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Youth Jam #1 – Crazy

Quite a few years ago I helped to bring skateboarding into the National Youth Week events that occur all over the place by running Jams in Surrey and they quickly became another annual thing. Now a days there are Youth Week Skateboard Contests happening all over the map and it’s awesome to see so many kids participating. Just this weekend there will be 3 contests in a row, Chuck Bailey on Friday, Plaza on Saturday and Railside on Sunday and all 3 will guaranteed be packed with skaters having fun together. Check off the first one at Chuck Bailey because it just finished and it was sick. The competition was hardcore in all 3 categories and each one had a Dominator that you could tell was going to win halfway through their first runs. Beginners had Jake Hrvacanin, Intermediates had Ross Ouellette, and Advanced had Dominic Devries.

Chuck Bailey Youth Week Winners 2014

All 3 of the guys came out on a mission and laid down solid runs utilizing the whole park and basically doing one constant line without stopping. They all deserved 1st in their categories for sure. The rest of the competitors did great too and they all had fun. Lots of kids got prizes and everyone got free hot dogs from the Surrey Fire Fighters, what more could you ask for. After the contest ended and prizes were awarded we had a Best Trick contest down the 3 block set up. Highlights were Dominic Devries with Backside Noseblunt down the rail & Bigspin Boardslide, Riku Mochizuki with a Switch Varial Heelflip, Doogie Lester with a Frontside Noseblunt, and Chadd Sinclair with a stomped Hardflip. Thanks to all the sponsors – Participaction, Surrey Fire Fighters, Coastal Riders, Authentic Board Supply, Protest Skateboards & City of Surrey.

See ya next year


Beginner – 1. Jake Hrvacanin; 2. Layne Nyirfa; 3. Theo Caseley; 4. John Cloude Nsengiyumva; 5. Sammy V

Intermediate – 1. Ross Ouellette; 2. Dyson Matthews; 3. Zach Lester; 4. Jayden Ristich; 5. Jake Taranov

Advanced – 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Andy Anderson; 3. Jacob Drescher

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