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9/11 Countdown – Last Day for Voting

The Show Up Mike Contest is finally coming to a close. You had all summer to present the world with your 5 trick videos at any of the 49 local parks in this insane land of skateboarding that we call home. Fighter took the lead early with his Chuck Bailey submission, but ran out of friends too fast. Ryan Brynelson crushed the competition with over 120 votes the first day his video went up and raised the bar even higher sitting on top for close to a month. The only person man enough to take him off the podium was Sean Lowe and after quite a back and forth battle is still living the high life with over 300 votes. Today, September 11th 2012, is the day that decides everything. Will Sean hold on for the $500 or do some of these guys have reserves hiding somewhere just waiting to vote at 11:30pm or something. Who knows?

You have until midnight tonight to vote…

The winner will be announced at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey 2012’s Grand Finale this Saturday September 15th at approximately 4:00pm.

(All 18 runner’s up will be receiving a Custom Show Up Mike T-Shirt for participating)

Click here to go to the Leaderboard for voting

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Show Up Mike!! Deadline Updates

WOW!! There is a major battle going on right now!

Ever since Freestyle Master Ryan Brynelson put up his 5 Trick Video at Chuck Bailey Skate Park he has been sitting all by himself at the top of the Leaderboard. When I saw Sean Lowe was entering a video I knew he was going to have a strong chance, he’s got shitload of people following him right now, plus you knew his video was gonna be sick, the guy’s amazing…

Since Thursday I’ve been watching the vote counts for Sean Lowe rise and rise, but as soon as he got close to Ryan, then his started to go up. The past 4 days have just been going vote crazy for both of these guys. Both have reached over 200 votes now and believe it or not, we have a new leader. Sean Lowe is finally in the lead. How will it end??

We still have lots of time left in this contest as the voting ends September 11th at 11:59pm. I am extending the submission period for entering your vids until September 1st and then it will be purely voting from then until the 11th.

Both these guys know how to rip it, but they’re not the only ones, so if you think you still might have a chance at beating them enter your videos asap. And even if you don’t want to enter, go and vote for these guys. I can’t wait to see who wins the $500.

Winner will be announced at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey Finale on September 15th, 2012 at the South Surrey/White Rock Skate Park.

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Ryan Brynelson Makes Front Page News

Here’s a photo that was on the cover of The Surrey Now (July 10th, 2012) of Protest Team Rider,Ryan Brynelson skating Freestyle at the Surrey Pride Festival along with the blurb below his photo. No matter where this kid skates, people are instantly watching him, and wanting to see more. Way to rip it up Ryan!!

World-ranked freestyle skateboarder, Delta’s Ryan Brynelson, 20, was on hand at the Pride Festival in Holland Park on Sunday, showcasing a few of the high-skill moves that have catapulted him to the top of his sport.

Photograph by: GORD GOBLE, Surrey NOW

The rest of the article about the pride festival is below.

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HIPPIE MIKE’S TOUR DE SURREY 2012 Stop 1 – Kwantlen Park

It’s the 9th year for this series of skateboard competitions and I love that I still see a bunch of the same faces as the first year. I kicked off the Tour for 2012 at Kwantlen Park. It’s a tough park for lines, but always a good park for contests. It seems like everybody lands so much in their runs at this park, maybe because the obstacles are basic and small, not sure why. But either way, it worked out great.

The sun was blazin’ hot and the humidity was definitely hanging around, but it was still bearable enough to skate. Surprisingly for the first time in many, many years, there were more Advanced riders that Beginners. I assume because it was Kwantlen. When I started seeing some of the faces showing up for the Advanced Category, I knew it was gonna be a good show, and a tough contest to judge. With Surrey Locals like Calvin Dignard, Jay Mykyte, Andy Anderson, Jordan Strong, Brad Muscat and Ryan Barron, they were all in the running. But they would have to beat the guys that travelled there, like Ryan Prasad, Lil’ G and of course, “The Dominator” – Dominic Devries.

It was anyone’s guess who was going to come through on this one, only time would tell.

