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Hippie Mike – Resurrected for the 18th Time – 2012

Sometimes I feel like I’ve been on a comeback since forever, I started skateboarding in 1986 and went through a lot of good times and bad times over the past 34 years, but the comeback was always one of the things that kept me alive. Every time I got hurt it was a mission to get strong again and go relearn the things I knew so well. As you get older, it only gets harder, but the feeling you get when you ride away clean is enough to keep anyone going. This video was released in 2012 during one of my many returns to the world I love – Skateboarding….

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Hippie Mike – Pimpin’ in the Parks

One of my all time favorite “Just for Fun” videos, filmed by Laine Siebert in 2013, it was just about a day skating 2 of my favorite skate parks while dressed up in my Pimp Suit Halloween costume. It wasn’t anywhere close to being Halloween which made it that much better. There’s nothing easy about skateboarding with a cane in your hand, especially when your vision is being blocked by your fuzzy brim pimp hat and pink boa, Haha

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Protest Skateboards Full Video – What the “F” were We Thinking

Released in 2010, and filmed for over 3 years before that, “Evolution Revolution – What the “F” were We Thinking?” was a very unique skateboard video put out by Hippie Mike and Protest Skateboards. Inspired by hearing people complain that too many spots around Vancouver have been shut down and there’s nothing to skate anymore, the Protest Team decided they were going to make their own spots, and skate other spots that were not necessarily “Made for Skateboarding”. Rocks, Grass, Dirt, Logs, Fridges, Cars, and any obstacles that just needed some plywood to become skateable, watching this video should change your perspective on what can be skated, and if it can be skated these guys are ready to go…

Filmed and Edited by: Justin James and Hippie Mike
Starring: Jon Irvine, Cisco Gooding, Nathan Lintunen, Jeff Cole, and Hippie Mike

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Protest Skateboard Original Team Video – Never Give Up!

In tribute to my Dad who passed away on this day 8 years ago (April 29th, 2012) I have released the Original Protest Skateboards Video – Never Give Up – on YouTube. My Dad always taught me to believe in myself in everything you do and that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to, as long as I was committed to never giving up. I’ve lived with this mentality for as long as I can remember and can definitely think of some awesome success stories that came from it. That’s probably why I’m over 40 years old and still skateboarding.

Filmed for between 2003 and 2005, The Original Protest Skateboards Full Length Video – “Never Give Up!” contains Street Footage, Park Footage, and YES, riding on 2×4’s. This video stars some of the original Protest Skateboards Team Riders such as Cisco Gooding, Jon Irvine, Jeff Cole, Carrie Williams, and myself Hippie Mike, as well as a full part from Brad Danyluk and the original Hippie Mike 2×4 Part. Previously unavailable online, check out the roots of Protest Skateboards, and why we will Never Give Up… Edited by Hippie Mike – 2006

Here is the full length video released on YouTube for the first time
Filmed by: Justin James & Hippie Mike
Starring: Cisco Gooding, Jon Irvine, Jeff Cole, Brad Danyluk, Carrie Williams, Hippie Mike, and more…

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Protest Movement Full Video – Diversity

Protest Skateboards full length video “Diversity” was filmed in over the year of 2017, and edited while I was unable to skateboard. I filmed my own part about 6 weeks before going under the knife for ACL replacement and High Tibial Osteomety in which I didn’t skateboard again until June of 2018. We premiered the video at SBC (Smiling Buddha Cafe) in downtown Vancouver in January of 2018 during a Protest Best Trick Contest on the ramp, the place was packed and everyone had a blast. The video was made to showcase the newest team of Protest Riders, how diverse they all are from one another yet still so similar in what they love – skateboarding. With an age range of 7 years old up to 45 years old, this video is what skateboarding is all about, being yourself, doing what you love, and sharing your passion with others. Each rider (except for young Kaelen) only had 1 day to film their part…

Starring: Big Rip Kaelen Faux, Ryan Brynelson, Jay Mykyte, Eve Feaver, and Hippie Mike
Filmed and Edited by: Hippie Mike

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Humbleness Goes a Long Way

Vans Canada just recently welcomed Vancouver’s Russ Milligan to their team of rippers and it was awesome when I read what Vans Canada Team Manager Alex Forbes wrote about it –

“He’s been holding it down for a long time, he’s not only an amazing skater, but his humble attitude and personality fit perfectly with our brand and the rest of the team.” 

