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The World Round Up is Insane

After the first 2 days of the 3rd annual World Round Up Freestyle Championships it is no doubt that this year has the craziest skating going on. With a flock of new Amateurs and a couple old time Pros showing up it is definitely different from last year. All the competitors are stoked to be in Canada again, or for the first time for some, and the positive vibes fill the room. This year’s highlights include a barely 11 year old prodigy child from Japan named Isamu Yamamoto who so far has been blowing away the audience as well as the judges with his pure skills and straight confidence, he is a natural skateboarder and showman for sure. He will be heading into the Finals in 1st place position and will be trying his hardest to continue his successful runs and finish on top of the Amateur division. Right on his tail though is local boy Andy Anderson who is trying a little harder in this his 3rd year at the event. Last year he finished 3rd in Amateur and I’m sure he wants to keep it in the top 3 again. Andy’s skill level, creativity and consistency is awesome and gets all the other competitors excited, especially the Pros.

Another cool factor is that lasts year’s Amateur winner Ryan Brynelson has moved up to the Pro division for his first Pro contest, and so far he’s sitting in 6th Place against some true legends of Freestyle. A good chunk of the Pro division riders are in their 40’s and 50’s and are fully trained to never miss a trick. With guys like Guenter Mokulys, Lucio Lima, Rogerio Antigo, Per Cangaru, AJ Kohn & Stefan Akesson on the floor the crazy lines never stop.This year’s Finals is going to be amazing and right now it is anyone’s chance – top 15 are in there with 20 year old Mike Osterman and 50 year old Guenter Mokulys battling out first and second place by 1 point. Right now the reigning champion from last year Guenter is in 1st but Osterman really wants his chance to be the champ at the 2014 World Round Up.

Below are some photos from the first 2 days.

Finals happen Sunday May 18th 11am- 5:30pm inside the Curling Rink at The Cloverdale Rodeo

Click here for more details:

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Youth Jam #1 – Crazy

Quite a few years ago I helped to bring skateboarding into the National Youth Week events that occur all over the place by running Jams in Surrey and they quickly became another annual thing. Now a days there are Youth Week Skateboard Contests happening all over the map and it’s awesome to see so many kids participating. Just this weekend there will be 3 contests in a row, Chuck Bailey on Friday, Plaza on Saturday and Railside on Sunday and all 3 will guaranteed be packed with skaters having fun together. Check off the first one at Chuck Bailey because it just finished and it was sick. The competition was hardcore in all 3 categories and each one had a Dominator that you could tell was going to win halfway through their first runs. Beginners had Jake Hrvacanin, Intermediates had Ross Ouellette, and Advanced had Dominic Devries.

Chuck Bailey Youth Week Winners 2014

All 3 of the guys came out on a mission and laid down solid runs utilizing the whole park and basically doing one constant line without stopping. They all deserved 1st in their categories for sure. The rest of the competitors did great too and they all had fun. Lots of kids got prizes and everyone got free hot dogs from the Surrey Fire Fighters, what more could you ask for. After the contest ended and prizes were awarded we had a Best Trick contest down the 3 block set up. Highlights were Dominic Devries with Backside Noseblunt down the rail & Bigspin Boardslide, Riku Mochizuki with a Switch Varial Heelflip, Doogie Lester with a Frontside Noseblunt, and Chadd Sinclair with a stomped Hardflip. Thanks to all the sponsors – Participaction, Surrey Fire Fighters, Coastal Riders, Authentic Board Supply, Protest Skateboards & City of Surrey.

See ya next year


Beginner – 1. Jake Hrvacanin; 2. Layne Nyirfa; 3. Theo Caseley; 4. John Cloude Nsengiyumva; 5. Sammy V

Intermediate – 1. Ross Ouellette; 2. Dyson Matthews; 3. Zach Lester; 4. Jayden Ristich; 5. Jake Taranov

Advanced – 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Andy Anderson; 3. Jacob Drescher

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Authentic Scavenger Hunt

What an awesome day, and a very cool event that ended in success. Calvin Dignard came up with the idea to do a King of the Road style competition throughout the streets of Surrey and so he and myself Hippie Mike made it happen. With multiple challenges for teams to choose from and each of them worth different amounts of points, 10 teams of 4 skaters each headed out into the world of Whalley for a crazy day. Each team had to film and post their progress all day long onto facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #authenticscavengerhunt to prove that they had completed the challenge. By earning points for each completion it was a race to gain the most points in 4 hours. Solid tricks went down, some businesses were upset, cops were on the hunt and everyone was having a great time. It was true street skating at it’s best.

