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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – Bear Creek Park

It breaks my heart to say it’s over but what a perfect day to finish it off.

We hit up Bear Creek Skate Park on Saturday for the Final Finale of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and it all went super smooth. It was a super long day of course but that’s okay, everyone had a great time and no one got hurt, so that’s really all that matters. I had a fun time MCing like usual and was stoked on how many kids and parents came out to support the event. It has been 10 years of building a family and it is a family that I will always cherish.


The day kicked off with a whole bunch of true Mini’s from age 3-10 years old. And it proved itself ridiculous right off the bat as little Emmanuel blasted over the bank gap in the first run. It’s like the size of an 8 stair. Django and Theo Caseley shredded every piece of tranny in the park while Emmanuel utilized the stairs, rail and mini quarterpipe. Kaelen, Austin and Presley showed off what being a true Mini is about along with Caden Smith and a couple others, but it was the 2 regulars stealing the show with Aiden Eastman and Parker Sherwin. They both got flip tricks and pretty much go for it the entire time they’re on their boards. This one was definitely decided by the finals. Django took it over Theo – awesome!

17 Beginners were next on the agenda, and they were all lookin’ like pros. The usual 5 superstars threw down and made it to finals – JR Barron, Adam Lewis, Mar Melyukov, Nick Bachmeier and Justin Fiorante, but all the other dudes were hot on their trails, especially Josh Lewis and Damon Morgan. All the beginners skated really good and landed a huge variety of tricks. The best was how many of them popped ollies over the big bank gap, twice as long as the other one and a bit higher with a super tough runway. Mark Melyukov was killing it early but had a tough run in his finals, Nick skated super consistent all day and ended in 4th place, but the Top 3 were untouchable. All 3 had almost flawless runs in the finals and they all got tech. JR landed everything he tried from flip tricks to grinds down the rails and even ollied the bank to finish it, Justin skated solid and utilized pretty much every obstacle along with throwing in a couple flatground flip tricks, and Adam played it cool by doing each trick frontside and backside on the ledges and down the stairs. He popped over the big bank gap no problem and then came back to frontside 180 down the other one. Solid runs, and his first ever 1st place victory. Way to go Adam!


The Intermediates were very interesting to watch, a true blend of talents. 2 freestylers joined in for this one – Austin Shelton and Dillanger Kane – and they both went full hardcore on it making it to finals. Both of these kids are super tech and creative which makes it fun to watch. Old time local Max Stephans came up from Seattle just to be a part of the final Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and had some good runs. Max was always talented and it was great to see him there again. Jon Schrack and Doogie Lester also killed it the whole time, all the Intermediates were sick but the ones that stuck out the most were Kai Searle, Riley Allen, Weston Hutchinson & Dave Brown. Dave’s one of my fav’s to skate with at all the old bowls and he brought his emotions with him to this contest. It was the best that I had ever seen him skate and he went full speed at every obstacle with sick old school style. I was stoked that he made finals. Riley was all over the park too with some creative manoeuvres but couldn’t beat Dave in the finals. It really came down to Weston and Kai. Both of these kids are so consistent it isn’t funny and they do hard tricks, flip tricks and ledge tricks all over the place. Weston has the big gaps better but Kai was so solid in his final run that he took the gold. Tight contest boys!


The ladies had their usual jam time and all 4 of them did their thing. Nana Kunugi stuck the only kickflip for the ladies, while Tienna showed he confidence on all the obstacles. Steph rode around best she could and Carrie finally skated hard again like the old times busting shovits and 180’s on the banks and even popping ollies down both sets. Good job ladies and thanks for coming out.

Then came Advanced…

13 dudes ready to rip it and then somehow I got called out by my good buddy Shadd Trepp to compete as well. So here it was as Hippie Mike competed in the final Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, I only did 1 run and threw down a bunch of noseblunt tricks on the quarters for the crowd but it was a good little demo that they all deserved after so many years of just seeing me behind the mic. If there’s one place I don’t mind showing off at it’s Bear Creek Park. The real competitors though were all insane and they all wanted to take home a Top 3 plaque at the last stop of the tour. Ryan Barron stepped up his game and landed his tricks again, he even made finals. Calvin Dignard played it safe by sticking to the basics and landing every trick he tried. Jacob Drescher showed off his ledge and rail skills, along with a couple flip tricks. Fighter skated like he always does, but missed a couple moves in there. Mathew McCauley did his best against the big guys and stuck some smooth moves too. Yuya Ishikawa hit up the ledges and flatbar, while Justin James hit the transitions. Allen Handley and Jay Mykyte both did some serious tricks with sick style as well, and Brendan Nielsen spent the whole day trying to fs360 boardslide the shotgun rail. Cisco Gooding skated consistent like always with long flowing runs filled with switch grinds, blunts and flip tricks. Eve Feaver showed up to his first Surrey comp in years and skated BCP the way it was built, huge airs over the nipple and hips, and even a couple handplants on the big pyramid, but no one could catch Weston Ganger. 50-50 180 down the rail, flip tricks, grinds and gaps all over. Then he finished it off with a super long boardslide on the handybar. The competition was tight but Weston came out on top.

At the end of the day I finally announced all the winners from each category and we got photos of all the Top 3 with their plaques. I gave out plaques for Most Improved Skaters to JR Barron and Aiden Eastman who just destroyed it at every contest this year, and announced the last ever King of Surrey. The trophy went to Weston Ganger who definitely skated hard, solid and consistent all summer and took home a bunch of prizes at each event. He won this one too which made it it all make even more sense.


As people were cleaning up there was a Best Trick contest on the 4 stair setup for a signed Rick Howard Girl Deck that he left for me at Supra Distribution. Ryan Barron came through huge with a kickflip up the set and took that baby home.

We raised a fair amount for the Surrey Food Bank once again with

$451.00 and about 350 lbs of food and Marilyn Herrmann showed up as Executive Director to make a speech of how appreciated our donations always are. Another solid year for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey.


A great series, 10 years of amazement, and no better way to finish it off then a solid contest at my favourite Surrey Skate Park – Bear Creek.

Thanks to everyone who came out to all the events over the past 10 years, I will remember you all…


Mini: 1st Django Caseley; 2nd Theo Caseley; 3rd Parker Sherwin; 4th Aiden Eastman; 5th Emmanuel; 6th Caden Smith; 7th Presley Huska; 8th Kaelen Faux & Austin MacBeth; 10th Kaelen Ruiz; 11th Aidan Borthwick; 12th Rhys Eastman

Beginner: 1st Adam Lewis; 2nd Justin Fiorante; 3rd JR Barron; 4th Nick Bachmeier; 5th Mark Melyukov; 6th Josh Lewis & Carter Costic; 8th Damon Morgan; 9th Bachouch Michael; 10th Donte Gullickson; 11th  Jean-Claude; 12th Kevin Pamel; 13th Nic Hrvacanin; 14th Elesio Menta; 15th Braeden Ingram; 16th John Bastug

Intermediate: 1st Kai Searle; 2nd Weston Hutchinson; 3rd David Brown; 4th Riley Allen; 5th Dillanger Kane; 6th Austin Shelton; 7th Zacc Lester; 8th Jon Schrack; 9th Max Stephans; 10th Chadd Sinclair; 11th Eric Ream; 12th Robert Wylie

Girls: 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Tienna Rivard; 3rd Nan Kunugi; 4th Steph Martin

Advanced: 1st Weston Ganger; 2nd Calvin Dignard; 3rd Eve Feaver; 4th Cisco Gooding; 5th Ryan Barron; 6th Jacob Drescher; 7th Allen Handley; 8th Jay Mykyte; 9th Brad Muscat; 10th Mathew McCauley; 11th Yuya Ishikawa; 12th Brendan Nielsen