That statement said a lot, and it gives respect to Russ as an individual, but also to Alex and the way he wants to see Vans Canada represented. I have a good relationship with Alex and he says a lot of the same things to me whenever we are talking on the phone or by email. He is always appreciative of all that I create and do for the world of skateboarding in the province of British Columbia, and he expresses these feelings constantly. It’s not just about being the best skateboarder any more, it’s about being a solid role model for skateboarding itself.

In the 1980’s and 90’s it was about being hardcore, and some teams today are still all about that. Look at Emerica, Baker, Shake Junt and Krew, these guys just wanna party, and they want the world to know it. It makes the younger generation a little jealous to see kids get hooked up with a team where they can live in a mansion and party like Axl Rose or Billy Idol all day long, as long as they get some tricks on film they’re good. But how far is that going to lead you, and how accepted will you still be as the world evolves around you? Let’s look back at the 80’s – The Bones Brigade was probably the biggest Skateboard Team in the history of skateboarding, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero and Mike McGill, plus add in Rodney Mullen and Kevin Harris representin’ the freestyle world. You most likely have still to this day never seen any footage of these guys partying, and that doesn’t mean they never partied, some of them did I’m sure, but they kept it behind the scenes. They were making big money and weren’t flaunting it. And still to the day you hear all of these names in the industry in positive ways.

Now you look at Christian Hosoi and Duane Peters, and even Natas Kaupus. These guys were just as big a part of helping skateboarding evolve through that era, but where are they now? The guys that used that hardcore image to get more likes, maybe weren’t liked for as long, or by as many. And these 3 are all legends to any skateboarder from those times, but they just weren’t humble enough to utilize all of their skills. In the 90’s it was still about being hardcore, except now people were bringing it to the streets. Skaters were fighting security guards and spitting in people’s faces. Mohawks and dyed hair took over and the image of skateboarding was on the edge of acceptance and could go either way. If it wasn’t for those humble guys continuing to be the representatives in the public eye we might have lost all respect from society and would not have all the luxuries we are spoiled with now.

So think about this as you are growing up and plan your “dream future” of becoming a big name Pro Skater and ask yourself what the companies are looking for in their riders. Russ Milligan got on to Vans for more than one reason, he’s an amazing and consistent skateboarder with a huge array of tricks and mad switch pop, but his attitude had to fit with the image of the Team that the Team Manager is expecting from them. And if it didn’t, they wouldn’t have chose him. Times are changing, I say it all the time, so chill out a bit and instead of doing it all for you all the time, do it for skateboarding as a whole. Maybe it’ll get you somewhere…

And that’s from someone who was all about being hardcore and loved to party growing up but made some big changes in life to become accepted by society and be able to share his skills and devotion with the rest of the industry to help build us up to where we are today.

Now check out Russ Milligan killin’ it in the streets – humbly

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Hippie Mike at Chuck Bailey – Winter Styles

Way back at the end of January, during that nasty spell of Cold and Foggy Winter, I met up with Ty Williamson, aka Tyler the Film Creator at Chuck Bailey Skate Pak and filmed this little montage. It was a tough day for filming as the entire park was soaked when he arrived. I threw down a couple quick tricks on the mini barrier and then proceeded over to the flat bank where I tripped over my own feet after landing primo and knocked my knee slightly out of place. This happens often when you don’t have an MCL. We finished off filming anyway and later that night the old knee popped back into its proper position.

I know I’m not the best skateboarder out there anymore and it’s difficult to compete with the crazy kids of today, but I will point out that I haven’t seen anyone do 95% of the tricks in this montage. Especially when there’s ice on the ground….

Peace – Love – Respect

Skateboard for Life

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Glory Daze – Episode 7 Dan Pageau – “Just One Love”

One Love Logo

Hi, and welcome to Episode 7 of GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike. Today we’re hanging out with a Canadian Legend in the skateboard community. He’s a Technical Wizard on his skateboard and has been blowing minds with his skills for many years. From “Nollie Lazerflip Bluntslides”to “Fakie Bigspin Tweezer Flips”, he’s the Rodney Mullen of Canada. The owner of One Love Skateboard Shop– give it up for Dan Pageau!!