The Winners

The winning team was named “The Force” and consisted of Andre Bissonnette, Jordan Strong, Shawn Beaupre and Darian Vincent, they worked super hard to complete a lot of challenges, figure out how to get bonus points, and also create a lot of posts. They took home a $200 Gift Card to Authentic. These guys were really on top of posting their progress where other teams might have had trouble getting their stuff up online. Stay tuned for more clips of all the teams with more footage that might not have made it into the contest on time.

We finished the day off with a Best Trick Contest at Chuck Bailey and everyone left with great memories of the day.


1st – The Force – Andre Bissonnette, Jordan Strong, Shawn Beaupre & Darian Vincent – 430 points

2nd – Squid Hunters – Dominic Devries, Francois LeBlanc, Weston Hutchinson & Dallas Lang – 385 points

3rd – Doughboy Fresh Crew – Brett Gilchrist, Brendan Nielsen, Laine Siebert & Matt Cook – 315 points

4th – YoloSwag420BlazeIt – Donny Chang, Tony Casano, Eric Pereira, Ryan Barron – 155 points

5th – White Rock Renegades – Riley Allen, Yubo Wang, Eric Ream & Devin Christie – 140 points

6th – Multigrain Rice – Jimmy Ly, Phil Tieu, Stuart Ansley & Thomas Milne – 135 points

7th – HitSquad – Mike Willms, Nic Hrvacanin, Josh Lewis & Peter Kelly – 130 points

8th – Team Gnarmy – Fez Tellez, Michael Kitasaka, Bryan Callan & Cory Gibson – 105 points

9th – Hesh Clan – Matt McGeachan, Brandon Bishop, Jamie-Lynn Cook & Dave Brown – 40 points

10th – Brad Muscat, Chadd Sinclair, Weston Ganger & Barrett Lediard – 10 points 

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Langford Slamma was Insane!


It was one of the nicest days outside so far this year but it was time to enjoy the day inside of a big ol’ skate shop in Langford, BC called Heritage Board Shop on the Langford Parkway. This contest came together fast and had full support from every skateboard distributor out there instantaneously. How often does anyone run a skateboard contest inside of a skate shop?


Since the Surrey Slamma was such a hit back in February I thought it would be great to run another event like it and this venue was perfect. It was in a smaller town where a lot of sick skating has been happening for a long time and this shop is huge. So we built some ramps, and borrowed some more and together myself, Joel Luyt the owner and JD Fetherstone the shop manager made it happen, along with help from many others. Free hotdogs, $10 entry fees and $1000 in Cash to be won, it was a given that this thing was gonna go off. And by the looks of how many people were warming up before noon I knew it was going to get crazy.


Over a hundred people showed up and hung out all day long and with much surprise a whole whack of people in all categories showed up from the mainland and represented hard. We started off with the Mini and Beginner divisions and kids were jumping off the 2 stair stage, hittin’ coping on the quarter pipes and even trying crooked grind the rails. These kids worked super hard and had a great time for sure. It was a perfect start to the day. After handing out some prizes and $$’s I took a little break to rest my knee that happened to dislocate a bit earlier in the day and then got ready for the craziness, 18 people in Intermediate and almost 30 in Advanced.


The Intermediates were putting on a show right from the get go, Kai Vander Veen came out with almost all switch & nollie runs, little Jacob Johnson was pumping up the crowd, Riley Allen from Surrey rocked his blend of old and new school hard, Connor Knight laid down the tech, and local boy Cam Blaney had the most cheers. These were the 5 that made the finals but all the Intermediates killed it!


So before Advanced we put on a Best Trick Contest on the Quarter Pipes which was for a $100 gift card to 4More Tattoos. Sooke/Langford shredder Merrick Orr climbed up on top of the shoe wall and tried to Tail Drop into the quarter. It was about an 8 foot drop to the transition and the first try hurt him bad. The maniac he is, Merrick kept climbing back up and crashing again and again but staying on his board every attempt.

Merrick Orr tail drop wall

Finally I called it “The Last Try”, and BOOM! the little ripper rode it out. Lots of other tricks went down in that Best Trick and people got some prizes but nothing was more impressive than that. From now until forever everyone at this event will talk about that tail drop.


So onward we moved to the Advanced skaters and now that Merrick was way too hurt to skate any more it opened up the doors for everyone else to kill it. Mainlanders like Brody Mutch and Nic McNeill were killin’ it for Chance, Mike Rogers and Michael James were reppin’ Give’r Wheels, and Andy Anderson and Brad Muscat came to show off their Protest styles. A lot of sick Islanders were there trying to claim their land though –  Isaac Walker, Eric Timmins, Shaun Quinn, even Steven Munro from Regular Underground was in the house, but no one could catch Courtaney’s Shay Sandiford. He was on a mission all day proving how solid and consistent he was. Backside 3’s, back tails on the fridge, 180 double flips, heelflip grinds on the ledges and so much more, Shay had this comp wrapped up from the start and laid it down in the Finals taking $250 and an armful of gear. Sick job dude!