Only 4 kids in Mini this time around, but I knew that JR Barron was pushing hard for this win, since it was his final Mini Contest ever. He turns 11 years old next Sunday, so time to move up buddy! He took advantage of his skills and tore up the park landing almost everything he tried, including the only kickflip in the Mini Category. Parker Sherwin was right on JR’s heels though with a huge bag of tricks of his own and tried really hard to not let JR win. It was a close call…

The Beginner Category was just as tough with Kai Searle on board. This kid has some serious talent for his young age and lands a lot of tough tricks, with style. There was actually a 3 way tie for 4th place, just to tell you how close this competition was. The surprise of the day though was Dante Gullickson who came out strong in his first run and then blew the crowd away with a flawless second run which was one long consistent line. Awesome!! That doesn’t happen often in Beginner. He almost won but Kai’s tricks were just too good and scored way bigger points. It was tight.

The Intermediates wasn’t so tight. Tyler Olson killed it all day during warm up, I can’t even think of a time a looked over at him when he didn’t land a trick, and was trying some pretty technical tricks. But sometimes when the helmet goes on for your run and the pressure of having the park to yourself happens, people choke. I think the rest of the category was happy Tyler had trouble, because I thought he was gonna win it for sure after watching him in warm-ups. But the prize went to 12 year old Mathew McCauley who landed a ton of rail tricks and gap tricks wherever he could squeeze them in. This kid knows how to skate hard, and takes it very seriously. He can bust tricks down huge gaps at any time, but also has a pocket full of tech tricks too. It was a blow-out win for him.

The ladies were hyped up too, Brianna Palmer is just starting out in the contest world so I’m sure she was nervous when she saw the competition that she was about to face. Carrie Williams is finally back in Contest Mode after a few years of missing out, so she brought out all her shovit and 180 skills and landed a ton of tricks. And then Heloise Wathelet showed up with Lil’ G, she’s visiting for the summer from Belgium. This chick’s got some serious talents and it looks like they might take her somewhere. Flip Tricks and Ledge Skills. Check out this video I found of her on Youtube.

[youtube id=”7oj6XHc2PSY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

It was close but Heloise took first. Hopefully we see her at a couple more of these events.

Then came Advanced. Like I said earlier, it was anyone’s contest to win. Really depended on who landed what. It was very close between the Top 5 except for how obvious it was that Dominic won. This kid has constant flow combined with super solid style and lots of hard tricks. I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it over and over, watch for him in the big leagues in the future. I’m gonna be hosting a segment of Glory Daze with Hippie Mike on Dominic soon.

My favorite tricks that went down in Advanced were Calvin Dignard’s nollie tailslide 270 on the flat ledge, Andy Anderson’s bluntslide fakie on the down rail of the pyramid, Ryan Barron’s feeble 180 up the same rail, Fighter’s Benny Hanna over the quarter pipe and of course anything that Ryan Prasad landed. There’s another name to watch for in the near future. Sick skater!! Cisco Gooding came out and had 2 solid runs too, but they weren’t of his usual “Flawless Run style” so he didn’t make Top 3, and the surprise of this category was that Jay Mykyte didn’t place at Kwantlen Park. I guess there is a first time for everything. Better luck next time Jigga

We did have a Best Trick Contest on the big pyramid rail and it was a 3 way tie all going up the rail – Ryan Barron Feeble 180, Andy Anderson Bluntslide and Dominic Devries with a frontside tailslide fakie. Sick. Ryan was close to taking it all with a Boardslide to Feeble, but just couldn’t quite put it down. RBS


Mini: 1. JR Barron; 2. Parker Sherwin; 3. Aiden Eastman; 4. Ry Forrester

Beginner: 1. Kai Searle; 2. Dante Gullickson; 3. Riley Allen; 4. Nick Bachmeier, Weston Huchkinson, Matthew Major; 7. Bishop Rosie; 8. Patrick Jonas; 9. Andrew Goodlet; 10. Ethan Tessier; 11. Ben Walsh; 12. Cameron Nelson