Most Improved: JR Barron & Aiden Eastman

King of Surrey 2013: Weston Ganger

and a huge thanks to all the sponsors from 2013

Protest Skateboards

Coastal Riders

Amix Group

Concrete Skateboard Magazine

The Surrey Fire Fighters

The Surrey Food Bank


Ollie North

Our Beach Studio

Folk Skateboards

BLVD Skate Shop

Anti Social



New Line Skate Parks

Spectrum Skate Parks

Monke skateboards

The Dry Spot

Street Dreamz Board Shop

One Love Skate Shop

Ultimate Distribution

Centre Distribution



Supra Distribution




Mosaic skateboards

Chance skateboards


Thunder trucks


Happy Hour


Elephant skateboards



Sk8 Mafia



Bones Wheels




DC Shoes



AXS Gear








Meridian Golf Par3


Woodsmith Custom Cabinets

Ear Goggles

Youth Unlimited

Concrete Wave


Moonrider Productions

DJ Cuzo 

and The City of Surrey

See ya next year when we expand to other cities for the new series

Hippie Mike`s Super Tour

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – 2013 Fleetwood

Stop #4 is complete and it was a stellar one. I rolled up to Fleetwood Skate Park just after 11am and it was already packed. The young kids were raring to go and the older dudes were showing their skills. It was gonna be a long day, but worth it.


Fleetwood skate park is one of the best parks for a contest. It was built in that bump to rail, bump to ledge, 3 block and hip to hip era that New Line Skate Parks went through in the early 2000’s. It’s not a big park but you can hit some serious lines there, and a lot of people have localized it over it’s time meaning there’s gonna be a ton of tricks that get stomped in this comp.

With almost 40 kids in the Beginner & Mini divisions we were in for a time consuming battle, but I knew that 90% of these kids were serious skaters that can rip. The 3 block got ollied by Liam Hansen to start off the Mini category  (these are kids that are 10 years old or less) so we all knew it was on. Parker Sherwin was tossing 3 flips, Aiden Eastman was laying down primo stall varial flips, Django and Theo Caseley terrorized the whole park, and Liam Hansen ollied every gap in site. The finals for these young bucks was crazy and it wowed the crowd. My favourite part was Aiden Eastman popping an ollie over the 3 block for the first time ever. He was so stoked, and it choked me up to see how much it meant to him, and his whole family, to land. That is why I work so hard to make these events successful each year, to watch kids progress and grow and make goals for themselves to accomplish at the next year’s contests. That ollie made my whole year worth it.

When the beginners started it was already tight. Justin Fiorante started dominating the park hitting every obstacle and tossing in switch and nollie heelflips on flat in between tricks. I’m thinking, “This is beginner?” and it was only the first run. There was a ton of kids and they all skated really awesome. The top 6 made it into the finals – Justin Fiorante, JR Barron, Mark Melyukov, Tyler McKnight, Adam Lewis & Nick Bachmeier. Adam really knows how to skate a contest run and just worked the park with smooth and clean tricks and be consistent. Unfortunately on this day the guys that went for the hardcore tricks were landing them so he didn’t quite make top 3. Justin annihilated it the whole run but missed a trick, and JR Barron took advantage. JR laid down a flawless run with some tough grinds, flip tricks and a solid backside 180 over the 2 block. But no one could compete with Mark Melyukov that day. He kickflipped up the step up, over the 2 block and then over the 3 block all perfectly in a row to finish off his run. These kids are tiny, but amazing. What a comp!


The Intermediates were no worse, and they were ready to risk their lives for gold. Weston Hutchinson, Kai Searle, Dyson Mathews, Riley Allen & Luke Thodus made the finals. This was the first contest little Lukey made it out to all year and I was stoked to see that he was now 11 years old which meant no more Mini category. And I was even more stoked to see that he skipped over beginner and went straight to Intermediate. This kid is a machine and he is fearless. Front Board down the red rail over the 3 block, and front lip down the white rail over the bank. Both these rails are chest high on Luke, he’s a maniac. Dyson and Weston showed off their technical sides all day, and killed it but had issues in the finals. Riley Allen threw down what he could in finals with a bunch of boneless tricks and airs, but then dropped a perfect 3 flip out of nowhere which was sick. But all were no match for Kai at this one. He was on point all day long and deserved that win. This kid has skills.


The girls went out there and tried there hardest, Nana Kunugi and Kristen Landry were landing flip tricks, while Carrie Williams and Tienna Rivard utilized the whole park. Not much went down in the ladies division, but they all did well, and it was nice to see 4 girls skating.

Then there was Advanced. Fighter was in the mood to fly and blasted the hugest benny off the bank over the 3 block in his first run. Oh did I mention that he grabbed that with his broken arm? Brad was on a mission all day and hit a lot of sick tricks. Cisco Gooding made it out and threw his usual routine style runs filled with a mixture of grinds, flips tricks and tough quarterpipe maneouvers. Weston Ganger nosegrinded everything he could and did a few super funky tricks that blew my mind, while Graham Bonn reminded everyone how smooth he was at Fleetwood Park. But it really came down to Andy Anderson and Dustin Locke. Dustin has skated this park to death over the years and has a zillion ledge and rail tricks locked down, tough ones too, but Andy is Andy and he skates every obstacle he sees along with 500 filler tricks thrown in there as well. It was super tight at the end but Dustin Locke took 1st place. Backside tailslide and frontside noseblunt on the out rail, plus he finished it off with a nollie heelflip frontside noseslide on the out ledge. Sick runs from everyone, great contest.


We finished it off with a Best Trick Comp down the 3 block and red rail. Andy anti-flipped the 3 block but I wasn’t giving him any more prizes. Little McCauley got a t-shirt for a backside 50-50 down the rail, Graham Bonn got one too for a perfect hardflip 2nd try on the 3 block, Andrew Classon nollie crooked the rail and took a set of trucks for it, but Colin Gallagher got the Coastal Riders Deck with a ridiculous feeble to 50-50 down the rail. That rail is not long enough for that trick but he managed to make it work. Way to go dude.

Don’t forget to show up to Bear Creek Park on September 7th for the Grand Finale of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey. Even if you’re not competing, come out and celebrate 10 years of success and fun times with the people I call family. We have all grown a lot together through these events each year and they’ve been full of great memories, but it’s time to end it, and change it up to something else for next year.

So please come join us for the last ever Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey contest. Find out who was the Most Improved skater from last year, and see who the last ever King of Surrey will be.