We finished it off with a quick Best Trick on the bump to Fridge set up and shit was going down. The first trick was a frontside noseblunt by Mike Rogers who also kickflip frontside 5-0’d it, local boy Aiden Broe dropped a kickflip back tail and a back tail bigspin, but he got robbed at the last minute by Brennan McEwen and his hardflip 50-50 – Hundred Bucks!

Langford Slamma

Big thanks to Jeb Neufeld for getting all the prizes hooked up and to all the sponsors.


Mini: 1. Aidan Eastman; 2. Kaelen Faux; 3. Alex Freeborn

Beginner: 1. Cooper Lynch; 2. Jake Van Dyck; 3. Moises – other competitors – Luke Hanna, Keenan Barber

Intermediate: 1. Kai Vander Veen; 2. Riley Allen; 3. Connor Knight 4. Cam Blaney; 5. Jacob Johnson – other competitors – Corey Iverson, Finn Penney, Ethan Woodland, Eli Agostinelli, Dylan Lerch, Cody Pawliuk, Connor Lund, Matt Hyde, Cody Reid, Tyler Woods, Chadd Sinclair

Advanced: 1. Shay Sandiford; 2. Andy Anderson; 3. Brody Mutch; 4. Pierce; 5. Isaac Walker – other competitors – Matt Aulakh, Nic McNeill, Mike Rogers, Brad Muscat, Merrick Orr, Shaun Quinn, Alessio Trani, Marcus Billingsley, Greg Marchese, Steve Munro, Allen Handley, Ben Wag, Eric Timmins, Michael James, Brennan McEwen, Marc White, River Tavis, Aidan Broe

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Surrey Slamma Jamma

It was great to see so many people come out to the Surrey Slamma contest that I hosted the other day. All the kids and dudes of all ages had a blast. There were so many tricks that went down all over that were so sick, like Weston Ganger nosegrind revert on the top of a bench, Weston Hutchinson with a kickflip 5-0 on the fridge first try in his run, and Barrett Lediard with a 10 foot drop nosepick into a little tiny quarterpipe. It truly felt like an ’80’s contest which was exactly what I was aiming for. Skateboarding has gotten so big and it’s funny how that makes for more negative attitudes about what is skateable and what is even worth skating, and blah blah blah. What these people are missing out on is how skateboarding is about freedom of speech and freedom of action. You see something you could skate, you go and skate it. That’s what it’s about. So having all these guys show up of all ages that are used to regular old competitions where all the obstacles are perfect sparked some creative inspirations inside them, it was a great reminder to a lot of these skaters of what made them become skaters in the first place. And that’s what stoked me up the most.

Intermediate winners

Thanks to everyone that came out to enjoy the day, without asking I know everyone had fun. And thanks to all who partnered together to make the event a success – Authentic Board Supply, Coastal Riders, Protest Skateboards, Chance Skateboards, Red Star Skateboards, Vulcan Bolts and the Cloverdale Rodeo.

Click the link to read the full recap and see photos

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Spirit of the Season #3

Hippie Santa 2013

It takes a lot to hold ol’ Hippie Santa back from showing up to Chuck Bailey for his annual Spirit of the Season Jam each year which usually falls on the Friday before Christmas, but last week Father Winter decided to bury the bowl with snow so the event was held off until December 27th. Now after Christmas is always a tough time for Santa because he’s super warn out and tired from being overworked, but he came through for the kids, even with being half down with the flu.

Authentic Board Supply partnered with The City of Surrey to bring you year #3 of this awesome event which is supposed to remind people the meaning of the Christmas Season and how it is all about giving and sharing. So all the prizes that are donated by distributors and companies get gift wrapped before the event and are just given away throughout the night. If it doesn’t relate to the person that gets it, they can just give it away to someone that will appreciate it.

The usual Chuck Bailey crew was in full effect and everyone was shredding the bowl. Allen Handley was killing the deep end all night long with inverts, miller flips and crazy grabbing grind maneouvers, while Mathew McCauley, Weston Hutchinson and Cory Gibson were blasting all the big gaps. Fighter was all over the map landing tons of tricks and Calvin Dignard impressed Hippie Santa by learning some sick Madonna Tailblock transfers from deep to shallow. The young kids were having fun in the shallow end all night and everyone had a great time together which is truly what was important, but the show was all Andy Anderson. He got called out to frontside lipslide the whole capsule of the deep end and did it, he got called out to kickflip the biggest section from top to flat and stuck it 2nd try, and the rest of the time he just did what Andy does best, DEMOOOOOOO!!

