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Hippie Mike Road to Recovery – The Bowl Series

After going through multiple surgeries on my left leg and knee in a short period of time, I needed something to inspire me to get better at skateboarding again, and Bowl Series was the key. Check out my recovery story and learn why this amazing series of skateboard contests held each summer at Canada’s oldest skate parks was the one push I needed to get my gears going again.…

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Protest Skateboards Welcomes Shawn Rowbottom

Welcome to Protest - Shawn Rowbottom

I met Shawn Rowbottom through the internet and just started following his ventures of nasty skate spots and crazy tricks he would do at them and I was always stoked on his commitment to skateboarding. As time went on we communicated a bit here and there and finally met face to face a couple months ago in Victoria.…

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