Hippie Mike: So Dan, can you give a brief bit of history by telling us how old you are, why you started skateboarding and where you lived at that time

Dan Pageau: Yeah, I’m 32 years old, I started skateboarding in Montrealwhen I was about 5 years old, and since then I haven’t stopped

HM: And when did you go Pro?

Dan: I turned pro in 1995 is what I remember. I did the Ramp Rage in Montreal, that was my first pro contest. I guess there was a bunch of Pros there, first time they came into town – Kareem Campbelland I think Rob Dyrdekwas there, and anyways I ended up getting 1st Place and it was sweet

Dan Pageau - 3flip fakie

HM: Sick. Who was your first sponsor?

Dan: Well I had like Shop Sponsors. I rode for EQwhich I think is still around, and then I rode for Radical Skate Shopwhich was this skate shop by Peace Park in Montreal. And basically the owner of that shop is Edward Law, and he owned True Skateboards

HM: Were you born and raised in Montreal?

Dan: Yeah, like kinda on the outskirts, but yeah

HM: What was it like trying to make it as a recognized skateboarder from Canada?

Dan: What was it like trying to make it? Uhhh, I don’t know. Like at first I didn’t really try to make it, I would just kind of show up and skate the park. I remember when I was like 8 years old, we went to Jarry Parkwhich was the local park at the time and just put on a bunch of sweaters and skate this 6′ ramp with vert and just skate that and learned how to do a bunch of stuff and from that I guess people noticed me and started sponsoring me and stuff. So it was never really something I looked for, being sponsored…

HM: Was it hard to get into the scene, like with America?

Dan Pageau - Pivot Fakie

Dan: Well I guess from being sponsored with True Skateboards, we started travelling a little bit. I went to Tampa Pro, and I also went to Europe with Max Dufour and Pierre-Luc Gagnon. So I was kind of just staying in their hotel room and smooching off their Vans sponsorship(laughs), but yeah, like even in 1997they had the Vans Warped Tourwhich I did a bunch of the competitions, like I went into Boston… so we showed up their and I won 1st Place, PLG won Vertand we got free tickets to California. So that’s kind of where it started to become a little more serious for me with doing all the travelling and stuff. Yeah besides that it was just, um, for me just being really dedicated and just wanting to be everywhere and just going to all the Professional Events. I never really sent promos or tried to get sponsored, I just went to places and started shredding and then eventually uh, I think it was either Ronnie Creageror Rodney Mullennoticed me and yeah…

HM: Yeah, 2 crazy’s… (Laughs) Who’s your favourite Canadian Skateboarderright now?

Dan: My favourite Canadian Skateboarder, first thing that comes to mind would be Grant Patterson

Dan Pageau & Hippie Mike

HM: I remember seeing clips of you in videos like 411during the 90’s but I’d have to say the moment I realized how good you were was when I saw the video Underworld – Underratedin the early 2000’s. Your part in that video was mind-blowing and anyone who has never watched it needs to go watch it. What was it like to see Underworld Skate Shop expand across Canada?

Dan: well I thought it was pretty cool. I grew up with Alex skating, we used to go skate his school when I was like 9 years old. And basically, Alex is a real skateboarder. I don’t know if anybody knows this but when I didn’t even know what switch stance was, he was doing switch kick flips, and backside noseblunts on mini rampand stuff, and he’s always been really supportive and we’ve always been good buddies and just to see where he’s taken his business and how dedicated he is really impressive. Like that whole Under Attack Tour

HM: Was that part of your inspiration to open your own Skateboard Shop?

Dan Pageau Pro Model - Monke

Dan: Yeah it was actually, yeah for sure. Before the skate shop I did a wheel company called Traction Wheelsand that was really fun. For me having a Skateboard Companyis not really about making money, it’s about having the Team together and making something happen. And the one thing I didn’t particularly like was calling stores and being like, you know, you wanna get my stuff in? Most stores did support it and stuff but I just got really tired of like calling and calling and calling. So I figured you know, if I just do a shop then it’s like more people coming to you. It’s not really about the money and selling product, it’s more like about who’s involved in it right now, Like Andre Tsougrianisand Lanny DeBoerand Micky Papa, and right now we’ve got Dave Jonssonand Ryan Prasadriding for us. All those guys are just insane. And to work with them, and the attitude, and the fun that we have together, and we come up with ideas. ‘Cause at first when I had One Loveit was just me and I was just bouncing ideas off the wall and had nobody really helping me out with ideas and stuff and now with one Love how it’s set up we can work together. We got a new Filmer – Ty Williamson and it’s just really amazing and he’s helping us out a lot (Check out Ty’s videos at www.youtube.com/tylerthefilmcreator )

One Love Skateboard Shop - Poco

HM: Your Pro for Monke Skateboards right now. How long have you known Ben Chibberand how did you end up sponsored by Monke?