Everyone had a great time, it was super fun to see so many people together under the cover at Chuck Bailey again. Pretty much every person there received at least one gift and DJ Cuz-O kept us rocking all evening long. Thanks to all the sponsors, thanks to the City, thanks to the peeps that came out, thanks to Dennis Regan for filming, and Matt Roszmann for shooting pics, and thanks for the good Christmas Spirit.

Until next year…

(Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos in the next few days)

 SPIRIT of the SEASON Jam 2013 (4)

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – Bear Creek Park

It breaks my heart to say it’s over but what a perfect day to finish it off.

We hit up Bear Creek Skate Park on Saturday for the Final Finale of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and it all went super smooth. It was a super long day of course but that’s okay, everyone had a great time and no one got hurt, so that’s really all that matters. I had a fun time MCing like usual and was stoked on how many kids and parents came out to support the event. It has been 10 years of building a family and it is a family that I will always cherish.


The day kicked off with a whole bunch of true Mini’s from age 3-10 years old. And it proved itself ridiculous right off the bat as little Emmanuel blasted over the bank gap in the first run. It’s like the size of an 8 stair. Django and Theo Caseley shredded every piece of tranny in the park while Emmanuel utilized the stairs, rail and mini quarterpipe. Kaelen, Austin and Presley showed off what being a true Mini is about along with Caden Smith and a couple others, but it was the 2 regulars stealing the show with Aiden Eastman and Parker Sherwin. They both got flip tricks and pretty much go for it the entire time they’re on their boards. This one was definitely decided by the finals. Django took it over Theo – awesome!

17 Beginners were next on the agenda, and they were all lookin’ like pros. The usual 5 superstars threw down and made it to finals – JR Barron, Adam Lewis, Mar Melyukov, Nick Bachmeier and Justin Fiorante, but all the other dudes were hot on their trails, especially Josh Lewis and Damon Morgan. All the beginners skated really good and landed a huge variety of tricks. The best was how many of them popped ollies over the big bank gap, twice as long as the other one and a bit higher with a super tough runway. Mark Melyukov was killing it early but had a tough run in his finals, Nick skated super consistent all day and ended in 4th place, but the Top 3 were untouchable. All 3 had almost flawless runs in the finals and they all got tech. JR landed everything he tried from flip tricks to grinds down the rails and even ollied the bank to finish it, Justin skated solid and utilized pretty much every obstacle along with throwing in a couple flatground flip tricks, and Adam played it cool by doing each trick frontside and backside on the ledges and down the stairs. He popped over the big bank gap no problem and then came back to frontside 180 down the other one. Solid runs, and his first ever 1st place victory. Way to go Adam!


The Intermediates were very interesting to watch, a true blend of talents. 2 freestylers joined in for this one – Austin Shelton and Dillanger Kane – and they both went full hardcore on it making it to finals. Both of these kids are super tech and creative which makes it fun to watch. Old time local Max Stephans came up from Seattle just to be a part of the final Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey and had some good runs. Max was always talented and it was great to see him there again. Jon Schrack and Doogie Lester also killed it the whole time, all the Intermediates were sick but the ones that stuck out the most were Kai Searle, Riley Allen, Weston Hutchinson & Dave Brown. Dave’s one of my fav’s to skate with at all the old bowls and he brought his emotions with him to this contest. It was the best that I had ever seen him skate and he went full speed at every obstacle with sick old school style. I was stoked that he made finals. Riley was all over the park too with some creative manoeuvres but couldn’t beat Dave in the finals. It really came down to Weston and Kai. Both of these kids are so consistent it isn’t funny and they do hard tricks, flip tricks and ledge tricks all over the place. Weston has the big gaps better but Kai was so solid in his final run that he took the gold. Tight contest boys!


The ladies had their usual jam time and all 4 of them did their thing. Nana Kunugi stuck the only kickflip for the ladies, while Tienna showed he confidence on all the obstacles. Steph rode around best she could and Carrie finally skated hard again like the old times busting shovits and 180’s on the banks and even popping ollies down both sets. Good job ladies and thanks for coming out.