See you there

Results – 

Mini – 1st Theo Caseley; 2nd Liam Hansen; 3rd Aiden Eastman; 4th Parker Sherwin; 5th Django Caseley; 6th Isaiah Stroud; 7th Austin MacBeth; 8th Braeden Nerpio & Presley Huska; 10th Kaelen Faux; 11th Joey Stone; 12th Dimias Abdul-Guani & Kyler Hoogland

Beginner – 1st Mark Melyukov; 2nd JR Barron; 3rd Justin Fiorante; 4th Adam Lewis; 5th Nick Bachmeier; 6th Tyler McKnight; 7th Damon Morgan & Josh Lewis; 9th Travis Howie; 10th Bachouch Michael & Kaelan Ruiz; 12th Braeden  Ingram; 13th Donte Gullickson, Yoshe Durston & Joseph Madayag; 16th Terry Cho; 17th Bishop Rosie; 18th Bradley Dodd & Damion Wadsworth

Intermediate – 1st Kai Searle; 2nd Riley Allen; 3rd Weston Hutchinson; 4th Dyson Mathews; 5th Luke Thodus; 6th Keith Miller; 7th Jonathan Rewich; 8th Chadd Sinclair; 9th Yubo Wang; 10th Robert Wylie

Girls – 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Kristen Landry; 3rd Nana Kunugi; 4th Tienna Rivard

Advanced – 1st Dustin Locke; 2nd Andy Anderson; 3rd Cisco Gooding; 4th Weston Ganger; 5th Brad Muscat; 6th Graham Bonn; 7th Mathew McCauley; 8th Jay Mykyte; 9th Colin Gallagher; 10th Graeme Schoenberger  11th Yuya Ishikawa; 12th Ryan Barron 13th Alex Savage

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – 2013 South Surrey

Stop #3 of the 10th annual Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey took us down South to the South Surrey Skate Park, better known as White Rock Bowl. It was raining in the morning but cleared up nicely before we had to show up for the contest. There weren’t that many kids there due to other competitions happening in other places at the same time but the ones that did show up showed up with skills. The Mini Category was great with Theo and Django Caseley thrashing the bowl and quarter pipes and Aiden Eastman sticking right on their tails with tricks everywhere in the park. Little Kaelen actually skated in this contest and ripped it up, for a 3 1/2 year old. He really only hit 2 obstacles and kept repeating his tricks but it was how he was doing it that made it awesome. Great job to all 6 of the Minis.

The Beginners were all crazy kids, majority of them from Chuck Bailey. JR Barron had the crowd roaring as he tore up his first run, Adam Lewis and brother Josh both skated great as well hitting flip tricks, quarter pipes and big gaps, Nick Bachmeier represented hard for Cloverdale and Mark Melyukov owned it the whole time. This kid has some serious commitment when he goes for tricks.

HMTDS#10 - South Surrey -Minis and Beginners

After a little sticker toss I announced that this may possibly be the final year for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and provoke everyone to come out to the Grand Finale on September 7th at Bear Creek park. Take this announcement seriously as there are bigger and better plans for a different Hippie Mike Tour.

The Intermediate was lacking but the top 3 had a Finals Jam as a solid 5 minute long heat and all 3 threw down. Rob Schrack was stomping tricks all over, including a solid kickflip off the big ledge to flat, but he couldn’t quite compete with Kai Searle and Riley Allen this day. Riley was definitely leading after the qualifier runs but Kai stepped his game up in the finals and tossed a lot of flip tricks, all solid and fully controlled, while Riley shredded the bowl and the quarter pipes and landed a few airs out of the bowl launch that were about 7 feet high. Kai came through with the win.

Carrie, Steph and Tienna got a 4 minute song to jam out to for the ladies division and all 3 put down some tricks this time. Carrie finished the heat off with a couple tough fakie shovits in the ditch of the bowl.

There was a Bowl Best Trick in between Intermediates and Advanced for a Protest Cruiser Deck and 2 other prizes. Allen Handley stomped a clean Miller Flip in the half pipe and got a Krooked hat, and Odin blasted a huge ollie over the bottom tit landing straight into a frontside gravitron and eft with a set of Sector9 wheels, but the deck went home with Riley Allen for a massive triple airwalk.

HMTDS#10 - South Surrey - Intermediates and Girls

We finally made it to Advanced time and the competition was looking steep. A couple of park locals in the house and then a bunch of rippers that have been around the block a time or two, I knew it was gonna be hardcore. Fighter was skating with a broken arm and still ripping it up, but didn’t make finals. Neither did Dylan Dombroski and few others that killed it. Top 5 ended up being Jay Mykyte, Nate Frank, Matt Whatley, Jordan Strong and Weston Ganger. All 5 of these guys slayed it all day, and all in their own unique ways. When it came to finals they each got a 1 minute run to themselves and all 5 of them did the same thing – land a bunch of tricks at the beginning of the run the choke at the end. Jordan and Weston each only missed one trick but the 1st place prize went to Weston Ganger who hit a couple serious tricks on the big rails. He also came right back and won another Deck in the Best Trick on the centre section. Way to go dude, especially after competing in Abbotsford all day and then rushing to get there for this comp.

HMTDS#10 - South Surrey - Advanced

Great job to everyone, and for once there was a new winner at South Surrey other than Andy Anderson, not because he got beat, but because he wasn’t there.

See you at Fleetwood in 2 weeks – 

August 24th at noon


Mini – 1st Theo Caseley; 2nd Django Caseley; 3rd Aiden Eastman; 4th Kaelen Faux; 5th Braedan Nerpio; 6th Rhys Eastman

Beginner – 1st Mark Melyukov; 2nd Nick Bachmeier; 3rd Adam Lewis; 4th JR Barron & Josh Lewis; 6th Bradley Dodd; 7th Lukas Zhanel; 8th Terry Cho; 9th Khalid 

Intermediate – 1st Kai Searle; 2nd Riley Allen-Clerihue; 3rd Rob Schrack; 4th Chadd Sinclair; 5th Robert Wylie & Yubo Wang

Girls – 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Tienna Rivard; 3rd Steph Martin

Advanced – 1st Weston Ganger; 2nd Jordan Strong; 3rd Nate Frank; 4th Matt Whatley; 5th Jay Mykyte; 6th Andrew Nathan, Yuya Ishikawa & Marcus McSherry; 9th Brad Muscat & Dylan Dombroski; 11th Gavin Goodall; 12th Ryan Barron; 13th Allen Handley; 14th Odin

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – 2013 Fraser Heights

Another gorgeous sunny day in British Columbia and a perfect day for Stop #2 of this year’s Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey. Fraser Heights skate park is super street style and has lots of big obstacles so it makes for a solid competition every time. Surprisingly their weren’t that many young kids at the event this year, I think a lot of people are travelling and taking advantage of this amazing weather. Lea Bolton from JoyTV10 showed up at the beginning of the day to do some filming and interview Hippie Mike and some of the participants about the event. Once edited the short clip will be aired between shows on Channel 10 for the remainder of the summer. Other media members that were present were The Now photographer Gord Goble, Dennis Regan filming for RollingBonesPodCast, and then Justin James took over filming for the Moonrider Productions documentary since Mark Halliday was away filming another project. All got tons of sick footage!

So as the contest got started the kids were ready to do their thing and try their hardest to win some prizes. Mini’s were pretty slim in numbers but still had to work hard for the gold. Aiden Eastman and Parker Sherwin battled it out for 1st place and this time Parker was successful. That’s 1 for each of them so far this year, rubber match in 3 weeks.

The Beginners were nuts like usual. The Top 5 went hardcore the whole time and deserved to be in the Finals as they were flying down the 9 stair, hittin’ switch tricks and lipsliding rails. Welcome to Beginner Category at Fraser Heights! JR Barron had the crowd cheering hard the whole day and ended up in 3rd place, Adam Dizon laid it down all over the park and took 4th, David Martin annihilated in the qualifiers but had a choke run in the finals and ended in 5th place, Adam Lewis kept it calm and cool with lots of basics and consistent tricks but really utilized the 45 second in his final run and finished in 2nd, which left 1st place wide open for Justin Fiorante who was definitely going for it with everything he had the entire day – 180’s down the sets, slides on the rails and blasted the 9 stair in every run. He had a solid day, and he deserved 1st place. Great job buddy.