Dan: Well how I met Ben was, a longtime ago we did Slam City Jamand we had a booth which was Premium Skateboards, Monke Skateboardsand Traction Wheels, so we did business like that and we started selling stuff. Yeah prior to that I just always thought Monke Skateboards was awesome. I remember going to Slam City Jam and being like whoa, who’s that guy? And like who’s that guy? Every guy that was like incredible talent was on Monke Skateboards. I didn’t know who they were but they were awesome

HM: Trevor Houlihan

One Love - Board Wall

Dan: Yeah Houlihan, and Steve Strangand um…. Ted DeGros. So me just being from Montreal, and I was already Pro before that, and just seeing those guys I thought whoa man, these Monke Skateboardguys are awesome. And I just always had this thing in the back of my mind where I wanted to ride for them. So I don’t know how it really happened but just like hangin’ out with Ben and just being like, yeah okay, let’s do it…

HM: Well I know how much Ben Chibberthinks about you, and he definitely thinks you deserve more recognition so he’s gonna be there to help you at any given moment, I know that…

Dan: And that’s the thing, i just want to be loyal. Like if I get any other offers, I don’t really care if there’s more money, i’m just going to be loyal to Monke Skateboards

HM: Cool. Who else are you sponsored by right now?

Dan: I got Monke Skateboards, United Clothingthrough Bruce, and I’m getting some shoes through Globewhich is awesome. I’m not necessarily on the Team or anything but they’ve been kind enough to send me the shoes that I like, so

One Love Shop - With Dan Pageau

HM: What’s your favourite trick to do?

Dan: Favourite trick to do would be a 360 flip

HM: Name 3 people that influenced you to be who you are today

Dan: Okay, I guess my Dad, he would be one. Um, Jesus, just how he is and the way he dealt with situations, and um, maybe Danny Way

HM: Yeah, I hear that. What’s the best trick you ever landed?

Dan: (Laughs) Best Trick I ever landed… What comes to mind right now as the best thing I can think of is the Switch Noseblunt Cabellarial Kick Flipwhich I did in the Progression Video #5in the year 2000

HM: Nice. Well, thanks a lot Dan for being a guest on GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike. You’re an amazing skater who helped open some big doors for the future Canadian Rippersand we thank you for that. Respect him as a skateboarder, a legend, and a true man. Type his name into Youtubeand support his shop One Love

Dan Pageaueverybody…


Check out some more crazy Pageau Montages:

Best of 2011 – Dan Pageau


Dan Pageau – Underrated


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A Cold Summer Day at Chuck Bailey

Last Friday Dave Stevens came out to Chuck Bailey Skate Park to do a little of what he does best – film and edit a montage with some of the locals. Francois LeBlanc, Calvin Dignard, Jordan Zazula, Magnus Hansen, Hippie Mike and Kory Laan all represent in style utilizing the majority of the skate park. The day was gorgeous and you would actually believe it was the middle of summer if everyone wasn’t decked out in toques and winter jackets. It was actually -2 degrees out there, which in this neighbourhood is extremely cold and definitely takes away your desire to really go for stuff. But shit went down, like always. Kory Laan even shut the session down with a couple banger bigspins over the big gap.

Check it out

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Andy Anderson in Cloverdale

Andy Anderson, one of the most talented on the Protest Skateboards Team spends a day at the infamous Cloverdale Skate Park located on the Country Side of Surrey. This park is rough and tough, and is actually going to be removed next year once the New Cloverdale Skate Park is fully constructed and opened. The old park has been around since about the year 2000 and has always been a bit of a hit and miss spot. Some of the obstacles are really awesome and taught lots of today’s top amateurs, and even some of the local pros quite a few tricks, and then there’s the other obstacles that you look at, shake your head a bit and say, “What the F were they doing??”

Of course Andy Anderson picks all of those obstacles to skate so it’s pretty sick to see how he rips them up.

Andy Anderson – Old Cloverdale

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