Intermediate: 1. Mathew McCauley; 2. Andre Bissonnette; 3. Eric Pedersson; 4. Malek Salem; 5. Tyler Olson

Girls: 1. Heloise Wathelet; 2. Carrie Williams; 3. Brianna Palmer

Advanced: 1. Dominic Devries; 2. Calvin Dignard; 3. Brad Muscat (Fighter); 4. Andy Anderson; 5. Cisco Gooding; 6. Jordan Strong; 7. Allen Handley; 8. Ryan Barron, Sean Cuddeford (Lil’ G); 10. Alexander Savage; 11. Jay Mykyte; 12. Shadd Trepp

Best Trick: 3 way tie – Ryan Barron, Andy Anderson, Dominic Devries

See you next time at

Fleetwood – July 28th 2012

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Ryan Brynelson Rips it

Well we sponsored the Surrey Pride Festival went as a vendor. There were tons of people there having a great time, it was super sunny and hot. The music was pretty good, I liked the first band – Goatface Killaz. They were pretty funny, and they were totally stoked when Ryan Brynelson walked up and threw down his board in front of the stage and started ripping it up Freestyle. Handstand kickflips, Pogos and Spins, and just Walking the Dog across the entire park, the crowd’s attention was suddenly turned to him and the band recognized it right away, calling him “Skater Guy” and giving him props over the microphone while singing their songs.

Ryan attracted many people over to watch him skate as he put on short demos throughout the day and lots of people were taking photos of him. I heard a lot of people talking about how amazing he was.

We showed up, me and Jaden sold some gear, and Ryan Brynelson ripped it. It was a good day.


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Ryan Brynelson Has Joined The Protest!!

The Protest Team just keeps getting bigger, but also more and more diverse.

We got bowl rippers, flip trick masters, old-schoolers, new-schoolers and of course myself – who will skate anything and everything. But there was one thing missing, a Freestyle Skateboarder.

Over the evolution of the skateboard era, board shapes have changed dramatically, and the style of obstacles and the scenes of which we skate have changed with it. But there’s one thing that still exists, and that is the freedom of expression. Freestyle Skateboarding is a way of life. It’s you and your board making magic happen together. You don’t need a skate park, you don’t need an audience, you just need passion. I’ve been watching this kid grow for about 4 or 5 years now, and the one thing I always recognized in his skating was passion. He loves to learn and loves to try new things. And with a lot of mentorship from the legendary Kevin Harris, I knew he was only going to get better.

I talked to Ryan on the phone the night before the World Round-Up Freestyle Championships and laid down an offer of having him join the team. I was not surprised at how stoked he was about it. This kid is an amazing person, who loves to skateboard and be good at it, but is also one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. Reminds me a lot of Rodney Mullen.

In this lifetime, and with the right support behind him, I believe that he will make a memorable mark on the skateboard community world-wide. And I am stoked to help him with that.

Ryan Brynelson… Welcome to PROTEST!

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The World Round-Up Finals (Just a Taste)

I went to the Finals on Monday, May 21st, 2012 of the first ever “World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboard Championships” held at the Cloverdale Rodeo in Surrey, British Columbia. I’ve been watching Freestyle skateboarding for many years so I knew what to expect, but I don’t really follow the names that much, so I wasn’t exactly sure WHO to expect… I knew Kevin Harris would be there since he was involved with making the event happen, but I also knew he wasn’t going to be competing. I knew Ryan Brynelson was going to be there since I just added him to the Protest Team, but I knew he was going to be in the Amateur division. I did not know that Andy Anderson, another one of my riders on the Protest Team was going to show up as a late entry and compete in the Amateur. He did really well too. But it was the big names people came to see, Per Canguru, Rene Shigueto, Darryl Grogan, Stephan Albert, Stephan Lillis Akesson, Guenter Mokulys and the man of the freetstyle board –  Kilian Martin, who unfortunately was not competing. There were lots of people to watch, all putting on amazing displays for the crowd. No matter how they placed, they were definitely all seen as champions. The coolest thing about going to a Freestyle Contest as a spectator, is it’s almost like you transferred into another dimension. Freestyle Skateboarding is very rare, and these guys live it so they’re used to it, but any other skater now a days, gets their mind blown away when they’re watching it. It can almost knock you down a couple notches in your confidence level of how good you are on a skateboard, because these guys are frickin’ amazing. I’ve been skateboarding for over 26 years and I am still baffled by half the tricks people do in freestyle. They are definitely one with their boards.

