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Langford Best Trick on Go Skate Day 2015 – Recap Save Westshore Skate Park!

What a gorgeous day on June 21st 2015 – International Go Skateboard Day, combined with Father’s Day!! It was beautiful outside and Protest Skateboards was part of something very special this year as Hippie Mike joined forces with Kristen O’Keefe of DC Shoes and Ryan McGlashan of Heritage BoardShop to bring a long overdue event to The Westshore Skate Park in Langford BC. This park has been around since the early 2000’s and has produced some awesome skateboarders in it’s time, but it is all coming to an end soon as the land was recently sold to Sobey’s so they can put another Thrifty’s Grocery Store in the area and the park is supposed to be removed in September. Skate Park deconstruction is always a sad thing and no one likes it, but what’s worse in this situation is there is still no plan for a replacement park anywhere. There are issues with the surrounding areas not showing the support they should be in today’s world to keep the kids off the streets and in a positive place. So the idea was to get out there to Langford and give these people something to talk about. As you will see in the video tons of kids and skateboarders of all ages came out to have a fun time together, and lots of parents were present as well showing their support. Everyone had a great time, they skated, they ate free hot dogs, they jammed out to awesome tunes, and they proved that there is a large skateboard community in there town that needs a place to go. This is the second event we have hosted in Langford in the last 2 months and there has been over 100 people present at both. It is very important that everyone around sees the how much this type of facility is needed. There is a big meeting this Saturday night June 27th at The Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre around 6pm. Please show up, show them photos, show them videos, make them aware of what you need and why…

Langford Posse - Go Skate Day 2015

Big thanks to Ty Williamson for coming out to Langford on Go Skate Day and filming this video of the event we put on in collaboration with DC Shoes, Heritage Boardshop, Vulcan Bolts, Burn Bros and Fury Trucks. The Westshore skate park is on the cutting block to be removed after summer and there is no replacement plan so this video really helps to show how many people in the community utilize this facility, how many of them are young kids and are supported by their parents, and how a little support can go a long long way. Please share this video far and wide to get lots of recognition that can be used to promote the fact that this community needs to step up and help these skaters and their peers to have a place to spend their time positively expanding their minds in the future.

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Hippie Mike’s Super Tour 2015 – Chuck Bailey

What a beautiful way to kick off the summer, on the first day of summer, but with an awesome style skateboard competition. This is only the 2nd year for this annual series, but you can already tell Hippie Mike’s Super Tour is here to stay for a long long time. Tons of shredders showed up at Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey for the first stop on the tour and each category was great to watch.

In the Mini division there was only 6 kids but that’s okay since it’s all about kids 10 years old or younger, and 2 of them travelled long distance to be part of it. Little Presley from Squamish tore it up with style, and Ryder from Saltspring Island put it all on the line as both of the attacked the biggest obstacles in the park. And those obstacles seem even bigger when you’re a Mini.

HMST Chuck Bailey Winners - Mini

The Beginners were going off, and watching them made everybody realize what was to come in the higher categories because these kids had serious talent, and they were the “Beginners”. Jericho, Alex and Ryan were the ones to overcome above the rest by utilizing the ledges, quarterpipes and gaps the best they knew how and really use their determination to not give up and git ‘r done.

HMST Chuck Bailey Winners - Beginners

Intermediates set a whole new level for the contest, getting down on the rails and ledges. There was a serious mixture of talent and age in the finals from Emmanneul who is only 11 but rips it up to Stefan and Nathan who are much older and still rip it up. JR got the crowd going, but somehow Nathan came through in the end with some serious business to take what might have been his first ever contest win. Frontside crooks over the fireplace channel to fakie and to regular? Yeah this guy was lighting the place up….

HMST Chuck Bailey Winners - Intermediate and Ladies

The ladies category was pretty mellow but all the girls did their best and it’s always great to see the whole park sitting back and cheering for the girls. Monique overcame the other 3 to take home 1st place.

