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Protest Skateboards Reissue Decks – Fight the System Series Part 1

Bob and Malcolm decks

Protest Skateboards have remade a limited number of Bob Marley and Malcolm X decks from our 2015 Protest “Fight the System” Series. With what is happening in the world today we thought these graphics had real meaning that needed to be shared once again. They’re selling fast so jump on it if you want one, Click the link below to purchase

Part 2 of the series will are being remade as we speak and will be available in September

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SkatePark Styles – Episode 3 – Bonsor Skate Park with Travis Emerson and Ryan Prasad

In Memory of a good friend Ryan McKellar we spent a Saturday afternoon at Bonsor Skate Park in Metrotown (Burnaby BC) with a couple local legends Travis Emerson and Ryan Prasad. Watch as the remind the street section of Bonsor who’s boss… Also starring: Cisco Gooding, Big Rip Kaelen Faux, Allen Handley, Justin Parenteau, AJ Zabell, Oli Ward, and myself Hippie Mike

Music Credit:
Song: Bright Eyez’Em
Artist: L.S. (Featuring Bin Nyce)
Album: In This Life
Released: 2008

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Filming of the Amix Car Hop – The Final Trick in my Authentic Video Part

My friend Darren Anderson and I had been talking for years about filming something cool in the Scrapyard at Amix where he worked as a Foreman but we never actually got around to it. One weekend, probably around 2010/2011 we decided it was time, so I packed a launchramp and some plywood in the truck and we headed down there with absolutely no plan on what I was going to skate. We wandered around the yard waiting for something exciting to pop out at us, and all of a sudden Darren mentioned there happened to be a train car in the yard which had just delivered a large guillotine a couple days earlier and would be leaving again right after the weekend. As soon as I saw it I knew what to do, Other than the ground being completely covered in dirt and shards of metal, this was as good as it was gonna get. Darren grabbed the Liebherr and we went to pick out a good car with a big hood. He held it in mid-air as I tested it out and we were ready to go. The plan was to do a trick onto the hood and ride off into the dirt while he floated the car for me, then once I ride away he would smash the car with the claw. With all the rusty metal shards to fall on, and the fact that I had to ride away on dirt, I chose to keep it simple and just pop an ollie. We only got 1 chance to make it happen and luckily it all worked out. Being that the clip was filmed on my brand new HD camera, when they first started coming out, I didn’t have the proper equipment to edit it at the time and the clip just got buried in a pile of other stuff. When we were working on the Authentic Board Supply Video I remembered I had it and we threw it in there for the final trick of my part.
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’ll always remember, big thanks to Darren Anderson for being awesome and making it happen, and to Cisco Gooding for filming in a cloud of dust!

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Protest Skateboards Full Video – What the “F” were We Thinking

Released in 2010, and filmed for over 3 years before that, “Evolution Revolution – What the “F” were We Thinking?” was a very unique skateboard video put out by Hippie Mike and Protest Skateboards. Inspired by hearing people complain that too many spots around Vancouver have been shut down and there’s nothing to skate anymore, the Protest Team decided they were going to make their own spots, and skate other spots that were not necessarily “Made for Skateboarding”. Rocks, Grass, Dirt, Logs, Fridges, Cars, and any obstacles that just needed some plywood to become skateable, watching this video should change your perspective on what can be skated, and if it can be skated these guys are ready to go…

Filmed and Edited by: Justin James and Hippie Mike
Starring: Jon Irvine, Cisco Gooding, Nathan Lintunen, Jeff Cole, and Hippie Mike

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Protest Skateboard Original Team Video – Never Give Up!

In tribute to my Dad who passed away on this day 8 years ago (April 29th, 2012) I have released the Original Protest Skateboards Video – Never Give Up – on YouTube. My Dad always taught me to believe in myself in everything you do and that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, as long as I was committed to never giving up. I’ve lived with this mentality for as long as I can remember and can definitely think of some awesome success stories that came from it. That’s probably why I’m over 40 years old and still skateboarding.

Filmed for between 2003 and 2005, The Original Protest Skateboards Full Length Video – “Never Give Up!” contains Street Footage, Park Footage, and YES, riding on 2×4’s. This video stars some of the original Protest Skateboards Team Riders such as Cisco Gooding, Jon Irvine, Jeff Cole, Carrie Williams, and myself Hippie Mike, as well as a full part from Brad Danyluk and the original Hippie Mike 2×4 Part. Previously unavailable online, check out the roots of Protest Skateboards, and why we will Never Give Up… Edited by Hippie Mike – 2006

Here is the full length video released on YouTube for the first time
Filmed by: Justin James & Hippie Mike
Starring: Cisco Gooding, Jon Irvine, Jeff Cole, Brad Danyluk, Carrie Williams, Hippie Mike, and more…

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Happy Birthday Cisco!

It was around the end of 1999 when this shrimpy little skinny 14 year old kid started trying to talk to me all the time at Confederation Skate Park in Burnaby. Maya Credico introduced us because she always hung out with me and Carrie and knew the kid from school and the park. She told me his name was Cisco, and I was like, “Hey, what’s up Siskel?” He tried to correct me but it was said on purpose so that wasn’t happening. Cisco was one of those kids that just went for it all the time and tried to learn whatever tricks he was seeing in the videos. I remember him bouncing switch kickflips and frontside flips over the elbow hip at the park and it would baffle me how he would commit to them, but I still wasn’t all that nice to the little guy. Then one day, Gene Siskel died and when I was at the park I looked over at Cisco and said, “Well, I guess I can’t call you Siskel anymore…” and he said, “I guess not…” and somehow, that started this awesome friendship that we still have today.

