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Andy Anderson in Cloverdale

Andy Anderson, one of the most talented on the Protest Skateboards Team spends a day at the infamous Cloverdale Skate Park located on the Country Side of Surrey. This park is rough and tough, and is actually going to be removed next year once the New Cloverdale Skate Park is fully constructed and opened. The old park has been around since about the year 2000 and has always been a bit of a hit and miss spot. Some of the obstacles are really awesome and taught lots of today’s top amateurs, and even some of the local pros quite a few tricks, and then there’s the other obstacles that you look at, shake your head a bit and say, “What the F were they doing??”

Of course Andy Anderson picks all of those obstacles to skate so it’s pretty sick to see how he rips them up.

Andy Anderson – Old Cloverdale

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