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Hippie Mike’s Super Tour 2015

Hippie Mike’s Super Tour is back for the second year and the dates are set along with the 4 locations being locked down. This year is going to be amazing as Mike is preparing to hold contests at 4 of the best made skate parks in the Lower Mainland / Fraser Valley.

HMST 2015 Poster Proof
Starting off near the skytrain route at Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey you know the hype is going to be big and the tricks are gonna get wild; heading over to Queensboro Park in New Westminster the creative lines are going to flowing in every direction; joining into The Tsawwassen Sun Festival next to get busy at one of the most sunniest and funnest places Tsawwassen Skate Park in South Delta you know the lines will be awesome as it is one of the best contest parks of all time; and then finishing it off back on the skytrain route downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Skate Plaza. This place hasn’t seen a contest like the one Mike is going to bring in a long long time.

With the help of all the sponsors, and of course Mike’s trusty sidekick DJ Cuz-O this year is going to be a great one for Hippie Mike’s Super Tour, it’s going to help grow the skate community by bringing more kids together and once again branch out to different cities to help build a stronger bond between the skate community and regular old society.

Get your food donations ready, learn some fresh lines, and show with a smile at all 4 of these amazing events


June 20th – Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey

July 18th – Queensboro All Wheels Park in New Westminster

August 2nd (Sunday) – Tsawwassen Skate Park in South Delta

August 29th – Vancouver Skate Plaza in Vancouver

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Upcoming Events

Langford Slamma #2 @ Heritage Boardshop Langford

Youth Week on the Island is happening this year inside the Langford Heritage Skate Shop with the 2nd Annual Langford Slamma Contest hosted by Hippie Mike. The ramps are all built and ready for serious action. Come out Saturday night May 2nd, 6pm and join in the fun while you try and win yourself some cash and prizes!!!

Open to all ages and all skill levels. Plus we are raising some money towards a new skate park project in the area. Show your support!

See you there

Heritage Langford Slamma Contest Poster Proof


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Contests Extreme Sports Skateboarding Upcoming Events

Surrey RIDES Presents Youth Week @ Chuck Bailey Skate park

It’s Youth Week again and you know we are stoked to get the kids skating. Kick it off with Hippie Mike and Andy Anderson as they MC the annual Surrey Youth Week Jam at Chuck Bailey Skate Park this Friday night starting at 4pm.

If you’re a youth 18 or under come out and join in, or just come hang out and show your support!


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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Upcoming Events

Vans Invitational at Hastings Bowl

There is a first time for everything and this is one of those times you wouldn’t want to miss. Hastings Bowl has been the home to some amazing competitions in the past with The Battle at Hastings annual events, and there have been some amazing demos there over the years including ones from Tony Hawk, but a $75,000 purse for a full on Pro Comp? It’s about damn time.

Vans Invitational

Brought to you by Vans, along with the hard work of Kevin Kelly from BLVD Skate Shop, this thing is almost here. Read the write up below and wait for more info on how to get your tickets

Vans brings the world’s greatest skateboarders to Canada this summer with skateboarding’s premier bowlriding competition, the celebrated Van Doren Invitational to be held at Vancouver’s legendary Hastings Bowl on July 11 & 12. Top skaters from around the globe will battle it out before a live audience for top honors and their share of US $75000 purse as the competition hits the global stage on Saturday, July 12 via live Webcast on

The invite-only organized jam format will showcase
modern bowlriding’s greatest talents, such as current World Champion Pedro Barros, X-Games gold medalist Curren Caples and reigning Van Doren Invitational champion Ben Hatchell, plus top challengers like Grant Taylor, Ben Raybourn and many more.

“It seems like only yesterday that Vans helped to bring the Slam City Jam skate contests to Vancouver’s PNE and today Vans Canada is excited to present the Van Doren Invitational as we bring together some of the greatest bowl riders from around the world to the Hastings Bowl at the same location. Don’t miss this exciting day in Canadian skateboard history!” – Steve Van Doren, Vans Vice President, Events and Promotions

Kicking off at 10 am on Friday, July 11 at the Hastings Bowl located at the PNE, the Van Doren Invitational bowl jam is free to public spectators. The event will offer two days of fun and activities for the entire family including an interactive village, learn to skate clinics, plenty of giveaways, food stations and music by Vans skate legend John Cardiel, aka DJ Juan Love, and local favorite DJ Vinyl Ritchie. The event will be streamed live at on Saturday, July 12th from the Hastings Bowl in Vancouver, British Columbia. Stay tuned to for Webcast information, contest schedule, athlete profiles, videos and more.