When Advanced started everybody knew it was not going to be easy to judge since there was 25 guys that were all going to go off, and that’s exactly what happened. Every single person in Advanced threw down but only 10 moved up to the finals, and only 5 of them were taking home prizes. It got pretty heated and chaotic out there with 10 guys skating at once but that’s how you separate the mice from the men. East Van Caleb blew away the crowd and the judges and went home with the victory.

HMST Chuck Bailey Winners - Advanced Finalists

Thank to everyone for coming out. It was great to see so many people at the first stop of the tour. Eve Feaver destroyed in the advanced category at 43 years old. Joe Buffalo hung out all day giving continuous props over the mic and even tried to skate in Advanced. Ryan Barron got out there and landed some awesome tricks that no one else could do. DJ Cuz-O kept the vibe hot all day long with sweet tunes that never stopped. The City of Surrey threw down a Free BBQ. And Hippie Mike lit up the mic steady and solid all day as usual.

Stop #2 is July 18th at Queenborough All Wheel Park in New Westminster

Don’t miss it!


Mini – 1. Ryder; 2. Presley Huska; 3. Kaelen Faux

Beginner – 1. Jericho; 2. Ryan; 3. Alex Pasqua

Intermediate – 1. Nathan Gladue; 2. Tate Roulette; 3. Emmanneul; 4. Stefan Bakker; 5. JR Barron

Girls – 1. Monique; 2. Stephanie; 3. Alysha; 4. CiCi

Advanced – 1. East Van Caleb; 2. Calvin Dignard; 3. Travis Emerson; 4. Giet Rolan; 5. Eve Feaver

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Hippie Mike’s Super Tour 2015

Hippie Mike’s Super Tour is back for the second year and the dates are set along with the 4 locations being locked down. This year is going to be amazing as Mike is preparing to hold contests at 4 of the best made skate parks in the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley.

HMST 2015 Poster Proof
Starting off near the skytrain route at Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey you know the hype is going to be big and the tricks are gonna get wild; heading over to Queensboro Park in New Westminster the creative lines are going to flowing in every direction; joining into The Tsawwassen Sun Festival next to get busy at one of the most sunniest and funnest places Tsawwassen Skate Park in South Delta you know the lines will be awesome as it is one of the best contest parks of all time; and then finishing it off back on the skytrain route downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Skate Plaza. This place hasn’t seen a contest like the one Mike is going to bring in a long long time.

With the help of all the sponsors, and of course Mike’s trusty sidekick DJ Cuz-O this year is going to be a great one for Hippie Mike’s Super Tour, it’s going to help grow the skate community by bringing more kids together and once again branch out to different cities to help build a stronger bond between the skate community and regular old society.

Get your food donations ready, learn some fresh lines, and show with a smile at all 4 of these amazing events


June 20th – Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey

July 18th – Queensboro All Wheels Park in New Westminster

August 2nd (Sunday) – Tsawwassen Skate Park in South Delta

August 29th – Vancouver Skate Plaza in Vancouver

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Surrey RIDES Presents Youth Week @ Chuck Bailey Skate park

It’s Youth Week again and you know we are stoked to get the kids skating. Kick it off with Hippie Mike and Andy Anderson as they MC the annual Surrey Youth Week Jam at Chuck Bailey Skate Park this Friday night starting at 4pm.

If you’re a youth 18 or under come out and join in, or just come hang out and show your support!


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Andy Anderson Leaves his Mark in Montreal

When Protest rider Andy Anderson got the email invite to AM Getting Paid, it was a must for him to go. These guys recognized his performance at Damn AM Costa Mesa and knew that he would come to put on a show for the crowd. When Andy’s parents asked me to go with him and give him some coaching how could I say no, so we headed over to the party town of Canada – Montreal

It was gonna quick, fly over night on September 10th/11th and come back right after Finals on September 14th, so I made a solid plan of how to fit in a lot of stuff in between the contest runs. I was pretty certain that Andy would make it through to round 2 no matter what so we knew where we would be on the Sunday. We showed up Thursday morning and hopped in a rental car from the airport only to be led around the city in the rainy rush hour traffic by that annoying GPS girl. Arriving at the hotel 5 hours early left us with plenty of time to find some street spots in China Town and we hit them up quick between showers. First we found some awesome breakfast served by a girl with hair almost as long as mine, then after Andy did a few freestyle demos outside the mall we found a sweet kinky flatbar on the corner of some intersection and Andy just rode over and 50-50’d the whole thing. Somehow he got out of there unscaved with a solid smith grind around the kink corner and 180 back out to the sidewalk.