HMTDS#10 - Beginner Winners

In Intermediate the competition was kind of slack. First runs everyone did good, but then most people choked in the second runs, there was even a run where neither person landed a trick. A rarity in Intermediate, but I guess it happens. Noah Eastwood skated good but just missed the Finals, and Kai Searle pulled a David Martin by being on top all day and then having a tough run in the finals. He did manage to kickflip the 9 stair which helped bump him up for a 4th place tie with Dyson Mathews. Dyson was having a good day too, and landed a lot of sick tricks on all the obstacles, can’t wait to see him at some more contests. Riley Allen was the funny one because he is more of a bowl and transition rider and doesn’t have too many ledge and rail tricks but he owned the park with a style of his own and threw down all day. My favourite part was after he airwalk tailslapped up the step up he was skating by me and I heard him mumble “Wow, I’m impressing myself…” Bonelesses and funky tricks all over the park – ol’ purple pants came through in 3rd place.  Dillan Kane showed up and registered just as the last competitors were about to have their first runs and he just jumped right on his board and into a full Freestyle routine. He was killing it. Pogos, truck stands, primo flips and impossibles, and even stomped a handstand kickflip. It reminded me of the first time Ryan Brynelson showed up to a Tour de Surrey contest. Dillan had a flawless tech run in the finals but was kept in 2nd place behind Weston Hutchinson who was sacrificing his body on all the huge gaps and rails. He even tossed a double fingerflip caveman boardslide… Whatever, Weston is crazy – 1st Place buddy!!

HMTDS#10 - Intermediates & ladies

The Girls did their thing for about 4 minutes but they didn’t do too much. Tienna and Steph are both learning so they can just ride around and they did good. Carrie usually rips up Fraser Heights poppin’ tricks on the big banks and over the sets but her knee is all messed up and she couldn’t do much, but she still did her best. Hopefully she’s all healed up for South Surrey in 3 weeks.

Then came Advanced, wow… 15 dudes, all shredders, and every one of them laid it down in their qualifier runs. Mathew McCauley got bumped to Advanced for getting his first sponsor with Protest Wheels and he did pretty good against the big guys. Started his first run by kickflipping the 9 stair, threw some solid rail tricks and even dropped a perfect frontside shovit on that 9. Fighter, Jordan Strong, Ryan Barron, Peter Nicholson, Jay Mykyte, Cisco Gooding all killed it but did not make finals. When it came time to decide the Top 5, 3 of them were obvious – Tony Casano, Weston Ganger and Dominic Devries, who had 2 insanely flawless runs. The others that squeezed their way in there were Calvin Dignard and Jordan Repin. I hadn’t seen Repin at one of my events in a while so I was stoked he made finals because I know how he skates under pressure. Tony had 2 amazing qualifier runs and then just couldn’t pull it together in the finals. It happens man, and he still killed it, but you read the list of who made it, and really, if you miss a trick you’re screwed, just like Street League. The top 4 were all really close but Weston got knocked down to 4th place. Weston Ganger is a maniac with so much skill I can’t believe this guy doesn’t have any sponsors, he grinded the 9 stair rail and then ollies right up the 4 stair to set up for a grind down the hubba on the other side of the park, nosegrinded the hubba down the double set, smith grinded the flatbar into the steep bank and even dropped an airwalk to hardflip up the step up. Somebody hook this guy up! 3rd place was Calvin who can lay it down at any time anywhere street style. Calvin’s got so many ledge and rail tricks on lock and can hit the big gaps at any moment. He finished it off with a sick feeble grind bigspin on the bump to rail. So it came down to Jordan Repin and The Dominator, both had super perfect runs in the finals but Repin went a little more tech than Dominic and even though  he gave the judges a backside 5-0 down the 9 stair rail to finish his run, for a change Dom got 2nd place. Jordan Repin did some solid tricks, front blunts and mean tailslides on the ledges, nollie boardlides and backside 360’s and just beautiful flow through the whole park. At the end of his run he stood their stunned not knowing what he was going to do for his last trick and then he just stepped onto his board slowly and busted out a perfect frontside bigspin boardslide on the bump to rail. Congratulations Jordan, that was not an easy win…

HMTDS#10 Fraser Heights - Advanced Winners

We did have a Best Trick down the 9 stair at the end but only a few guys competed. Brad Muscat hit some tricks down the rail and got a hat for a frontside tailslide to fakie, Allen Handley got a Nyjah DC Shirt with a sit down hurricane grind down the hubba and Weston Ganger took the Coastal Deck for his frontside nosegrind down the hubba – tough trick. You’ll be able to see all the footage once the documentary is finished.

See you in 3 weeks at South Surrey/White Rock Park

August 10th


Mini: 1st Parker Sherwin; 2nd Aiden Eastman; 3rd Rhys Eastman; 4th Marcus Perepolkin

Beginner: 1st Justin Fiorante; 2nd Adam Lewis; 3rd JR Barron; 4th Adam Dizon; 5th David Martin; 6th Carter Nickel; 7th Daniel Herd; 8th Josh Lewis; 9th Jacob Bakker & Austin Boem; 11th Blonson Vowles; 12th Austin Bounyasouk

Intermediate: 1st Weston Hutchinson; 2nd Dillan Kane; 3rd Riley Allen; 4th Dyson Mathews & Kai Searle; 6th Noah Eastwood; 7th Jayden Ristich & Lucas Grygorczuk; 9th Joseph Madayag; 10th Mike Willms & Robert Wylie

Girls: 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Tienna Rivard; 3rd Stephanie Martin

Advanced: 1st Jordan Repin; 2nd Dominc Devries; 3rd Calvin Dignard; 4th Weston Ganger; 5th Tony Casano; 6th Jordan Strong; 7th Cisco Gooding; 8th Peter Nicholson & Allen Handley; 10th Jay Mykyte; 11th Mathew McCauley; 12th Brad “Fighter” Muscat; 13th Ryan Barron & Jacob Drescher; 14th Darryl James

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – 2013 Cloverdale


Wow, what an awesome day. So many great people and amazing tricks at the old Cloverdale Skate Park on 64th Ave. This park has had it’s times and a lot of kids have grown up in that area through multiple eras of skateboarding so there is always sick skating at a contest there. With this being the 10th year for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey I wanted to focus on all the old parks which were stepping stones for parks like Chuck Bailey being built, and since Cloverdale will be getting a new skate park built really soon, this may have been the final contest at the old park before it gets removed. The new park is going to be amazing, but it will be sad to see the old one finally go down, so many great memories I have of that place. I never really liked the park that much but I taught a ton of kids how to skateboard there, and over the years of my competitions and demos, I have so many memories of events – my favourite will still always be the 3rd Annual Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey when JR Barron showed up on his 5th birthday and him and his cousin Nick Logan ripped around the park all crazy for their first contest runs of their lives. And I look at JR today, 8 years later, still competing at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and pressin’ for 1st Place in his category and it just reminds me of why this is the 10th year for this series, and why I have so much trouble letting it end, because of all the kids that give me the feelings of thanks, and love. It was a great day and I was happy to be there…

We started off with the Mini’s a little late because I forgot all the registration forms but that just meant they had more time to warm up. And the kids were hot. Little Presley Huska came down from Squamish for his first ever Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and learned a lot of tricks at Cloverdale Park, but didn’t quite make top 3. Parker Sherwin also had sick tricks in his runs but finished in 4th place. It came down to The East Van Bros with the long hair – Theo Caseley and Django Caseley battling park local and veteran Tour de Surrey competitor Aiden Eastman for the prizes. Theo and Django represented hard in the bowl and half pipe and even hit the 3stair up, but Aiden was committed to win and he shot off the top of the half pipe twice to make sure he did. It reminded me of Andy Anderson when he was 7 years old at his first Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and he did the same finisher and won. Aiden is just 8 now and getting better all the time. I loved seeing him jump up and down when I announced that he got 1st place. His first win ever.