The Canadian edition of the Van Doren Invitational at Hastings Bowl is proudly presented by Vans in association with Thrasher Magazine, The Boardr, UTMG, and supported by Ace Trucks, Anti-Hero Skateboards, Creature Skateboards and Bones Wheels.

“Vans doesn’t mess around when it comes to throwing a contest and the 2013 Van Doren Invitational will go down in history as not only one of the best, but the event where the new generation of bowl rippers really took control.”
Thrasher Magazine

The inaugural Van Doren Invitational debuted in 2013 at the Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California and is set to light up the Open once again this year on August 1 & 2. Visit for more information.

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Vans opens in Surrey

Kaelen Faux & John Cardiel - Surrey

Vans opens a retail store in the newly renovated and expanded Guildford Mall in Surrey, BC. The store has been open for a little bit but finally celebrated it Grand Opening last night. With the legendary John Cardiel spinning reggae vibes on the turntables and Greg Galinsky doing paint pen art on hats it was a nonstop party for 3 hours straight. And in amongst it all people could get free gear like backpacks, sunglasses and cupcakes. The only thing missing was a skateboard demo but little Kaelen Faux took care of that one ripping back and forth in the store on his mini board and trying to bust out ollies for Cardiel.

Surrey is blessed to have the original Authentic shoe brand supporting the city and we are welcoming them with open arms. The skateboard industry is finally recognizing our city as a serious point on the world map.

It was a great event – same thing happens today 2-5pm at the Granville location. Get there…

Thanks for the love guys – Vans for life!

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The End of an Era – Don’t Miss It

Marylin Mike and Kids 2008 (4)

10 years is a long time to dedicate to one venture but every year it just kept on growing and growing. Ironically, when Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey first began there was only 5 sponsors and close to 100 people showing up to compete all the time. I started the event because I saw a lot of skate talent in Surrey but not enough recognition from the industry, and now we are completely spoiled with so much action. The longer it ran, the more options kids started getting each weekend for contests across the lower mainland that they could go to instead. Our number of competitors decreased a bit, but the amount of sponsors went up and up and up. The cool part is that after 10 full seasons and over 50 contests I am stoked to see a huge chunk of that original crowd still showing up every time. It brings tears to eyes to think that this Saturday marks the final Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey contest of all time but these tears are what make me who I am, some are from sadness and some are from joy.

There have been so many amazing relationships that were created through this series of events and so many little kids that I watched grow into men and still love to skateboard, some of them are even professional skateboarders now. I don’t regret anything about starting this event and I am super stoked that I made it last 10 years. I couldn’t have done it without the help of all my sponsors and I wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t for all the kids that loved it. It really is all for you guys.

Next year I will begin a whole new series called Hippie Mike’s Super Tour and it will reach out to multiple cities instead of just Surrey so that even more kids can experience this revolution. But until then, this is the end.

Hippie Mike's Tour de Surrey #10

Please join me and the rest of the skaters in Surrey this Saturday as we end an era…

The final Grand Finale of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey 

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Bear Creek Park – King George Blvd & 84th Ave

Starts at noon – goes all day…

everyone welcome

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Battle at Hastings IV

Battle at Hastings IV

This Saturday marks the 4th Battle at Hastings, a solid hardcore bowl contest put on by Kevin Kelly and BLVD Skate Shop. All 3 of the first years were amazing and this year Kevin has World Cup Status which means a bunch more pros will be heading north to Vancouver for the event. $15,000 in prize money will be handed out amongst these shredders throughout the day. But the question is who will be the ones pocketing it?