It was an awesome event, with a great purpose.

Both my Team Riders qualified to the finals in the Amateur division with Ryan Brynelson landing in 2nd place, so close to  winning behind Shaun Gladwell, and then the unknown wonder who showed up out of the blue, Andy Anderson finishing 5th. Yeah Andy!

Here are the results for the Top 5 in the Professional division:

  • 1st Place – Darryl Grogan (USA)
  • 2nd Place – Guenter Mokulys (Germany)
  • 3rd Place – Stefan Lillis Akesson (Sweden)
  • 4th Place – Rene Shigueto (Brazil)
  • 5th Place – Per Canguru (Brazil)

For the guys who didn’t make top 5, no worries. The scores were all decimal points apart through all 10 riders. Tight competition…

This is just a taste about the World Round-Up Freestyle Championships. Stay tuned in a couple of days and I will have a full story about the event, along with some seriously mind blowing footage…

Until then, click the link below

Kevin Harris – PNE Story

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World Freestyle Skateboard Round Up

[youtube id=”OuYU20hfZUs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Here’s a write up from the Cloverdale Rodeo webpage about the amazing World Freestyle Skateboarding Competition being held over the weekend. Monty Little is from the Cloverdale area and is one of the main promoters of the event along with the legendary Kevin Harris and up and comer Kai Dunkel. I had Kai, Kevin and Ryan Brynelson here at Chuck Bailey Skate Park almost 1 year ago for the Grand Opening and they were all ripping it, I hope all 3 will be competing at this event. Freestyle skateboarders are a dying breed, but the ones that are still out there in the world practice every day and all seem to able to blow your mind at any time. Check out the video link below to see some of the competition they will be facing from around the world. I’m definitely going to try to get out for the final day of this event. It’s gonna be crazy…


We are Rounding-Up the top pro and amateur freestyle skateboarders from around the world to compete at THE WORLD FREESTYLE ROUND-UP for a chance to win part of the $10,000 in Prize Money. The four day event will be held at the CLOVERDALE RODEO & COUNTRY FAIR, just 25 miles east of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, from May, 18 to 21, 2012. Over 77,000 people attended the annual Rodeo and Fair last year making this an ideal high profile location for this contest.

The World Freestyle Round-Up will take place inside a venue on the Cloverdale Fair Grounds, that has an arena setting featuring a 80 foot by 140 foot flawless concrete floor that is ideal for flatland freestyle skateboarding. Several freestylers say it’s the best surface they have ever skated on. Each day there will be several shows featuring freestyle demos and contests in three categories, Best Routine, Best Trick and a 360 Spin Off all using a Battle Format making it more interesting for the riders and audience as well. Several skaters will compete as a group each going one by one performing a routine. If a skater misses a trick, they are out until everyone has skated and it is their turn again. There will be two heats, (20 minutes each) for each show, with an announcer and DJ spinning tunes to keep the crowd and skaters pumped.

The contest also has a new judging system that has never been used before combining the scores from the five judges with the scores from the riders and audience. Note: The contestants cannot vote for themselves.

Contest promoters Kevin Harris, Kai Dunkel and Monty Little have one goal in mind. To create a fun energy packed annual event that will help put Freestyle Skating back where it belongs and move the level of competition up a notch or two. We envision something new and unique to give freestyle a chance to be back in TV, back in major magazines, and back in the forefront of the sports world.