The Beginner Category was tight and Beatbox Sean actually came out and skated. Everyone battled to get in the top 5 for the Finals and it came down to Justin Fiorante, Damon Morgan, Mark Melyukov, Nick Bachmeier & JR Barron. JR was owning it in the qualifier runs, and Mark Melyukov was sticking huge tricks too but they both had rough times in the Finals. Justin and Nick stepped up their game and took the top 2 positions away from JR – there was no messin’ around in Beginner.


Intermediate came and the pressure was on. Weston Hutchinson was on a mission sticking everything he tried and even kickflipped into the deepend of the bowl, but had some issues in the finals that knocked him down a few pegs. Kai Searle, Riley Allen and Morgan Skinner all moved up to Intermediate this year and made top 5. Zacc Lester killed it as well, but when it came to the Finals Morgan Skinner was untouchable. Emotions ran high in this category, it was hardcore.

The Girls had a good time for their jam, Carrie Williams landed lots of solid tricks including a frontside 180 over the cheese wedge to pump up the crowd. The other 2 are just learning how to skate so don’t have much tricks to display but they both did their best. 8 year old Tienna Rivard showed off a few tricks she just learned this week at South Surrey Skateboard Camp provided by the City of Surrey. All the girls did great.


Then it came to Advanced where the real contest occurred. 17 dudes, and all super good. There were about 12 guys that skated good enough to be in the Finals but only 5 made it so it was tough. The top 5 were Shawn Beaupre, Brett Gilchrist, Jay Mykyte, Brendan Nielsen & The Dominator – Dominic Devries. Dominic won the entire the whole day, undoubtedly. He showed why he was the King of Surrey last year. Of course Andy Anderson was not present today due to a Freestyle Demo he is out doing all weekend with Kevin Harris and Ryan Brynelson. But either way, Dominic brought his A+ game skating 3 runs and only missing 2 tricks the entire time. He finished it off with a gap to 50-50 on the pyramid hubba which is a huge ollie. It had been a long time since I seen someone do that one. Sick buddy! Brendan Nielsen was also on fire and stuck a hardflip backside 50-50 down the tall hubba at the end of his run in the finals. And Brett skated so smooth and stylish with flawless runs until his last tricks, he was in demo mode for sure. All the Advanced guys killed it, and that’s what I love to see.


We finished it off with a Best Trick Contest down the 3stair rail and ledge combo and 4 prizes were given away:

  • Mathew McCauley scored a pair of RDS Jeans for a Feeble Grind Shovit down the rail
  • Weston Ganger got a NYJAH DC Shirt for a FS Nosegrind Revert down the ledge
  • Shawn Beaupre scored a pair of Fallen Shoes for a FS Tailslide 270 on the down ledge
  • and Brendan Nielsen took a Coastal Riders Deck with the classic Jeremy Wray rail trick – Frontside 270 lipslide to fakie. Sick!!

It was a great day, thanks to everyone that came out to compete and to watch, and a special thanks goes out to Mark Halliday from Moonrider Production for filming and shooting photos all day in the desert sun for the Documentary we are making about the 10th year of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey.

See you at Fraser Heights on July 20th

Cloverdale Results:

Mini: 1st Aiden Eastman; 2nd Theo Caseley; 3rd Django Caseley; 4th Parker Sherwin; 5th Presley Huska; 6th Austin Macbeth; 7th Ry Forrester & Rhys Eastman

Beginner: 1st Nick Bachmeier; 2nd Justin Fiorante; 3rd JR Barron; 4th Mark Melyukov; 5th Damon Morgan; 6th Nick Kong; 7th Ethan Clark; 8th Devin Christie; 9th Damion Howard; 10th Kaelan Ruinz; 11th Sean Whetstone

Intermediate: 1st Morgan Skinner; 2nd Kai Searle; 3rd Weston Hutchinson & Riley Allen; 5th Zacc Lester; 6th Alex Savage; 7th Noah Eastwood; 8th David Brown; 9th AJ Muhammed; 10th Mathew McCauley; 11th Mike Willms; 12th Robert Wylie

Girls: 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Tienna Rivard; 3rd Joshlyn Bustin

Advanced: 1st Dominic Devries; 2nd Brendan Nielsen; 3rd Brett Gilchrist; 4th Jay Mykyte; 5th Shawn Beaupre; 6th Calvin Dignard; 7th William LeTourneau; 8th Brad Muscat, Jacob Drescher & Matt Cook; 11th Yuya Ishikawa & Mitch Salter; 13th Andre Bissonnette & Weston Ganger; 15th Will Savage; 16th Daryl James; 17th Ryan Siemens

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HIPPIE MIKE’S TOUR DE SURREY 2012 Stop 1 – Kwantlen Park

It’s the 9th year for this series of skateboard competitions and I love that I still see a bunch of the same faces as the first year. I kicked off the Tour for 2012 at Kwantlen Park. It’s a tough park for lines, but always a good park for contests. It seems like everybody lands so much in their runs at this park, maybe because the obstacles are basic and small, not sure why. But either way, it worked out great.

The sun was blazin’ hot and the humidity was definitely hanging around, but it was still bearable enough to skate. Surprisingly for the first time in many, many years, there were more Advanced riders that Beginners. I assume because it was Kwantlen. When I started seeing some of the faces showing up for the Advanced Category, I knew it was gonna be a good show, and a tough contest to judge. With Surrey Locals like Calvin Dignard, Jay Mykyte, Andy Anderson, Jordan Strong, Brad Muscat and Ryan Barron, they were all in the running. But they would have to beat the guys that travelled there, like Ryan Prasad, Lil’ G and of course, “The Dominator” – Dominic Devries.

It was anyone’s guess who was going to come through on this one, only time would tell.

Only 4 kids in Mini this time around, but I knew that JR Barron was pushing hard for this win, since it was his final Mini Contest ever. He turns 11 years old next Sunday, so time to move up buddy! He took advantage of his skills and tore up the park landing almost everything he tried, including the only kickflip in the Mini Category. Parker Sherwin was right on JR’s heels though with a huge bag of tricks of his own and tried really hard to not let JR win. It was a close call…

The Beginner Category was just as tough with Kai Searle on board. This kid has some serious talent for his young age and lands a lot of tough tricks, with style. There was actually a 3 way tie for 4th place, just to tell you how close this competition was. The surprise of the day though was Dante Gullickson who came out strong in his first run and then blew the crowd away with a flawless second run which was one long consistent line. Awesome!! That doesn’t happen often in Beginner. He almost won but Kai’s tricks were just too good and scored way bigger points. It was tight.

The Intermediates wasn’t so tight. Tyler Olson killed it all day during warm up, I can’t even think of a time a looked over at him when he didn’t land a trick, and was trying some pretty technical tricks. But sometimes when the helmet goes on for your run and the pressure of having the park to yourself happens, people choke. I think the rest of the category was happy Tyler had trouble, because I thought he was gonna win it for sure after watching him in warm-ups. But the prize went to 12 year old Mathew McCauley who landed a ton of rail tricks and gap tricks wherever he could squeeze them in. This kid knows how to skate hard, and takes it very seriously. He can bust tricks down huge gaps at any time, but also has a pocket full of tech tricks too. It was a blow-out win for him.

The ladies were hyped up too, Brianna Palmer is just starting out in the contest world so I’m sure she was nervous when she saw the competition that she was about to face. Carrie Williams is finally back in Contest Mode after a few years of missing out, so she brought out all her shovit and 180 skills and landed a ton of tricks. And then Heloise Wathelet showed up with Lil’ G, she’s visiting for the summer from Belgium. This chick’s got some serious talents and it looks like they might take her somewhere. Flip Tricks and Ledge Skills. Check out this video I found of her on Youtube.