Here’s the list of competitors:

  • Andy Anderson 
  • Adam Hopkins 
  • Adam Richter 
  • Alex Sorgente 
  • Anthony Hancock 
  • Aiden Dansey 
  • Brad McClain 
  • Bryce Stark 
  • Chris Klich
  • Chris Connolly 
  • Conlan Killeen 
  • Cody Lockwood
  • Charlie Blaire 
  • Danny Tumia 
  • Danny Hagge 
  • Elijah Burle
  • Frank Shaw 
  • Frank Faria
  • James Clarke 
  • John Morgan 
  • Johnny Turgesen 
  • Keegan Sauder
  • Mike O’Friel
  • Mason Merlino
  • Nick Peterson 
  • Riley Boland
  • Rick McCrank 
  • Raven Tershy
  • Stevie Denham 
  • Steve Reeves
  • Sky Siljeg 

Last year Mason Merlino took the gold, but this one is gonna be super hard to repeat that. If you’ve ever been to Hastings Bowl then you know exactly why I say that. This bowl can take you out at any moment, as it proved last year by breaking Dave Priest‘s knee and separating Adam Hopkins‘ shoulder. It’s gonna be interesting to see if the Ams can keep up with the Pros this year as well, but most of the Ams are local to Hastings so they definitely stand a chance. Our eyes will be on our team rider Andy Anderson along with some other locals like “Frontside Kid” James Clarke, Conlan Kileen and the 2 Adams, but at the same time it’s gonna be tough to beat the skills of Keegan Sauder and Rick McCrank.

Of course there’s also that guy named Raven Tershy showing up…

The only way to know how unreal this contest is gonna be will be to show up and watch it.

Battle at Hastings IV

Saturday August 31st @ 1pm

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Who Shall be the 19th King?

Oh so many kings in this world, but 18 in particular that will hold their titles with great pride for the rest of their lives.

This weekend marks the end of the 19th year for The King of The Bowl Series as Strato and the crew head up to Squamish and Whistler to finish off the season. Beef Under the Chief at Squamish is always a solid event, and it’s also the only bowl on the series that has coping so it makes for a completely different feel, less bonelesses and more grinders. If you’ve never been to Squamish it’s a tough little bowl to figure out, and has a serious steep wall with a corner pocket and a loveseat to carve, grind and air over if you’re man enough. The Bushman is all man, and when he rolls in you better get out of the bowl because he ain’t stoppin’ for nothin’, and if you see him heading towards the corner pocket grab your camera because he’s gonna do something hardcore. Bushman might be the only person who can air over the loveseat.

All the crew’s gonna be there including a bunch of dudes that missed it last year.

On Sunday after a crazy night of camping, everyone will relocate to Whistler as the series continues for the grand finale. Whistler Bowl is one of the best of the old bowls competing with Seylynn for the title. It has a wicked speed line, tons of spots to catch humungous airs out of and a sweet barricade at the top of the bathtub section. Every year at Whistler is awesome and something new will be done for sure. This is how the summer sessions of the old bowls end every year and it’s always a great show. Last year it was obvious as Adam Hopkins was crowned the King of the Bowls since he won all 5 events, but there are no repeats so him and the other 18 people whose names are engraved on that amazing handcarved trophy will have to wait and see who will join them in the rankings of the irresistable title

King of the Bowls

August 17th & 18th 

Come out and join in the fun if you can

Bowl Series 19

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The two best skateboard shops in Vancouver have come together to offer a small run of collaboration T-shirts. An eclectic mix of live artists with a background in skateboarding will be on hand to entertain. This free event takes place at Antisocial Skateboard Shop and features performances by Craig Williams, Sorcerers and The Rita. Early show, doors at 8pm. Please bring a can of food for the food bank.

Antiskullcial Friday

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Railside for the Yoots!


It’s Youth Week and the weekend is always filled with skateboard competitions. Hippie Mike set up the Surrey Jam for today at Chuck Bailey (4-9pm) and Jeff Cole organized one at the Skate Plaza tomorrow (1-4pm).

And then there comes Sunday – Michael James, better known as Giver, has got this one ready to go. Starts at 11am on Sunday morning, so some of you might have to preach to the devil that day and miss church to go skateboarding, like it would be the first time….

The only difference for the Railside Contest is you actually have to be a Youth to compete, meaning no one over the age of 18 is permitted to compete but can still show up to watch and support the yoots in action. We have a strong feeling that The Dominator, Dominic Devries could take this one home if he decides to show up, but maybe we can convince our top Youth Riders Andy Anderson and Brad Muscat to show up and go for gold. It is Fighter’s last day being 18 years old that day.

Either way, get your skate on…

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