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Sun Fest Gone Wild

One of the most anticipated contests this summer and tons of rippers showed up to Tsawwassen Skate Park for what would have been an amazing display of talent filled runs. Instead it turned into a Tricks for Cash Jam and lots of people were hungry for money. Jorden Murray rocked the mic with a fistful of cash and a bunch of product and just kept the party alive by picking obstacles to skate and hosting towards both categories – young and old. There were definitely a ton of tricks that went down throughout the day but the most memorable were near the end on the hubba by the blue rail when Andy Anderson stuck a Darkslide down it and the Mike Schulze stomped on a nollie heelflip noseslide bigspin, Pow! Lots of big name locals were in the house and all in all the event was a success. Next year hopefully we get back to full runs though.

Here are some shots of the final spot.

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