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Protest Skateboards knows how to Party

With Summer finally arriving I wanted to show my appreciation to the dudes that rep Protest Skateboards for me so we had a big ol’ BBQ and Ramp Jam at the ranch. It was a combination of generations of people who have been in my life and helped out with everything I do behind the scenes and on the front lines. I was most stoked to see my old pal Homer walk into the yard. Me and him went through a lot together over the years and it meant a lot to me for him to show up. He took over the Carnivore Barbeque for me which helped also since I don’t really know how to cook meat. But of course having Homer there pretty much confirmed that his son Randy was showing up, 8 beers in and with plenty more to go. Majority of the deck team showed up – Andy Anderson, Carrie Williams, Cisco Gooding, Bushman, Jeff Cole, Fighter, Jordan Strong, Kaelen Faux, Jaden Easton-Ellett and of course myself Hippie Mike. We were missing Ryan Brynelson, Eve Feaver and Surrey Stu but we made it through without them. Jay Mykyte and Allen Handley were shredding the ramp the whole time with Dylan Dombroski, and everyone was having a great time together. Carrie learned Fakie Crooks, Brad learned Rocket Blunts and Randy kept leaping off the cliff from the ramp like a maniac. He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt. Drew Boyle made an appearance and Justin James rolled his ankle on the ramp like 5 times. Bushman was checking out my yard and spotted a car jammed vertically in the ravine that I’ve never noticed in the 7 1/2 years we’ve owned this house. So then of course everyone was climbing down to check it out. Turns out to be a Simca which was one of the most popular car manufacturers in France until it was bought out by Chrysler in the 1970’s. Gotta love Google, but even better, gotta love the fact of how many people have pissed off the cliff right beside this thing and no one’s ever noticed it there. Bocce, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pool, Skateboarding, Loud Music, Drunk idiots and great friends. 

It was an awesome time. Thanks to everyone who came out, and of course I bought waaaaaaaay to much food so I guess we’ll be meeting up again real soon.

Protest Forever!


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