Friday, May 18

  • 4 pm to 6 pm Open Ceremonies and Practice Session (6 to 7 Dinner Break)
  • 7 pm to 9:30 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest
  • 9:30 pm to 10 pm Contestants meeting

Saturday, May 19

  • 9:30 am to 11:30 am RODEO PARADE
  • 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Practice Session
  • 12:30 pm to 2 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest (2 to 4 Late Lunch Break)
  • 2 pm to 4 pm Women’s Rollerderby
  • 4 pm to 5:30 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest
  • 6 pm to 10 pm Women’s Rollerderby

Sunday, May 20

  • 10 am to 11 am Practice Session
  • 11 am to 12:30 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest (12:30 to 1:30 Lunch Break)
  • 1:30 pm to 3 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest
  • 3 pm to 5 pm Women’s Rollerderby
  • 5 pm to 6:30 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest
  • 7 pm to 10 pm Women’s Rollerderby

Monday, May 21

  • 10 am to 11 am Practice Session
  • 11 am to 12:30 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest (12:30 to 1:30 Lunch Break)
  • 1:30 pm to 3 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Contest
  • 3 pm to 4 pm Practice Session
  • 4 pm to 6 pm WORLD ROUND-UP Finals and Awards Ceremony

Click this link to see Kevin Harris, Kai Dunkel and Ryan Brynelson last May 28th at the Chuck Bailey Skate Park Grand Opening in Surrey, BC

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Chuck Bailey 2011 Contest Results

So it’s finally over, but what a great summer for Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, hard to believe that this was the 8th year and there are still some of the same people showing up to all the events. Awesome.
This day was long anticipated by so many people, the first ever full lenght contest at Chuck Bailey. Since I work there, and part of my job is to be outside in the park, I skate it quite a bit. And every day there are multiple people of all ages there skating hard, and constantly learning. So many of them wanted to be the first to win at Chuck Bailey Park, I knew we were in for a wicked show…

The day was sweet, one of the nicest days of this so called summer of 2011. There was between 100 and 150 people at the park and they were all having fun. The Mini’s started off the competition in style by shredding everything in sight.

JR went off in his first run pumping up the crowd, so awesome to have him back. I missed JR soooo much last summer when he had moved away. He spent all summer at Chuck Bailey skating with Adam and Josh Lewis and they all ripped it up at the comp. The big surprise in this category was Justin Fiorante who came out flying over the 3 block and ended by almost kickflipping it. I love seeing that point where a kid all of a sudden gets real good. Justin always had a bit of talent, but I could tell at the last few contests that he has made it to a new level in his skating. Sick runs buddy, and I believe his first ever win!!

The Beginner category was owned by Luke Thodus, undoubtably. 180’s over the 3 block, gap lipslide on the ledge to ledge, and some mighty big boardslides for a tiny dude. Killed it. The rest of the 27 Beginners also had amazing runs. There were so many tricks landed in Beginner, we could’ve gone home right then – show over.

The Intermediates got to skate one at a time, lucky for them.Sky and Brandon both showed that they’ve been hanging at Chuck Bailey every day for the past couple months, Cole Thodus impressed all with his super skills and big ledge and rail skating and Tanner and Jackson Hawthorne both came out with solid practically flawless runs both times. Sick category, tough to win. The ladies all skated together – Brianna, Cali and Erin trying there hardest to show there skills, and Gen and Sam carving the place up. Not many tricks, but still a good competition. Too bad Carrie was sick and coudn’t skate.

Then finally came Advanced – 20 people all wanting to be the first ever “Champion of Chuck.” Fighter and Calvin got to start it off together, and start it off they did. Both of them tore the park up completely different from the other. Calvin demo’d on the rails and 3 block while Fighter went fast and huge everywhere. It was already ineveitable that being judge in this category was going to seriously suck. Baba, Coddi, Ryan Barron, Nick, Cisco, Jaden, Brendan, Dominic, Damon, The Jigga, Giver, Jordan Repin, the list goes on telling you all the people that skated amazingly and still didn’t place. It came straight down to the king of switch stance – Adam Fontaine, and the outright King – Andy Anderson. Adam hits hard switch tricks on the rails and even I have to double take to confirm that it wasn’t regular – because of how flawless he skates. Switch back tails, back lips, back smiths, whatever. But Andy was untouchable. He camped out the night before at China Creek for the Jacks Contest, but skytrained to Chuck to compete in Advanced. Both of his runs were amazing and if the Original Bones Brigade was looking for a sixth, Andy woud’ve been the one. Untouchable!