Then came Advanced…

13 dudes ready to rip it and then somehow I got called out by my good buddy Shadd Trepp to compete as well. So here it was as Hippie Mike competed in the final Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, I only did 1 run and threw down a bunch of noseblunt tricks on the quarters for the crowd but it was a good little demo that they all deserved after so many years of just seeing me behind the mic. If there’s one place I don’t mind showing off at it’s Bear Creek Park. The real competitors though were all insane and they all wanted to take home a Top 3 plaque at the last stop of the tour. Ryan Barron stepped up his game and landed his tricks again, he even made finals. Calvin Dignard played it safe by sticking to the basics and landing every trick he tried. Jacob Drescher showed off his ledge and rail skills, along with a couple flip tricks. Fighter skated like he always does, but missed a couple moves in there. Mathew McCauley did his best against the big guys and stuck some smooth moves too. Yuya Ishikawa hit up the ledges and flatbar, while Justin James hit the transitions. Allen Handley and Jay Mykyte both did some serious tricks with sick style as well, and Brendan Nielsen spent the whole day trying to fs360 boardslide the shotgun rail. Cisco Gooding skated consistent like always with long flowing runs filled with switch grinds, blunts and flip tricks. Eve Feaver showed up to his first Surrey comp in years and skated BCP the way it was built, huge airs over the nipple and hips, and even a couple handplants on the big pyramid, but no one could catch Weston Ganger. 50-50 180 down the rail, flip tricks, grinds and gaps all over. Then he finished it off with a super long boardslide on the handybar. The competition was tight but Weston came out on top.

At the end of the day I finally announced all the winners from each category and we got photos of all the Top 3 with their plaques. I gave out plaques for Most Improved Skaters to JR Barron and Aiden Eastman who just destroyed it at every contest this year, and announced the last ever King of Surrey. The trophy went to Weston Ganger who definitely skated hard, solid and consistent all summer and took home a bunch of prizes at each event. He won this one too which made it it all make even more sense.


As people were cleaning up there was a Best Trick contest on the 4 stair setup for a signed Rick Howard Girl Deck that he left for me at Supra Distribution. Ryan Barron came through huge with a kickflip up the set and took that baby home.

We raised a fair amount for the Surrey Food Bank once again with

$451.00 and about 350 lbs of food and Marilyn Herrmann showed up as Executive Director to make a speech of how appreciated our donations always are. Another solid year for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey.


A great series, 10 years of amazement, and no better way to finish it off then a solid contest at my favourite Surrey Skate Park – Bear Creek.

Thanks to everyone who came out to all the events over the past 10 years, I will remember you all…


Mini: 1st Django Caseley; 2nd Theo Caseley; 3rd Parker Sherwin; 4th Aiden Eastman; 5th Emmanuel; 6th Caden Smith; 7th Presley Huska; 8th Kaelen Faux & Austin MacBeth; 10th Kaelen Ruiz; 11th Aidan Borthwick; 12th Rhys Eastman

Beginner: 1st Adam Lewis; 2nd Justin Fiorante; 3rd JR Barron; 4th Nick Bachmeier; 5th Mark Melyukov; 6th Josh Lewis & Carter Costic; 8th Damon Morgan; 9th Bachouch Michael; 10th Donte Gullickson; 11th  Jean-Claude; 12th Kevin Pamel; 13th Nic Hrvacanin; 14th Elesio Menta; 15th Braeden Ingram; 16th John Bastug

Intermediate: 1st Kai Searle; 2nd Weston Hutchinson; 3rd David Brown; 4th Riley Allen; 5th Dillanger Kane; 6th Austin Shelton; 7th Zacc Lester; 8th Jon Schrack; 9th Max Stephans; 10th Chadd Sinclair; 11th Eric Ream; 12th Robert Wylie

Girls: 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Tienna Rivard; 3rd Nan Kunugi; 4th Steph Martin

Advanced: 1st Weston Ganger; 2nd Calvin Dignard; 3rd Eve Feaver; 4th Cisco Gooding; 5th Ryan Barron; 6th Jacob Drescher; 7th Allen Handley; 8th Jay Mykyte; 9th Brad Muscat; 10th Mathew McCauley; 11th Yuya Ishikawa; 12th Brendan Nielsen

Most Improved: JR Barron & Aiden Eastman

King of Surrey 2013: Weston Ganger

and a huge thanks to all the sponsors from 2013

Protest Skateboards

Coastal Riders

Amix Group

Concrete Skateboard Magazine

The Surrey Fire Fighters

The Surrey Food Bank


Ollie North

Our Beach Studio

Folk Skateboards

BLVD Skate Shop

Anti Social



New Line Skate Parks

Spectrum Skate Parks

Monke skateboards

The Dry Spot

Street Dreamz Board Shop

One Love Skate Shop

Ultimate Distribution

Centre Distribution



Supra Distribution




Mosaic skateboards

Chance skateboards


Thunder trucks


Happy Hour


Elephant skateboards



Sk8 Mafia



Bones Wheels




DC Shoes



AXS Gear








Meridian Golf Par3


Woodsmith Custom Cabinets

Ear Goggles

Youth Unlimited

Concrete Wave


Moonrider Productions

DJ Cuzo 

and The City of Surrey

See ya next year when we expand to other cities for the new series

Hippie Mike`s Super Tour

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What A Battle!!