[youtube id=”7oj6XHc2PSY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

It was close but Heloise took first. Hopefully we see her at a couple more of these events.

Then came Advanced. Like I said earlier, it was anyone’s contest to win. Really depended on who landed what. It was very close between the Top 5 except for how obvious it was that Dominic won. This kid has constant flow combined with super solid style and lots of hard tricks. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it over and over, watch for him in the big leagues in the future. I’m gonna be hosting a segment of Glory Daze with Hippie Mike on Dominic soon.

My favorite tricks that went down in Advanced were Calvin Dignard’s nollie tailslide 270 on the flat ledge, Andy Anderson’s bluntslide fakie on the down rail of the pyramid, Ryan Barron’s feeble 180 up the same rail, Fighter’s Benny Hanna over the quarter pipe and of course anything that Ryan Prasad landed. There’s another name to watch for in the near future. Sick skater!! Cisco Gooding came out and had 2 solid runs too, but they weren’t of his usual “Flawless Run style” so he didn’t make Top 3, and the surprise of this category was that Jay Mykyte didn’t place at Kwantlen Park. I guess there is a first time for everything. Better luck next time Jigga

We did have a Best Trick Contest on the big pyramid rail and it was a 3 way tie all going up the rail – Ryan Barron Feeble 180, Andy Anderson Bluntslide and Dominic Devries with a frontside tailslide fakie. Sick. Ryan was close to taking it all with a Boardslide to Feeble, but just couldn’t quite put it down. RBS


Mini: 1. JR Barron; 2. Parker Sherwin; 3. Aiden Eastman; 4. Ry Forrester

Beginner: 1. Kai Searle; 2. Dante Gullickson; 3. Riley Allen; 4. Nick Bachmeier, Weston Huchkinson, Matthew Major; 7. Bishop Rosie; 8. Patrick Jonas; 9. Andrew Goodlet; 10. Ethan Tessier; 11. Ben Walsh; 12. Cameron Nelson

Intermediate: 1. Mathew McCauley; 2. Andre Bissonnette; 3. Eric Pedersson; 4. Malek Salem; 5. Tyler Olson

Girls: 1. Heloise Wathelet; 2. Carrie Williams; 3. Brianna Palmer

Advanced: 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Calvin Dignard; 3. Brad Muscat (Fighter); 4. Andy Anderson; 5. Cisco Gooding; 6. Jordan Strong; 7. Allen Handley; 8. Ryan Barron, Sean Cuddeford (Lil’ G); 10. Alexander Savage; 11. Jay Mykyte; 12. Shadd Trepp

Best Trick: 3 way tie – Ryan Barron, Andy Anderson, Dominic Devries

See you next time at

Fleetwood – July 28th 2012

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Chuck Bailey 2011 Contest Results

So it’s finally over, but what a great summer for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, hard to believe that this was the 8th year and there are still some of the same people showing up to all the events. Awesome.
This day was long anticipated by so many people, the first ever full lenght contest at Chuck Bailey. Since I work there, and part of my job is to be outside in the park, I skate it quite a bit. And every day there are multiple people of all ages there skating hard, and constantly learning. So many of them wanted to be the first to win at Chuck Bailey Park, I knew we were in for a wicked show…

The day was sweet, one of the nicest days of this so called summer of 2011. There was between 100 and 150 people at the park and they were all having fun. The Mini’s started off the competition in style by shredding everything in sight.

JR went off in his first run pumping up the crowd, so awesome to have him back. I missed JR soooo much last summer when he had moved away. He spent all summer at Chuck Bailey skating with Adam and Josh Lewis and they all ripped it up at the comp. The big surprise in this category was Justin Fiorante who came out flying over the 3 block and ended by almost kickflipping it. I love seeing that point where a kid all of a sudden gets real good. Justin always had a bit of talent, but I could tell at the last few contests that he has made it to a new level in his skating. Sick runs buddy, and I believe his first ever win!!

The Beginner category was owned by Luke Thodus, undoubtably. 180’s over the 3 block, gap lipslide on the ledge to ledge, and some mighty big boardslides for a tiny dude. Killed it. The rest of the 27 Beginners also had amazing runs. There were so many tricks landed in Beginner, we could’ve gone home right then – show over.

The Intermediates got to skate one at a time, lucky for them.Sky and Brandon both showed that they’ve been hanging at Chuck Bailey every day for the past couple months, Cole Thodus impressed all with his super skills and big ledge and rail skating and Tanner and Jackson Hawthorne both came out with solid practically flawless runs both times. Sick category, tough to win. The ladies all skated together – Brianna, Cali and Erin trying there hardest to show there skills, and Gen and Sam carving the place up. Not many tricks, but still a good competition. Too bad Carrie was sick and coudn’t skate.

Then finally came Advanced – 20 people all wanting to be the first ever “Champion of Chuck.” Fighter and Calvin got to start it off together, and start it off they did. Both of them tore the park up completely different from the other. Calvin demo’d on the rails and 3 block while Fighter went fast and huge everywhere. It was already ineveitable that being judge in this category was going to seriously suck. Baba, Coddi, Ryan Barron, Nick, Cisco, Jaden, Brendan, Dominic, Damon, The Jigga, Giver, Jordan Repin, the list goes on telling you all the people that skated amazingly and still didn’t place. It came straight down to the king of switch stance – Adam Fontaine, and the outright King – Andy Anderson. Adam hits hard switch tricks on the rails and even I have to double take to confirm that it wasn’t regular – because of how flawless he skates. Switch back tails, back lips, back smiths, whatever. But Andy was untouchable. He camped out the night before at China Creek for the Jacks Contest, but skytrained to Chuck to compete in Advanced. Both of his runs were amazing and if the Original Bones Brigade was looking for a sixth, Andy woud’ve been the one. Untouchable!

The standings were announced at the end, the plaques were all given out, the food and money was donated to the Surrey Food Bank (385 lbs of food and $425.75), the Most Improved Award was given to Dominic Devries (The Dominator), and the King of Surrey was named for 2011 – Andy Anderson – placed top 3 in all 5 contests, and also won King of the Bowls this year, a Historic Moment. The bad part for all the others is that, unlike Bowl Series, at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, you’re allowed to win the King Trophy more than once. Can Andy be the first to do that one, we gotta wait a whole year to find out…
See you then.