Andy Anderson Smith-Feeble kink bar Montreal

Off we headed to that tall A-Frame ledge and Andy boardslid the whole thing while a Freight Truck almost took out some pedestrians right beside him. The rain came back sudden and fierce and we headed back to the hotel. They let us check in, we threw down our bags and busted out to Le Taz, the place where the event was held – AM Getting Paid.

When we rolled up there was only about 7 people skating inside and the park was brand spankin new, it was sick. Both of us started skating and eyes quickly turned on Andy. I could tell right away that he was going to do well in this comp. The park was awesome filled with ledges, rails, launchers and quarter pipes and everything wanted to grind. We skated there for quite a while before heading back to the hotel where we met up with Benny Stoddard from King Shit Magazine and hung out before dinner. The next day was Qualifiers and this old guy still hadn’t slept so it was early bedtime…

We rolled in early to the Taz for warm ups and Andy was on fire, he had already learned so many tricks and lines from the day before so I just started filming him right away before the crowd showed up.

The music was sweet with Barry Walsh (Spoon Bee) mixing it up with Vinyl Ritchie, it doesn’t get much better than that. When the competition began I had given Andy the best advice, “go out there and skate like yourself, hit all your basic bangers on the rails and ledges and throw in those funky tricks in the middle every chance you get. If you can steal the judges eyes, you win…” And that’s what he did, it was funny because afterwards I honestly had no idea who else was even in his heat, the MC’s were only talking about what Andy did. He stole the show on Day 1 and let everyone know his name finishing in 7th place out of 76 dudes. Check it out

We both left super stoked, and so did everyone else that was from the BC Crew…The day was still light out so we headed out to Montreal’s most famous skate spot The Big-O. Now knowing this pipe is not easy to skate and having a super bummed knee I approached with caution. Andy on the other hand walked right up in front of Marc Tison and his friends to throw down an insane first warm up line. They were stoked on Andy for sure. He was fearlessly hitting up the gap in the wall with pivots, slashers and airs. Big-O crossed off the list of things to do, damn…

Andy Anderson Seatbelt Pivot Big-O

The next day was supposed to be Best Trick at P-45, the sick-ass DIY spot in the back yard of Le Taz, so we woke up early, grabbed Benny and headed out to skate this school with the 3 Boobs, this place was sick. Everyone threw down a line or 2 but Andy definitely owned it

Andy Anderson Airwalk Perky Tit

It started to rain and we had to leave, unfortunately the Best Trick contest was postponed as well so we headed back to the hotel to figure out what to do. Benny took a nap while we went to get some much needed Poutine and Andy told me that he really wanted to skate something, bad… I texted Raj Mehra from Mehrathon Trading to ask where the magic secret indoor pools were hiding and he replied right away with an address. Off we headed to the Backyard Party Bowl owned by Eric Mercier and we couldn’t have been more stoked. I said to Andy after we left that I think I could skate that place for 2 hours and not even care to touch coping, the speed was insane. Both of us ripped it up with grinds and airs and I somehow convinced Andy to learn these Frontside Bigspin Melons off the extension into the 5foot.

Andy Anderson Bigspin Melon BW BYP

We got some footage for the Authentic video, met some awesome dudes and had as much fun as we would’ve had in my own backyard. Thanks for the tip Raj!