The standings were announced at the end, the plaques were all given out, the food and money was donated to the Surrey Food Bank (385 lbs of food and $425.75), the Most Improved Award was given to Dominic Devries (The Dominator), and the King of Surrey was named for 2011 – Andy Anderson – placed top 3 in all 5 contests, and also won King of the Bowls this year, a Historic Moment. The bad part for all the others is that, unlike Bowl Series, at Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey, you’re allowed to win the King Trophy more than once. Can Andy be the first to do that one, we gotta wait a whole year to find out…
See you then.


Mini 1. Justin Fiorante; 2. Josh Lewis; 3. JR Barron; 4. Aiden Eastman; 5. Jon Schrack; 6. Sam Stephans; 7. Isiah Stroud; 8. Jack Stroud; 9. Ethan Clark; 10. Alex Mager; 11. Dylan Rossi

Beginner 1. Luke Thodus; 2. Matthew Major; 3. Morgan Skinner; 4. Matthew Forcier; 5.Adam Lewis; 6. Rob Schrack ; 7. Billy Shouting; 8. Max Stephans, Noah Eastwood & Riley Allen; 9. Matthew McCauley; 10. David Martin, Bailey Flecks, Jacob Drescher & Mitch Hudson; 11. Scott Cresine; 12. Kevin Tran, Riki Mockizuki & Evan Way; 13. Sage Van Hatten & Trystan Briggs; 14. Colton Routtenbourg; 15. Mark Melyukov, Andrew Goodlet & Austin; 16. Hayden Gordon; 17. Nikki Thomas

Girls 1. Genevieve Lawrie; 2. Sam Maiers; 3. Cali Martin; 4. Brianna Brownrigg; 5. Erin Beynon

Intermediate 1. Jackson Hawthorne; 2. Tanner Hawthorne; 3. Cole Thodus; 4. Brandon Poland; 5. Sky Clow; 6. Peter Kelly; 7. Austin Shelton & Mick Bey; 8. Alex Savage; 9. Aaron Marshall; 10. Robert Wylie

Advanced 1. Andy Anderson; 2. Adam Fontaine; 3. Calvin Dignard; 4. Dominic Devries; 5. Cisco Gooding; 6. Brendan Nielsen; 7. Jay Mykyte & Fighter (Brad Muscat); 8. Brandon Baba; 9. Jaden Easton-Ellett; 10. Jordan Repin; 11. Matt Cook & Allen Handley; 12. Ryan Barron; 13. Damon Kerr; 14. Giver, Ryan Soug & Coddi Ryane

Most stickers on their helmets – Tie between Aiden Eastman & Jason the Scooter Kid

5′ tall or shorter Best Trick on the Quarter – Luke Thodus – Heelflip Rock and Roll

Best Trick on the 3 Block Set Up – Calvin Dignard – Double Heelflip over the 3 block

Highest Wallride – Brad Muscat

Most Improved – Dominc Devries

King of Surrey – Andy Anderson

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Hippie Mike’s Tour De Surrey: Cloverdale 2011 Contest Results

Wow, I can hardly believe it. I’ve worked in Cloverdale for over 8 years, and I used to complain so much when I used to teach Sk8 Lessons at their Park because of how hot it always is there compared to everywhere else in Surrey. But for the past 3 Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey contests in Cloverdale, it’s been cold and rainy. When it rained at Fleetwood this year, the first thing I thought was wow, this must mean that it’s not going to rain in Cloverdale this year. And I was right…

The ironic part was that because of another contest that evryone needs to go and try to qualify for Wild in the Parks was also scheduled the day of the Fleetwood contest. And they postponed it till August 26th, so therefore 75% of the kids that would normally be at the Cloverdale comp were not there. Too funny. But you know who was there?