Another insane contest in the land of Vancouver, thanks Kevin Kelly for hosting Battle at Hastings IV as a World Cup event. This year changed the look of what this contest has been in the past. Having so many super amazing bowl rippers come up from the states made it a way more serious event with so much mixed talent. The local boys like Andy Anderson, Chris Macallum and Conlan Killeen ripped around like they usually do at Hastings, but Adam Hopkins and James Clarke were the only locs keepin’ up in this competition. Old time Locals Rick McCrank and Rob “Sluggo” Boyce reminded the fans that they still exist and both made finals. But the real dudes to watch were Cody Lockwood & Brad McClain. Both of these dudes were untouchable in the finals dropping tricks that just weren’t feasible all over the bowl and on the additional obstacles too. That’s right I said “additional obstacles”. Supra Distribution donated a huge clear Lakai Shoe Box full of shoes, Ultimate Distribution brought a crazy wooden barrel and Adam Hopkins went hardcore and built a tombstone channel that fit the 6 foot. Top 10 made the finals out of about 35 guys, and the judging was tough. I was a judge and it was hard to keep only 10 guys, they were scored over 4 heats but with their best and worst scores thrown away it was an average of the remaining 2, so if you didn’t have 3 killer runs you were at risk of elimination. A tough way to do it for sure.

Brad McLean - winner

Mason Merlino who won last year was on fire but somehow got left out of finals along with Charlie Blaire. They both skated so good but their scores didn’t average out enough. Shit went down on the Lakai box and the Tombstones for sure. Blunts, airs, grinds and slashers, both obstacles were demo’d by many. The Barrel didn’t see too much action but there wer a few solid air bonkers and nose picks on it. Sky Siljeg wallied into the bowl off of it to start one of his runs and that was pretty crazy.

The whole contest was insane, 200-300 people around trying to squeeze into Hastings Park without being in the way of the skaters, a ton of people filming and poaching photos, Rene Rene was on the mic, and the energy level was hot. I would tell you more about it, but you’re just gonna have to wait for all the videos to come out, but I will tell you the Top 10.

Battle At Hastings 2013 Results

  1. Brad McClain – $6,000
  2. Cody Lockwood
  3. Frontside Kid – James Clarke
  4. Adam Hopkins
  5. Steve Reeves
  6. Rob “Sluggo” Boyce
  7. Sky Siljeg
  8. Frank Shaw
  9. Riley Boland
  10. Rick McCrank

Here’s a couple photos that I snapped when I had a quick minute or two

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey #10 – 2013 Fleetwood

Stop #4 is complete and it was a stellar one. I rolled up to Fleetwood Skate Park just after 11am and it was already packed. The young kids were raring to go and the older dudes were showing their skills. It was gonna be a long day, but worth it.


Fleetwood skate park is one of the best parks for a contest. It was built in that bump to rail, bump to ledge, 3 block and hip to hip era that New Line Skate Parks went through in the early 2000’s. It’s not a big park but you can hit some serious lines there, and a lot of people have localized it over it’s time meaning there’s gonna be a ton of tricks that get stomped in this comp.

With almost 40 kids in the Beginner & Mini divisions we were in for a time consuming battle, but I knew that 90% of these kids were serious skaters that can rip. The 3 block got ollied by Liam Hansen to start off the Mini category  (these are kids that are 10 years old or less) so we all knew it was on. Parker Sherwin was tossing 3 flips, Aiden Eastman was laying down primo stall varial flips, Django and Theo Caseley terrorized the whole park, and Liam Hansen ollied every gap in site. The finals for these young bucks was crazy and it wowed the crowd. My favourite part was Aiden Eastman popping an ollie over the 3 block for the first time ever. He was so stoked, and it choked me up to see how much it meant to him, and his whole family, to land. That is why I work so hard to make these events successful each year, to watch kids progress and grow and make goals for themselves to accomplish at the next year’s contests. That ollie made my whole year worth it.