Mini 1. Justin Fiorante; 2. Josh Lewis; 3. JR Barron; 4. Aiden Eastman; 5. Jon Schrack; 6. Sam Stephans; 7. Isiah Stroud; 8. Jack Stroud; 9. Ethan Clark; 10. Alex Mager; 11. Dylan Rossi

Beginner 1. Luke Thodus; 2. Matthew Major; 3. Morgan Skinner; 4. Matthew Forcier; 5.Adam Lewis; 6. Rob Schrack ; 7. Billy Shouting; 8. Max Stephans, Noah Eastwood & Riley Allen; 9. Matthew McCauley; 10. David Martin, Bailey Flecks, Jacob Drescher & Mitch Hudson; 11. Scott Cresine; 12. Kevin Tran, Riki Mockizuki & Evan Way; 13. Sage Van Hatten & Trystan Briggs; 14. Colton Routtenbourg; 15. Mark Melyukov, Andrew Goodlet & Austin; 16. Hayden Gordon; 17. Nikki Thomas

Girls 1. Genevieve Lawrie; 2. Sam Maiers; 3. Cali Martin; 4. Brianna Brownrigg; 5. Erin Beynon

Intermediate 1. Jackson Hawthorne; 2. Tanner Hawthorne; 3. Cole Thodus; 4. Brandon Poland; 5. Sky Clow; 6. Peter Kelly; 7. Austin Shelton & Mick Bey; 8. Alex Savage; 9. Aaron Marshall; 10. Robert Wylie

Advanced 1. Andy Anderson; 2. Adam Fontaine; 3. Calvin Dignard; 4. Dominic Devries; 5. Cisco Gooding; 6. Brendan Nielsen; 7. Jay Mykyte & Fighter (Brad Muscat); 8. Brandon Baba; 9. Jaden Easton-Ellett; 10. Jordan Repin; 11. Matt Cook & Allen Handley; 12. Ryan Barron; 13. Damon Kerr; 14. Giver, Ryan Soug & Coddi Ryane

Most stickers on their helmets – Tie between Aiden Eastman & Jason the Scooter Kid

5′ tall or shorter Best Trick on the Quarter – Luke Thodus – Heelflip Rock and Roll

Best Trick on the 3 Block Set Up – Calvin Dignard – Double Heelflip over the 3 block

Highest Wallride – Brad Muscat

Most Improved – Dominc Devries

King of Surrey – Andy Anderson

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Cloverdale 2011 Contest Results

Wow, I can hardly believe it. I’ve worked in Cloverdale for over 8 years, and I used to complain so much when I used to teach Sk8 Lessons at their Park because of how hot it always is there compared to everywhere else in Surrey. But for the past 3 Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey contests in Cloverdale, it’s been cold and rainy. When it rained at Fleetwood this year, the first thing I thought was wow, this must mean that it’s not going to rain in Cloverdale this year. And I was right…

The ironic part was that because of another contest that evryone needs to go and try to qualify for Wild in the Parks was also scheduled the day of the Fleetwood contest. And they postponed it till August 26th, so therefore 75% of the kids that would normally be at the Cloverdale comp were not there. Too funny. But you know who was there?

Andy Anderson, Dale Kind, Fighter, Cisco, Mitchy, Jigga Jay, Allen, Andre, William, Max, Kai, Riley, and lots of others, including Quinton Salter dressed up in a Chicken Suit. Nice! Also The TV show Gen Y was there filming and interviewing people for their show, and I believe there was also a lady from The Cloverdale Reporter snapping some pictures for a good part of the day. Lots of publicity, and all the kids striving to get some were at Railside in Poco…

It was an amazing day to watch skateboarding. I think everyone skated really awesome.

Every category was a struggle to judge because all competitors had good runs and landed so many wicked tricks.Kai definitely dominated the Mini category with his technical style and smooth flow, followed close by Jon, but the big surprise had to be Aiden Eastman – 6 1/2 years old and has been trying so hard this year to get tricks down so he could place in a contest. He did it!! 3rd place buddy. We are all stoked for you, and I was very impressed. The Beginner category had 15 kids in it. They all skated great, but Best Run of the day in Beginner had to go to Dante. Hi s1st run he only landed a couple things, but then came out flying in his second run landing every trick he tried with authority. Awesome run man, too bad for the first one or you might have placed. Still took home some fresh new Knee Pads and a sweet hat though. Max took the beginner Category anyway, but then spread the icing all over the cake with a huge backside 180 into the deep end of the bowl. Uphill landing = not easy. Nice one man.

Not too many Intermediates, I can take a guess where they all were. William LeTourneau took the big win, but I still liked watching the Chicken tear up every obstacle in the park. I think some of his 1st run might make the TV.
The Advanced was insane, like always. But even more so this time Every single person in Advanced dominated. We all knew who took 1st and 2nd, but not necessarily which one took which place yet. So it was all about 3rd place. Andy Anderson stole the 3rd place prize, barely. Brad Muscat (Fighter) had 2 amazing runs, Judo blunts and blunt 180’s in the mini ramp, Crooks, Tailslides and BAck LIps on the Loading Dock Rail, and all with his left arm in a full arm cast. He won it for sure… But then Dale had his sencond run, Dude! Smith Grind over the top part of the step ledge, 50-50 up the Loading Dock Rail to manual, Nosestall Body Varial Tail stall Revert on the ledge at the top of the bank, and finishes it off with a Smith Grind to 50-50 180 on the flat bar. Stole it from the Fighter. DJ Dale!!

Best Trick in the halfpipe to finish the day – Allen Handley wins with Back Footed Heelflip Backside Boneless. Alrighty then…


Mini 1. Kai Searle; 2. Jon Schrack; 3. Aiden Eastman; 4. Justin Fiorante; 5. Sam Stephans; 6. Isiah Stroud; 7. Anna Bartnik (got hurt in 2nd run)

Beginner 1. Max Stephans; 2. Konnor Cadeau; 3. Andrew Harden; 4. Riley Allen; 5. Rob Schrack; 6. Dante; 7. Joey Sinclair; 8. Colton Routtenberg; 9. Bishop Posie & Andrew Goodlet; 10. Colby Banyard; 11. Jacob Antony; 12. Ayden S.; 13. Connor; 14. Sage

Intermediate 1. William LeTourneau; 2. The Chicken; 3. Coddi Liang & Andre Bissonnette; 4. Brandon Poland; 5. Robert Wylie

Advanced 1. Dale Kind; 2. Brad Muscat; 3. Andy Anderson; 4. Cisco Gooding; 5. Jay Mykyte; 6. Mitch Salter; 7. Allen Handley; 8. Jordan Strong (got hurt in 7 seconds in 1st run)

See you all at this year’s Grand Finale at Chuck Bailey Park – the first ever competition there.

  • Who will take the title of being the first champion of Chuck Bailey?
  • Who will be this year’s King of Surrey?
  • Who will be announced as Most Improved since last year?
  • Who will win the Most Stickers on your Helmet Contest?
  • So many questions and only one way to answer them – BE THERE!!
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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Fraser Heights 2011 Contest Results

A gorgeous day to be outside, glad I got to be. Sunny, clear, warm, not too hot, beautiful. We deserved a day like this for the day it was going to be. Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey at Fraser Heights and then straight over to Chuck Bailey for the Element Demo. This meant one thing, that the contest was going to have to be quick, not much time between categories.

It went well. The kids in Mini and Beginner demolished the whole park. It was solid skating from everyone.Shayle Dahl finished off his 2nd run in Mini by blasting a perfect ollie down the 9 stair first try ever. All the kids were stoked, especially him. Max Stephans in Beginner did the same thing except with a Backside 180 – it was out of nowhere and perfect. Matthew McCauley almost kickflipped down it too. It’s just crazy to even be talking about a 9 stair in the same sentence as “Beginner and Mini Categories”. The City of Surrey is just creating a whole mess of amazing up and coming skaters with all these parks. Seriously.

We had a quick break and then got straight into Intermediate and Advanced.

Coddi Ryane has some wild tricks, and let them all out of the cage at once with 2 solid, and innovative runs in Intermediate. But it was Advanced that was hardcore this time, very tight competition. Dominic Devries (The Dominator) is unstoppable in competition right now. I remember when the Decenzos started to get real good and they were at the level that he is at right now, and look at those 2 now, both getting tons of recognition. I love seeing Ryan Decenzo on TV competing against Sheckler and Nyjah and all these amazing skaters. I will not be surprised if I’m watching Dominic competing against those guys on the TV within the next couple years – that’s the potential I see in him. He is definitely worthy of the name “The Dominator”…

The contest went smoothly and quickly enough to get over to Chuck before the Element Team arrived. The Demo was very successful, everybody killed it. The kids were all stoked and the skaters that came really put on a show. Unfortunately Nyjah was injured and didn’t make it out. Maybe next year. Thanks to MARK APPLEYARD, LEVI BROWN, NICK GARCIA, JULIAN DAVIDSON, EVAN SMITH, BOO JOHNSON, BRANDON DEL BIANCO for coming out and to Chad Albert, team manager, for doing such an awesome job organizing and managing the Tour. Well Done!