Andy Anderson, Dale Kind, Fighter, Cisco, Mitchy, Jigga Jay, Allen, Andre, William, Max, Kai, Riley, and lots of others, including Quinton Salter dressed up in a Chicken Suit. Nice! Also The TV show Gen Y was there filming and interviewing people for their show, and I believe there was also a lady from The Cloverdale Reporter snapping some pictures for a good part of the day. Lots of publicity, and all the kids striving to get some were at Railside in Poco…

It was an amazing day to watch skateboarding. I think everyone skated really awesome.

Every category was a struggle to judge because all competitors had good runs and landed so many wicked tricks.Kai definitely dominated the Mini category with his technical style and smooth flow, followed close by Jon, but the big surprise had to be Aiden Eastman – 6 1/2 years old and has been trying so hard this year to get tricks down so he could place in a contest. He did it!! 3rd place buddy. We are all stoked for you, and I was very impressed. The Beginner category had 15 kids in it. They all skated great, but Best Run of the day in Beginner had to go to Dante. Hi s1st run he only landed a couple things, but then came out flying in his second run landing every trick he tried with authority. Awesome run man, too bad for the first one or you might have placed. Still took home some fresh new Knee Pads and a sweet hat though. Max took the beginner Category anyway, but then spread the icing all over the cake with a huge backside 180 into the deep end of the bowl. Uphill landing = not easy. Nice one man.

Not too many Intermediates, I can take a guess where they all were. William LeTourneau took the big win, but I still liked watching the Chicken tear up every obstacle in the park. I think some of his 1st run might make the TV.
The Advanced was insane, like always. But even more so this time Every single person in Advanced dominated. We all knew who took 1st and 2nd, but not necessarily which one took which place yet. So it was all about 3rd place. Andy Anderson stole the 3rd place prize, barely. Brad Muscat (Fighter) had 2 amazing runs, Judo blunts and blunt 180’s in the mini ramp, Crooks, Tailslides and BAck LIps on the Loading Dock Rail, and all with his left arm in a full arm cast. He won it for sure… But then Dale had his sencond run, Dude! Smith Grind over the top part of the step ledge, 50-50 up the Loading Dock Rail to manual, Nosestall Body Varial Tail stall Revert on the ledge at the top of the bank, and finishes it off with a Smith Grind to 50-50 180 on the flat bar. Stole it from the Fighter. DJ Dale!!

Best Trick in the halfpipe to finish the day – Allen Handley wins with Back Footed Heelflip Backside Boneless. Alrighty then…


Mini 1. Kai Searle; 2. Jon Schrack; 3. Aiden Eastman; 4. Justin Fiorante; 5. Sam Stephans; 6. Isiah Stroud; 7. Anna Bartnik (got hurt in 2nd run)

Beginner 1. Max Stephans; 2. Konnor Cadeau; 3. Andrew Harden; 4. Riley Allen; 5. Rob Schrack; 6. Dante; 7. Joey Sinclair; 8. Colton Routtenberg; 9. Bishop Posie & Andrew Goodlet; 10. Colby Banyard; 11. Jacob Antony; 12. Ayden S.; 13. Connor; 14. Sage

Intermediate 1. William LeTourneau; 2. The Chicken; 3. Coddi Liang & Andre Bissonnette; 4. Brandon Poland; 5. Robert Wylie

Advanced 1. Dale Kind; 2. Brad Muscat; 3. Andy Anderson; 4. Cisco Gooding; 5. Jay Mykyte; 6. Mitch Salter; 7. Allen Handley; 8. Jordan Strong (got hurt in 7 seconds in 1st run)

See you all at this year’s Grand Finale at Chuck Bailey Park – the first ever competition there.

  • Who will take the title of being the first champion of Chuck Bailey?
  • Who will be this year’s King of Surrey?
  • Who will be announced as Most Improved since last year?
  • Who will win the Most Stickers on your Helmet Contest?
  • So many questions and only one way to answer them – BE THERE!!
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