almost all of the Bowl Series Contests last summer, Eve proved himself to still be a champion that can keep up with kids like Andy Anderson and Adam Hopkins. His style is amazing, his tricks are expressive, and his landings are always as solid as it gets. I have always watched Eve in awe for many years while he skates, no matter where we go, and he never ceases to amaze me. The funny part is, he amazes himself at the same time. Probably the most humble skateboarder around, Eve Feaver is a true legend – from Seylynn to White Rock, Griffin and Whistler, Eve can demo at all the old Bowls, but don’t be afraid to put him on some coping too.

Both of these guys grew up as Skateboarders, the same as I did, and we are all still growing up as skateboarders.

They are legends, they are mentors to many, they both hold King of the Bowl Titles, and they are now a part of Protest Skateboards

Eve Feaver & Don “Bushman” Wilson

Welcome to the Team boys….

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