When the beginners started it was already tight. Justin Fiorante started dominating the park hitting every obstacle and tossing in switch and nollie heelflips on flat in between tricks. I’m thinking, “This is beginner?” and it was only the first run. There was a ton of kids and they all skated really awesome. The top 6 made it into the finals – Justin Fiorante, JR Barron, Mark Melyukov, Tyler McKnight, Adam Lewis & Nick Bachmeier. Adam really knows how to skate a contest run and just worked the park with smooth and clean tricks and be consistent. Unfortunately on this day the guys that went for the hardcore tricks were landing them so he didn’t quite make top 3. Justin annihilated it the whole run but missed a trick, and JR Barron took advantage. JR laid down a flawless run with some tough grinds, flip tricks and a solid backside 180 over the 2 block. But no one could compete with Mark Melyukov that day. He kickflipped up the step up, over the 2 block and then over the 3 block all perfectly in a row to finish off his run. These kids are tiny, but amazing. What a comp!


The Intermediates were no worse, and they were ready to risk their lives for gold. Weston Hutchinson, Kai Searle, Dyson Mathews, Riley Allen & Luke Thodus made the finals. This was the first contest little Lukey made it out to all year and I was stoked to see that he was now 11 years old which meant no more Mini category. And I was even more stoked to see that he skipped over beginner and went straight to Intermediate. This kid is a machine and he is fearless. Front Board down the red rail over the 3 block, and front lip down the white rail over the bank. Both these rails are chest high on Luke, he’s a maniac. Dyson and Weston showed off their technical sides all day, and killed it but had issues in the finals. Riley Allen threw down what he could in finals with a bunch of boneless tricks and airs, but then dropped a perfect 3 flip out of nowhere which was sick. But all were no match for Kai at this one. He was on point all day long and deserved that win. This kid has skills.


The girls went out there and tried there hardest, Nana Kunugi and Kristen Landry were landing flip tricks, while Carrie Williams and Tienna Rivard utilized the whole park. Not much went down in the ladies division, but they all did well, and it was nice to see 4 girls skating.

Then there was Advanced. Fighter was in the mood to fly and blasted the hugest benny off the bank over the 3 block in his first run. Oh did I mention that he grabbed that with his broken arm? Brad was on a mission all day and hit a lot of sick tricks. Cisco Gooding made it out and threw his usual routine style runs filled with a mixture of grinds, flips tricks and tough quarterpipe maneouvers. Weston Ganger nosegrinded everything he could and did a few super funky tricks that blew my mind, while Graham Bonn reminded everyone how smooth he was at Fleetwood Park. But it really came down to Andy Anderson and Dustin Locke. Dustin has skated this park to death over the years and has a zillion ledge and rail tricks locked down, tough ones too, but Andy is Andy and he skates every obstacle he sees along with 500 filler tricks thrown in there as well. It was super tight at the end but Dustin Locke took 1st place. Backside tailslide and frontside noseblunt on the out rail, plus he finished it off with a nollie heelflip frontside noseslide on the out ledge. Sick runs from everyone, great contest.


We finished it off with a Best Trick Comp down the 3 block and red rail. Andy anti-flipped the 3 block but I wasn’t giving him any more prizes. Little McCauley got a t-shirt for a backside 50-50 down the rail, Graham Bonn got one too for a perfect hardflip 2nd try on the 3 block, Andrew Classon nollie crooked the rail and took a set of trucks for it, but Colin Gallagher got the Coastal Riders Deck with a ridiculous feeble to 50-50 down the rail. That rail is not long enough for that trick but he managed to make it work. Way to go dude.

Don’t forget to show up to Bear Creek Park on September 7th for the Grand Finale of Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey. Even if you’re not competing, come out and celebrate 10 years of success and fun times with the people I call family. We have all grown a lot together through these events each year and they’ve been full of great memories, but it’s time to end it, and change it up to something else for next year.

So please come join us for the last ever Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey contest. Find out who was the Most Improved skater from last year, and see who the last ever King of Surrey will be.

See you there

Results – 

Mini – 1st Theo Caseley; 2nd Liam Hansen; 3rd Aiden Eastman; 4th Parker Sherwin; 5th Django Caseley; 6th Isaiah Stroud; 7th Austin MacBeth; 8th Braeden Nerpio & Presley Huska; 10th Kaelen Faux; 11th Joey Stone; 12th Dimias Abdul-Guani & Kyler Hoogland

Beginner – 1st Mark Melyukov; 2nd JR Barron; 3rd Justin Fiorante; 4th Adam Lewis; 5th Nick Bachmeier; 6th Tyler McKnight; 7th Damon Morgan & Josh Lewis; 9th Travis Howie; 10th Bachouch Michael & Kaelan Ruiz; 12th Braeden  Ingram; 13th Donte Gullickson, Yoshe Durston & Joseph Madayag; 16th Terry Cho; 17th Bishop Rosie; 18th Bradley Dodd & Damion Wadsworth

Intermediate – 1st Kai Searle; 2nd Riley Allen; 3rd Weston Hutchinson; 4th Dyson Mathews; 5th Luke Thodus; 6th Keith Miller; 7th Jonathan Rewich; 8th Chadd Sinclair; 9th Yubo Wang; 10th Robert Wylie