The next day was go time and little man was feeling the pressure. We headed out for a big breakfast with Benny and Dave Birnie, picked up Riley Boland at the hotel and busted back to Le Taz for Semis. Everyone was on their game. I gave Andy the same advice and pointed out what others were doing wrong that would hurt them in their runs. He was on his game for sure but in the heat of the moment forget to throw in all those creative tricks that make him Andy. Still he did awesome putting down a close to flawless run which was more like a full 4 minute line. Andy is so fun to skate with and even better to sit and watch, you never know what he’s gonna try next but you can be certain he will most likely land it first try. Andy finished in 21st place at this event which was sick. We were all super proud of him and almost every person at the event, competitors and spectators, made a point to come over and let him know how much fun he brought to AM Getting Paid. Here’s his Semi Final run

After the Finals, and the winners were announced we headed out back to Project-45 for the Best Trick contest. We literally had to catch our plane in 2 hours so we had to make it quick. In 30 minutes Andy skated away with a fresh $100 in his pocket and we hi-fived our way to the parking lot. The trip was quick, the people were great, the skating was awesome and the memories will last forever.

Until next year Montreal….

Andy Anderson Faceshot at P45 B&W

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Hippie Mike’s Super Tour – Railside – The Finale

What a perfect day for a contest, the sun was blazing, the weather was hot and tons of kids were ready to put their lives on the line for prizes and plaques. Railside Skate Park in Poco has always been a big contest/demo park but it was the first time Hippie Mike had run an event there, and the response was solid. With about 80 people competing and around 150 in total at the park everyone knew that this contest was gonna be awesome to watch and right from the start it totally was. The Mini’s went out there full force and tore up the place, little 4 year old Kaelen Faux ollied out of every bank there, Austin MacBeth and Django Caseley shredded the big bowl, Trent Johnson showed off his handstand freestyle skills and little Lola Palver body varialled around the whole park. But none of them could beat The A-Man Aidan Eastman. This kid has been coming to Hippie Mike comps for 3 or 4 years and is still a Mini (10yrs old or younger) and when he stepped up and ollied the 9 stair the whole crowd knew who won that category… BOOM!


Beginners were just as crazy but I think the atmosphere got even more insane after Aidan’s Ollie because all of the 17 kids were going nuts. It’s awesome to see beginners riding handrails, olliing the big sets and gaps, and shredding the trannys. Top 6 made it into the finals and they were all awesome to watch – Liam Hansen was super consistent all day long hitting all street obstacles, Jake Dubinsky, Brody Van de Bon and Colby Hale-Stewart shredded all the hips and flat bars, Theo Caseley showed off the fact that he knows how to street skate and actually avoided the bowl in the finals, and Emmannuel Uwitonze just outright destroyed it hitting up only the biggest obstacles with huge ollies, 180’s and railsliders. Emmannuel should actually be in the Mini category but stepped up to Beginner cause he knows he can compete. Watch out Intermediates, you might be next on his list of people to beat!


The ladies category was pretty good, 7 girls all together ranging in age from mid-teens to mid-30’s. There were kickflips, shovits, 180’s, 360’s and a whole bunch of shredding going down and it was great to see all the ladies having fun together. Mai Tanaka stepped up for all women and beat Carrie Williams, way to go Mai!

In the Intermediate category chaos was going down the entire time. So many rippers trying to win prizes. The best runs in the qualifiers belonged to JR Barron, Justin Fiorante and Chadd Sinclair and all 3 of them made it into finals along with Shyeem Ambrose, Levi Wihnon, Tate Roulette and Connor Jollymore. All 7 went into finals wanting to be in the top 3 and it was hectic out there. Flip tricks, bigspins, rails and ledges, and of course that legendary 9 stair. Justin Fiorante ruled the pack with flawless tech tricks and took the gold!

