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North Delta gets 2×4’d by Hippie Mike

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 8.09.25 PM

[youtube id=”e7LIGQdlQ0c” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Well the title boldly says it all. But some people might wonder what the hell it means, that is if they don’t know that I used to ride a 2×4 skateboard all the time.

My Halloween costume this year was a Caveman and so I brought out the 2×4 board as part of the outfit to a couple contests/jams.…

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A Day to Remember


With today being a day to reminisce I would like to pay tribute to some of the local skaters who were my friends who we have lost over the years and we all miss every day:

Major Dave, Rachel Hunter, both just uncalled for tragic losses to the skateboard community.…

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Protest Skateboards’ Online Best Trick Skateboarding Contest


Okay it’s here, the Protest Best Trick Contest, and it’s open World-Wide!!

Compete to win a huge Prize Pack containing:

a Protest – Hippie Mike Deck, an Old School Shaped Protest Team Deck,

 2 T-shirts, a Trucker Hat and a Custom Protest Skateboards Hoodie.

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Extreme Sports Hippie Mike Skateboarding Team Riders

North Delta Halloween Jam

Screen Shot 2012-11-05 at 11.19.31 PM

Okay here’s the footage from the Halloween Jam that was held at North Delta Park on October 28th. Put on by Street Dreamz and Coastal Riders, it was bound for success and everyone had a good time skating obstacles for prizes.…

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GLORY DAZE – Episode 5 Ryan Brynelson – A Rare Fish in a Massive Sea

Ryan Brynelson Handstand Fingerflip

Welcome to Episode 5 of GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike. Today we are hanging out in North Delta with a very unique skateboarder. He’s one of the only Freestylers in Canada, his pockets are overflowing with tricks, and he’s always ready to put on a Demo.…

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A Quick Sunday Sesh with the Budds

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 3.12.18 PM

With this weather going back and forth and being completely unpredictable we had to pick and choose where we were skating on Sunday. It was a toss up between Tsawwassen Skate Park or White Rock Res, so we chose the quieter one.…

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Cap’n Old Ballz – An Hour with Hippie Mike

Hippie in the ramp

I’ve been watching all of Hippie Mike’s video’s on YouTube seeing what he’s up to. I’ve been so stoked on how he get’s people pumped to skate by having different kinds of sessions and filming projects. One of the video’s that really caught my eye were of the latest ramp sessions, the ramp contest was insane.…

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Bye Bye Guildford Bowl

Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 10.02.31 AM

It was the first closed in bowl with coping in Surrey, and when it was in the planning stage for the Guildford Park I was very adamant that we got a Bowl. There was too much of the same street stuff popping up everywhere and those parks get boring after a while.…

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That’s Life – The Final Teaser

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 12.45.54 PM

This is the last Protest Teaser I had in my collection to share. Right in the heart of the filming time frame for the What the “F” Video a lot of these tricks didn’t make it in. Cisco Gooding, Jeff Cole, Jon Irvine, Nathan Lintunen and my self Hippie Mike all laying it down.…

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Tom Korop – The Pitts

Screen Shot 2012-10-04 at 12.43.53 PM

Every Skate Park has a Local that kills it, I think this is the one for Pitt Meadows. I don’t know Tom Korop, but I was told that I should, and after watching this video, I think I will most likely remember his name.…

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