Girls – 1st Carrie Williams; 2nd Kristen Landry; 3rd Nana Kunugi; 4th Tienna Rivard

Advanced – 1st Dustin Locke; 2nd Andy Anderson; 3rd Cisco Gooding; 4th Weston Ganger; 5th Brad Muscat; 6th Graham Bonn; 7th Mathew McCauley; 8th Jay Mykyte; 9th Colin Gallagher; 10th Graeme Schoenberger  11th Yuya Ishikawa; 12th Ryan Barron 13th Alex Savage

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Our Youngest King

The day has come when we have a new King of the Bowls and this one was definitely a first.

It was another crazy weather day and everyone that was driving betweenSquamish and Whistler was sure that the competition would be cancelled  since it was raining mist in the valley, but low and behold Whistler Bowl was dry, and luckily stayed that way right until the end of the contest. Things got rolling at a normal time but with Crank Works happening around the corner a lot of people missed the Beginner Category because they were trying to find parking. It was war out there in the parking lots and also in the bowl. The little dudes shredded the best they could mainly sticking to the bathtub at the top of the bowl. The crowd was behind them as usual and everyone had fun which is all that matters. The Intermediates stepped it up by busting tricks on that barricade in the bathtub and some of them tried to utilize the entire bowl as best they could. Little Rylee Wong showed his carving skills by hitting every tough line he could throughout the bowl carving both backside and frontside super smooth and he was the only kid that could make it all the way back up to the top from the bottom without pushing. He finished in 2nd place just beating out Jake from the island who had a lot of awesome tech trick all over the bowl, especially on the barrier. But neither could keep up with old purple pants Riley Allen who knows how to fly. Airwalks, Salflips and Bonelesses everywhere, Riley showed he knows how to work the old bowls. 1st Place representing Surrey, way to go buddy!

The ladies division was dominated by Carrie Williams & Krystal Clear. Carrie laid down a tons of tricks in the top section of the bowl as well as the deepend, but Krystal showed how to hit the gravitron frontside and took the win.

When we got to Advanced it was announced that there were a lot of “Heavy-Hitters” in this one and that was no lie. Tons of Local boys that you only see at their park were in the house, but it was the dudes that travelled there that would take the medals. A new kid to Bowl Series Merrick Orr out of Sooke on the island has been wowing people all summer in the contests and kept it going hard at Whistler. This long haired slayer shows his fearless side all day long as he pops ollies over every hip going down the bowl and throws down a ton of tricks everywhere he rides. At 13 years old he is making a name for himself, and took home 3rd place at this finale. Good job Buddy! When it came to the Top 2 it was 2 that have been running this series all summer. Both these guys were looking like they would be King this year for sure except for 2 conditions – 1. They both missed one event this year and 2. They have both been King already and you can’t win it twice. But Andy Anderson and Eve Feaver reminded the crowd why they were royalty at this one. Eve is killing it this year at 41 years of age and he works hard to keep up to these young bucks, he dominates the deepends of the bowls and carves lines that others fear, while Andy shows how he is only getting better with age at 17 and lands every single trick he tries whether it over a hip, on the barricades, out of the bowl or something freestyle incorporated into the bowl. The best tricks Andy tossed at this one that no one had ever seen before was a pop to pogo on the 3rd corner wall and pop back in, and then he finished the run off by casper stalling the deep end – that was insane… I’m very proud to have both of these shredders on the Protest Skateboards Team and they repped hard all summer placing in every bowl series ad sharing the wins. Andy Anderson took 1st place at this one.

When it came to announcing this year’s King of the Bowls not too many people had a clue who it would be since most of the rippers had already won it before and others didn’t make it to every comp this year so they didn’t qualify. Strato got on the mic and made a humble speech about the fact that this year’s King would be from the Intermediate category and would also be the youngest Kingso far at 9 years old.

Bowl shredder Rylee Wong is the 19th King of the Bowls!!

Rylee got woken up from a nap  the car to come and claim his trophy and join the historic list that many dream of being named on. He had no idea this would happen and was super stoked. Next year he will be forced to compete in Advanced and defend his title. Give it up for him, and be stoked on another successful year of the King of the Bowl Series.

  1. Andy Anderson
  2. Eve Feaver
  3. Merrick Orr

King of the Bowls – Rylee Wong

Rylee Wong is King

Special Thanks to Mark Halliday and Moonrider Productions for shooting photos and filming at each stop of the Series this year. There will be a video Documentary out soon of Bowl Series #19. Until then, enjoy the photos from the final stop…

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