Advanced was pretty awesome but really tough to judge since every person skating was super amazing. 26 dudes and 8 of them made it to finals – Jacob Drescher, Mathew McCauley, Travis Davie, Noah Eastwood, Gabe DiNorscio, Kyler Hale, Dominic Devries & Dave Jonnson. Jacob smashed himself into the flatbank halfway through the finals when his axle broke in half, Kyler Hale took a major head bang on a frontside feeble and both kept skating through the 9 minute battle. Dave Jonnson definitely laid down the most technical tricks in the finals but didn’t quite land enough of them to make top 3. These 3 guys were stomping tricks non stop on all the big banger obstacles and kept the flow going for the whole 9 minutes. It was too bad too because he was owning it in qualifiers. Travis Davie stole 3rd place from Dave with a ton of solid ledge, rail and flip tricks; Matt McCauley squeezed his way into second by annihilating the 9 stair set and rail and Dominic Devries dominated the entire park landing every trick he tried. It was a no doubter that he took 1st place, way to go to all who made finals, you all ripped it!!


All the winners got plaques to cherish and they were all stoked. Then the first ever Super King was named. Jacob Drescher took the prestige title by being the most consistent skater of the series lacing in the finals at all 3 events and winning at Bonsor.


Great job to all who came out to the 1st year of Hippie Mike’s Super Tour, next year we will be hitting 4 different parks so be ready, go out and practice, and remember to have fun – that is what skateboarding is really all about….


Mini: 1.  Aidan Eastman; 2. Lola Palver; 3. Django Caseley; 4. Kaelen Faux, Austin MacBeth, Trent Johnson

Beginner: 1. Emmannuel Uwitonze; 2. Theo Caseley; 3. Liam Hansen; 4. Colby Halesteweart; 5. Jake Dubinsky; 6. Brody Van de Bon; other competitors – Dylan Reinheimer, Marcus Lee, Brayven Methot, Jose Juarez, Parker Sherwin, Devin Petry, Jordan Forsyth, Ken McLean, Trever LaFrance, Argento Lahue, Daniel Yule

Intermediate: 1. Justin Fiorante; 2. JR Barron; 3. Tate Roullette; 4. Connor Jollymore; 5. Shyeem Ambrose; 6. Levi Wihnon; 7. Chadd Sinclair; other competitors – Justin Karbowiak, Ethan Sacco, Sekoya Baker, Brandon Maxwell, Justin Gauthier, Damon Morgan, Austin Doquitan, Jayden Ristich, Rory Whyte, Brandon Dabul-Sanchez, Jake Taranov, Mark Melyukov, Kory Laan, Nathan Gladue

Ladies: 1. Mai Tanaka; 2. Carrie Williams; 3. Nana Kunugi; other competitors – Jess Goldstein, Jessie Smith-Manchia, Sarah Moore, Kristi Fodorova

Advanced: 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Mathew McCauley; 3. Travis Davie; 4. Dave Jonnson; 5. Gabe DiNorscio; 6. Jacob Drescher; 7. Noah Eastwood; 8. Kyler Hale; other competitors – Brad Muscat, Doogie Lester, Jacob Beauregard, DGK Trevor Greig, Hugo Bidard, Sam Cook, Andreas Tsougrianis, Travis Emerson, Riley Allen, Darian Vincent, Eli MacBeth, Calvin Dignard, Allen Handley, Michael “Giver” James, Jack Villa, Jordan Strong, Dennis

Super King Award: Jacob Drescher

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Hippie Mike’s Super Tour – Bonsor

Another successful event in the new series Hippie Mike’s Super Tour took place at Bonsor Skate Park in Burnaby, BC this past Saturday and even though we were competing against a big money contest in Abbotsford there was still over 80 competitors and a total number of over 100 people in the park having a blast. Reps from DC Shoes and Centre Distribution were on site enjoying what they saw and all the participants were stoked to have a contest at Bonsor, it’s a sick park that all styles and skill levels can enjoy together.

We started out with Minis and Beginners and they were all ripping, kids were popping ollies and 180s over the 2block and 3block in Mini, and they were kickflipping those obstacles in Beginner. The ones that stood out in both categories were Aidan Eastman, Marcel H. and Quennel in the Minis and Damon Morgan, Emmannuel Uwitonze & Brody in the Beginners. All of the young bucks skated great and it’s always tough to pick a winner but these kids made sure they stood out.