Mini 1.Shayle Dahl; 2.Cody Laing; 3. Jon Schrack; 4. JR Barron & Aiden Eastman; 5. Josh Lewis; 6. Mitchel Young

Beginner 1. Jaden Dahl; 2. Max Stephans; 3. Josh Almeda; 4. Riley Allen & Matthew McCauley; 5. Rob Schrack; 6. Bryan Benanides; 7. Matthew Major & Jacob Drescher; 8. Adam Lewis; 9. Anthony Harris; 10. Andrew Goodlet; 11. Joey Sinclair

Intermediate 1. Coddi Ryane; 2. Mick Bey; 3. Andre Bissonnette; 4. Zuri Vankevich; 5. Alex Savage; 6. William Savage; 7. Malek Salem

Advanced 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Jay Mykyte; 3. Ryan Barron & Andy Anderson; 4. Weston Granger; 5. Calvin Dignard; 6. Jaden Easton-Ellett; 7. Trevor Greig & Brad Muscat; 8. Dale Kind &Allen Handley; 9. Brendan Nielsen & Barnadon Baba

Best Trick on Bump to Rail – Brendan Nielsen (Feeble Grind Frontside Bigspin)

See you at Cloverdale – August 27th

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: South Surrey 2011 Contest Results

Hippie Mike`s Tour de Surrey 2011 – South Surrey Finally! – Summer has arrived.

It was so different being out in the hot sun, but everyone was loving it. A beautiful day, and the park was jumpin`. There was already 30-40 people in the park when I arrived at 11am. I could tell that it was going to be quite a contest by the faces that I recognized. Luke and Cole Thodus, Jaden and Shayle Dahl, Mike Groves, Dominic Devries, Fighter, even Damon Kerr was in the house, and of course the park local Andy Anderson.

I`ve taught a lot of people a lot of tricks over my 26 years of skateboarding, but I think Andy is the one that learned the most. This kid rips any tranny and now he`s totally hittin`up street obstacles all the time too – and all on a fat nasty 1989 style board; rails, risers, rat bones. Andy goes straight from rail sliding the big rail and the double kink rail right into the bowl for a complete demo of tricks. He`s one of my favorite skaters to watch and I`m proud to have been a part of his life as he grew up.

The contest was insane, 15 kids in the Mini section, 17 in Beginner, and they`re all killin`it. JR and Josh Lewis skated really solid in the Mini category following each other up. They both skate Chuck Bailey all the time, so it was good to see them out at a different park. But all eyes were focused on Luke, Kai, Shayle and Jon. It was tough judging between these kids. They were all ripping, but Kai took it home with Jon and Shayle right behind him, somehow leaving Luke in the dust. Hard thing to do.

The Beginner category was just as tough.


So many kids had awesome runs, Max Stephans layin`down tricks all over the park, Jeff Williamson hittin`the gravitron frontside, Matthew F. smith grinding around the corner quarter pipe, Jaden Dahl with his heelflips all over the place and Riley Allen just flying out of the bowl. But all of those kids still coudn`t catch Matthew McCauley, Ben and Cole. For Beginners, these kids are amazing. Can`t wait to see what they bring to the table at Fraser Heights…

Things slowed down a bit during Intermediate, maybe they were all still in shock and stunned after the anialation session that the Mini`s and Beginners put on. Best dudes to watch were Cody G., Coddi R. and Mike Groves. Both Cody`s ripped it hard, but Coddi Ryane was inventing his own insanity on the quarter pipes, boneless fastplant seran wraps on the J wall – What! But still, tough to beat the park local Mike Groves. I remember when Mike used to come to my City Sk8 Camps back when I taught them. He was one of those quick learners who practiced a lot and you can tell he keeps with it. Lots of creative and technical tricks around the park. Good job man.

We had a Ladies Section. Sarah Bennett, who was in Jaden`s Sk8 Camp all last week in Cloverdale was there all day practicing. My guess is she is around 8 or 9 years old and had just started skateboarding. Carrie showed up around 3:30 and had to borrow a pair of shoes from the Jigga, which were 2 sizes to big, and then try to compete against Sarah in her first ever competition. Andy`s sister Alex, another one who took lessons from me many years ago, jumped on a board as a late entry and we actually had a contest. Unbelievably, Sarah won it all, taking home a fresh new Protest Deck. Awesome!! I`m guessing we`ll be seeing more of her. Then came Advanced – Da da da Daaaaaaa!!

A lot of big time guys that are tough to beat, Dominic, Andy, Jay Mykyte, Quinn, Jaden, Damon, Fighter, the list goes on. All guys totally skate different from the others too so the judges had a serious task on their hands to decide the top 3. Unquestionably, Andy Anderson had the whole place beat, probably didn`t even need to do a second run his first one was so good. So it was really a competition to see who else could win prizes. A few people choked a bit in their first runs, but all seemed to come through strong in the second heat. You`ll have to read the results below to see who took second and third. All I know is my favorite trick that went down in Advanced was Allen Handley – backside boneless out of the J wall quarter foot on the top deck of the blue wall behind and leaping all the way back into the quarter. Nastyyyyy!

We had a Best Trick competition too on the entire centre section, ledges, rails, wedges. The prize was a Coastal Riders Deck and a Gary Coleman T-Shirt. These kids don`t even know who Gary Coleman is, What`chu Talkin“Bout Willis… Nate almost had it with a Frontside Lipslide pop to Front Board pop out on the bump to ledge, but Dominic stole it all with a Feeble to 50-50 down the big rail. Until next year, that`s the way it goes…


Mini 1. Kai Searle; 2. Jon Schrack; 3. Shayle Dahl; 4. Luke Thodus; 5. JR, Cody Laing, Aiden; 6.Justin Fiorante, Josh Lewis; 7. Jacob Gallocher; 8. Tyler Dickson, Tristan G. ; 9. Preston Bitzer, Jack Stroud

Beginner 1. Cole Thodus; 2. Ben Schultz; 3. Matthew McCauley; 4. Jeff Williamson; 5. Max Stephans; 6.Zurri Vanerich; 7. Rob Schrack, Jaden Dahl; 8. Matthew Major, Riley Allen; 9. Matthew Forcier; 10. Brandon L.; 11. Jacob Drescher; 12. Brody Taylor, John Farquhar; 13. Luke “Dino Surf ”; 14. Alex Savage, Max Arntzen

Intermediate 1. Mike Groves; 2. Coddi Ryane; 3. Cody Grunow; 4. William Savage; 5. Jacob Lubberts; 6. Malek Salem; 7. Tanner Hawthorne Girls 1. Sarah Bennett; 2. Alex Anderson; 3. Carrie Williams

Advanced 1. Andy Anderson; 2. Dominic Devries; 3. Weston Granger; 4. Brad Muscat (Fighter), Jaden Easton-Ellett; 5. Matt Whatley; 6. Allen Handley; 7. Jay Mykyte; 8. Quinn Morrison, Nate; 9. Damon Kerr (Pike Bibby); 10. Sacha Shams

See you in 2 weeks August 13th – Fraser Heights (then Element Demo at Chuck Bailey 5pm)

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