Cisco Gooding - King of Surrey

Cisco Gooding grew up mentoring me and Jeff Cole, Jon Irvine, Steve Burden and a few others that were in our clique. But the whole time he would be learning from us, he was teaching us too. Cisco was always good at skateboarding and as he grew, to become 6′ 4” out of nowhere one day, his style arrived and his tricks got even better. We skated together every day for the rest of the years I lived in North Burnaby, and the large gap in age meant nothing to either of us. When Carrie and I moved to Surrey, Cisco would continue to come skate with us almost every night at Bear Creek Park and would stay over most weekends. He was a great kid.

Cisco has definitely grown into a man of his own opinions since those days and we are still very close friends and Cisco will always be one of my favourite people to skateboard with, or to just hang out with. I am proud of how far he has taken his career in studying Physics, being a T/A, earning his PHD, and living for free on paid scholarships to many Universities such as Langara, Simon Fraser and UBC. I know that I had a big influence on Cisco as he grew through his teenage years, and he has also influenced me and the others of our group of friends to be who we are today.

Happy 28th Birthday to Cisco Gooding, we all love you budd!

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New UBC Skate Park – Love it or Hate it

UBC Park4

Hippie Mike and Cisco Gooding hit up the new UBC Park today to see what it’s actually like. There have been many comments leaning in both directions about whether this skate park was a waste of space, or is simply amazing. Some people love every inch of it, while others won’t even bother going there.

That’s skateboarding for ya… We had fun there.

The street obstacles are all funky and good for learning on. The stack of books obstacle is probably the main eye catcher of the park, and can be very intimidating, but we’re sure to expect some serious bangers to go down on these floating ledges. The bowl is small and mellow but that’s okay too, it works good for grinds, and people who aren’t as experienced gotta learn on it so at least this way they will. The barrier on the bank is totally sweet so I think that could be an attraction. It may not be the most amazing park ever built, but it’s something new in a secluded area that could benefit from it. I don’t think there any reason for negativity towards it, plus we have definitely seen some awesome videos come out of it already and it’s hardly been open for  2 weeks. In the world of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, the skateboarders are overly spoiled to the point that all of us moan and wine about every park that pops up now a days – oh there’s too much tranny, oh the bowl isn’t deep enough, or oh these ledges aren’t high enough or have the wrong coping. We’re spoiled in the fact that we forget how hard it used to be to skateboard without being kicked out everywhere you go, we forget that there never used to be 8 skate parks in one city, there was hardly one per municipality, and we take for granted the fact that if we don’t like a particular park, we can choose not to go there and still go to another one right close by. Not every city has these luxuries, or gets to pick and choose what Skate Park they are going to skate that day, and what one tomorrow. And each community that is lucky enough to get a skateboard park has people that live there that are going to appreciate it for what it is no matter what, and make the best of it.

Check out this video that was just filmed in Barrie Ontario. This skate park was built in 1999 and is still the only one they have. It’s not laid out that good, the ground is weathered and rough, and the obstacles are all the old chunky style. But you don’t hear these boys complaining, you just hear them stomping every trick they try out of appreciation that they have a skate park at all….

Respect that.

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The OG – 3

Here’s a quick little video of 3 of the Original Team Riders from Team ProtestJeff Cole, Cisco Gooding and myself Hippie Mike. Finally after revamping the Team and bringing on Jordan Strong as the filmer many months ago, we get a taste of the good old days. Protest Skateboards began in 2001 and these 2 were my top choice for representing my company along with Jon Irvine. Between the 4 of us we showed unique skills, technical talents, crazy obstacle choices and reckless abandon. With Jon back in Ontario now, he’s still a part of our Team and always will be, but it’s tough to do the long distance thing for filming and such. It’s been a great run over these past 10/11 years of Protest and it’s really only just beginning. Hopefully this little video will stoke these 2 awesome skaters to come out more when we’re filming and get some footage going again. Low and behold there will be a Protest Video released in 2013, so they’re gonna have to, pressure’s on now…

Jeff and Cisco skate the Ramp

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A Day to Remember

With today being a day to reminisce I would like to pay tribute to some of the local skaters who were my friends who we have lost over the years and we all miss every day:

Major Dave, Rachel Hunter, both just uncalled for tragic losses to the skateboard community.

Lee Matasi, chased down by an ignorant kid with a gun in 2005 and shot in the head on the streets.

Chris Whitmee, hit by a random bullet in a public washroom. The guy it was meant for took 5 shots and is still alive.

Josh Evin, tragic motorcycle accident.

And Don Hartley, The Mad Carver, a solid face to face collision with one of his best friends during a Bowl Series Contest at Seylynn Park.

These are just to name a few, and unfortunately I’m sure I missed some people.

All these people were great influences on us in many ways, when they were living, and even after we lost them. And they all shared a passion for skateboarding, a passion for friendship, and a passion for Freedom.

We pay our tributes on this Day of Remembrance

Major Dave Rest In Peace

Carver Don Hartley Rest In Peace

Josh Evin – Video by Premium Skateboards

Leeside – Tunnel Visions

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That’s Life – The Final Teaser

This is the last Protest Teaser I had in my collection to share. Right in the heart of the filming time frame for the What the “F” Video a lot of these tricks didn’t make it in. Cisco Gooding, Jeff Cole, Jon Irvine, Nathan Lintunen and my self Hippie Mike all laying it down. If anything you need to watch for 3 reasons

  1. The Christmas Morning Cannonball off my roof
  2. Jon Irvine’s Fandangle Fingerflip
  3. Cisco Gooding attempting to need a Proctologist Appointment – Ouch!

But Hey, That’s Life!!

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