After a long delay for a medical emergency and a highest sticker slap in the full pipe put on by Wee Wong from Auto Repairs R Wee, we got on with the Intermediates and Ladies. The ladies kept it pretty mellow but Nana Kunugi managed to stomp out a kickflip for the crowd. It was still no match for Carrie Williams and all of her shovits and 180s throughout the park. The Intermediates went hard really stepping up the game to an almost advanced level hitting big flip tricks up the step up gap and over the 3 block along with a ton of ledge and rail tricks. Kory Laan blew up the crowd with a solid nollie bigspin down the 3block, Jayden Ristich and Dyson Matthews were on fire all over the park and hit up all the big parts, JR Barron threw down what he knew how and a few more things he didn’t know he could while Tate Roulette and Josh Lewis stayed as close to the top places as possible. All the Intermediates killed it.


When we got to Advanced it was late in the day and these guys were more than warmed up. The finals was an 8 minute jam with 8 guys in it absolutely shredding. Mark Holland made sure the crowd learned his name with a huge array of rail tricks, Brad Muscat reminded everyone that he can rip it street style, Jordan Strong manualed his life away, Doogie Lester inward heelflipped everything in sight while Colin Gallagher and Matt Cook hit all the gaps and rails, but no one could beat the 2 Bonsor Locs Noah Eastwood and Jacob Drescher. Both of these guys were super consistent all day and blew it up in the finals – double flips, sal flips, back lips and so much more. If you missed the comp than you definitely missed the show, hopefully there will be video footage out soon. Congratulations to Jacob Drescher for taking the gold! He definitely worked for it.


Be ready for the finale of Hippie Mike’s Super Tour coming up on September 6th at Railside park in Poco.

See you there.

Bonsor Results:

Mini: 1. Marcel Haczewski; 2. Quennel Q.; 3. Austin MacBeth; 4. Aidan Eastman; 5. Taeban H.; 6. Dave McGough; 7. Kaelen Faux & Braedon Nerpio

Beginner: 1. Damon Morgan; 2. Emmannuel Uwitonze; 3. Brody Van de Bon; 4. Yoshe Dursten; 5. Parker Sherwin – other competitors: Jack Blain, Braydon Burgess, Carter Williams, Frasier Williams, Dreyden Vibe, James Graham, Devin Petry, Dylan Reinheimer, Cory

Intermediate: 1. Jayden Ristich; 2. Kory Laan; 3. Dyson Mathews; 4. Josh Lewis; 5. Tate Roullette; 6. JR Barron – other competitors: Theo Best, Adrian Romero, Andreas Romero, John Meakin, Kyle Ensor, Irvin Cruz, Austin Dagurator, Justin Gautier, Jonah, John, Bryan B, Rory, Nathan Gladue

Ladies: 1. Carrie Williams; 2. Jacky DeJo; 3. Nana Kunugi; 4. Keiko Sakata; 5. Kristi Fodorova; 6. Rebeka

Advanced: 1. Jacob Drescher; 2. Noah Eastwood; 3. Mark Holland; 4. Colin Gallagher; 5. Brad Muscat; 6. Matt Cook; 7. Doogie Lester; 8. Jordan Strong – other competitors: Kai Searle, Jake Johnson, Riley Allen, Michael Kitasaka, Brendan Neilson, Ryan Barron, Allen Handley, Justin, Jesse Moretti, Ken Li, Riku Mochizuki, Francois LeBlanc

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Sun Fest Gone Wild

One of the most anticipated contests this summer and tons of rippers showed up to Tsawwassen Skate Park for what would have been an amazing display of talent filled runs. Instead it turned into a Tricks for Cash Jam and lots of people were hungry for money. Jorden Murray rocked the mic with a fistful of cash and a bunch of product and just kept the party alive by picking obstacles to skate and hosting towards both categories – young and old. There were definitely a ton of tricks that went down throughout the day but the most memorable were near the end on the hubba by the blue rail when Andy Anderson stuck a Darkslide down it and the Mike Schulze stomped on a nollie heelflip noseslide bigspin, Pow! Lots of big name locals were in the house and all in all the event was a success. Next year hopefully we get back to full runs though.

Here are some shots of the final spot.

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Battle of The Deep Pit – White Rock Bowl Series#20

Another beautiful BC Day and another stellar Bowl Series Contest! The White Rock Bowl is extremely unique in comparison to all the other old bowl s that were built in the 70’s, 80’s and very early 90’s, it doesn’t have a snake pattern at all, and the shallow end is still 5-6 feet deep. With a ditch, a halfpipe and a round bowl there are always tons of tricks but there is also the potential for major speedlines if you’re brave enough.

Winners at White Rock

The beginners probably skated harder than the intermediates and they were ripping, ollies and bonelesses on the tranny, mad carves around the deepend and some even tried to make the launch out. The intermediates had more skill but seemed to show their fears and were being more cautious. Still there were some triple airwalks and Dave Brown showed off his China Creek mentality with old school flow throughout. The ladies had some lines too and filled a couple songs with fun times and cheers from the crowd.

Then came Advanced, always insane, but this time worth $$$$!! Everyone was on point, there was even a 720 that went down out of the deepend. It was about making it to the finals, then it was the real contest. Eve Feaver played the bowl with experience under his belt and managed to come in 3rd which meant it was between Adam Hopkins and Andy Anderson for the top prize. This is Andy’s home park so he has an advantage but both guys were doing gaps that no one else would try along with wicked speed lines and a whole whack of tricks in and out of the bowl. Andy managed to pull through on this one and take $200 – the home crowd loved it.

1st Andy Anderson – $200

2nd Adam Hopkins – $150

3rd Eve Feaver – $100

Great job to all, see you in 3 weeks Squamish August 16th, Whistler August 17th

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Griffen Bowl Series #20

I couldn’t have been more of a “Proud Dad” than I was at this event. Helping kids to learn and grow is something that I have passion for and I love to see natural progress, but when it’s your own kid it’s almost tearjerking sometimes. Kaelen Faux loves skateboarding, he is definitely my kid, but we definitely do not force it on him to be good at, skateboarding is supposed to be fun. But living at a house full of skateboards and mini ramps and always having so many people over skating he tends to learn a lot. This contest was awesome to see Kaelen come out at 4 ½ years old with full confidence to try new tricks at a place he’s never really skated and show off the tricks he knows in new places, but when he rolled in the deepend of Griffen and popped an Ollie ¾’s of the way up the wall it blew me away, and to see the smile on his face when he ended up in 2nd place was pure to the heart….

Big Rip - Kaelen takes 2nd at Griffen

Griffen is always a great event, one of the coolest places around and the crowd was in it to have a good time this day. It was the day after the Van Doren Invitational and Emmanuel Guzman, Barry Walsh, Raj Mehra and a few other dudes were hanging out. The beginners were awesome and Django took first place by shredding hard in the whole bowl like only he knows how. Intermediates were lead by the East Van locals and there was actually a good turnout for the ladies section, but the show was all in Advanced. Andy Anderson dominated the bowl with pure style, creativity and big blasters. No one can get the crowd cheering like this kid throwing casper stalls, 1620 kickturns, bluntslides and 360 airs up and down the entire bowl. Shane Hunter, Eve Feaver, Bushman, and a few others were hitting mad lines and showcasing their years of experience at the Griffen Bowl but no one could catch Andy this day. Rene Rene tossed him a hundred bucks before the Finals even started for one of the most mindblowing lines ever done there.

This is year #20 for Bowl Series and honestly if you don’t know what it’s about yet then you are missing out hugely. This is true skateboarding at its best. It isn’t about  being the best, it isn’t about being the coolest, it isn’t about who wins, it’s about hanging out with friends and having fun all day together and I couldn’t be more proud to have something like this around for my own child to be a part of….

Next stop – White Rock July 27th

Check out little Kaelen’s big run!

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