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Authentic Board Supply Video – For the Love of the Game

At the end of 2014 we released the Full length video for my skateboard shop, Authentic Board Supply, located in Surrey, BC, Canada. We had only been open for a year at this time, so to have a solid team that could put out footage in a short amount of time was awesome and we wanted to share with the world. Starring some true Surrey/Langley locals this video was recognized Canada wide and helped push a few of these guys to the next levels of sponsorships. Andy Anderson, Shawn Beaupre, and Dominic Devries were definitely the 3 top billed skaters that people wanted to see, and all 3 of their parts were mind blowing in their own respect. We gave our hearts and souls to the public while filming for this video, and I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed it
– For the Love of the Game

Here is the full length video released on YouTube for the first time
Filmed and Edited by: Dallas Lang & Hippie Mike
Starring: Andy Anderson, Shawn Beaupre, Dominic Devries, Hippie Mike, Jay Mykyte, Andreas Tsougrianis, Weston Ganger, Weston Hutchinson, Doogie Lester, Mathew McCauley, Francois LeBlanc, and more…

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Andy Anderson at Damn Am

For those of you who don’t receive the Protest Site’s Facebook Updates, maybe you need to push the LIKE Button on the site, or maybe were just too busy being crazy the past couple weeks, we’re gonna give you the low down on Andy Anderson’s trip to Costa Mesa to compete in the Damn Am Contest held at the Volcom Warehouse in Costa Mesa.


Andy is about to turn a big 17 years old next month and is trying to get his name out there in more places than just the lower mainland. Andy has been on a skateboarding rampage for many years, he’s actually been skating for over 12 years and he’s been hanging out and learning from Hippie Mike since he was 7. Andy has won his fair share of competitions and awards in many different categories and styles of skateboarding over the years. He can place in a street contest, a pool or coping bowl, the original old school bowls, or even at Freestyle Contests, and all on his custom old school shaped deck and setup. He took home the prestigious King of the Bowls Trophy at age 15 and won the King of Surrey Plaque the same year.  Last year he got around a little more and participated in tons of different events and seemed to win some dollar bills at most of the ones he showed up to. So it was time for Andy Anderson to head down to Cali and compete against a whole new crowd of Amateur Skateboarders that raise the bar to a whole new level – The Damn Am.

Andy had a great time down there and got to meet, and make friendships with lots of other amazing skaters around the same age as him, like Curren Caples and Louie Lopez, who happened to place 1st and 2nd in the contest. Andy had a killer run in the qualifiers, flawless of course, and the crowd was super stoked on his unique style and technical tricks. But unfortunately Andy didn’t make the cut of the 30 people out of 200 who made it to the Finals. He did however get his whole run filmed and published by Nigel Alexander and even did a small interview afterwards. The classic part of everything is Andy had himself registered on his profile as Andre Anderso and now he keeps getting all this publicity with that name on it, hilarious… but in the actual videos it states his real name. He represented well down there for all of his sponsors, including Skull Skates, Monke Hardware, The Dry Spot, Vans, Kilian Clothing, and of course Protest Skateboards, and the experience that Andy got from his first “real contest” is irreplaceable. Now with the knowledge of what to expect from a competition in this setting, Andy will attempt again to qualify at the Damn Am in Atlanta coming up in a few weeks. Top 12 go to Tampa.

We wish him the best of luck.

Until then have a look at some of the publicity that came out of this attempt





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Andy Anderson in Cloverdale

Andy Anderson, one of the most talented on the Protest Skateboards Team spends a day at the infamous Cloverdale Skate Park located on the Country Side of Surrey. This park is rough and tough, and is actually going to be removed next year once the New Cloverdale Skate Park is fully constructed and opened. The old park has been around since about the year 2000 and has always been a bit of a hit and miss spot. Some of the obstacles are really awesome and taught lots of today’s top amateurs, and even some of the local pros quite a few tricks, and then there’s the other obstacles that you look at, shake your head a bit and say, “What the F were they doing??”

Of course Andy Anderson picks all of those obstacles to skate so it’s pretty sick to see how he rips them up.

Andy Anderson – Old Cloverdale

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Memories of Summer

As the snow starts falling today and the rain has been nonstop for over a month we are all in need of some good summer love. Since it’s a long while away it’s great to have a video like this come out and get us exited for what we got too experience this year. One of my favourite days of the year every year is Canada Day – July 1st. Hundreds of amazing people gather every year on this day and skate Seylynn Bowl for the kickoff of the annual Bowl Series and just hang out.

Steve Denham, Jonny B., Steve Lange, Cuz, Mike Strato, Andy Anderson, Adam Hopkins, Hippo, Bushman, Eve, Dave Boyce, myself (Hippie Mike), and so many more who you are pretty much guaranteed to see every single year. It’s a great time and a great party and tons of awesome skating is sure to go down.

Here’s a Rolling Podcast Video recap of 2012 Seylynn Bowl Series. Late as always, but this year, I’d have to say Perfect Timing!!


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Andy Anderson Shreddds Leeside – Like Usual

Another masterful Hi-8 Video by Ethan Craig, this time featuring Protest Skateboards Team Rider Andy Anderson. Andy might be the most underrated skater in the Lower Mainland right now. Everyone who knows this kid knows he is a natural ripper, especially in any tranny, and lands everything he tries, but there are still a lot of people not recognizing him. Fact: how often do you see Andy Anderson in the magazines, yet he wins almost every contest he enters…. King of the Bowls and King of Surrey in 2011, places in the finals at every Bowl Series Contest, 2nd place at the BLVD Kensington Pool Contest and placed 5th at the World Round-Up Freestyle Championships this year, plus took Best Skater Award at Ledge n’ Dairy Best Trick Contest at Chuck Bailey. Street Ripper, Rail Killer, Tranny Destroyer, and even a Freestyle Demo Machine along side Kevin Harris, but where’s the coverage???

I’ve been a huge supporter and massive influence on Andy as he has grown up to this still young age of 16 years old that he is now. I used to teach him stuff all the time since he was 7 years old, and I still push him to learn more and more every day. I’ve taught him a ton about skateboarding, and just as much about life, and I am very proud that he represents for Protest Skateboards when he skates. Andy is amazing. He invents tricks by thinking of it and landing it right away, usually first try. I’m stoked to see him in this profile video by Ethan Craig shredding one of his favourite places to skate – Leeside Memorial Park. Here’s what Ethan had to say about Andy after filming this day, “Andy loves to thrash every little nook and cranny there is at Leeside, here is evidence of Andy shralping nearly almost every DIY obstacle there is. Please, enjoy the rawness of Andy’s skating filmed on a Sony Video 8 camera. In Loving Memory of Lee Matasi and Don “Mad Carver” Hartley in which Andy shows his love and support by continuing to wear his helmet beyond his premature years of skateboarding” – Ethan Craig.

Straight to the point, and very true. Andy Anderson is a skateboard machine. He’s calm, cool and collected, but also overflowing with energy. Now please, somebody give this kid the credit he deserves…

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Hype Juice 2012

Protest Skateboards Filmer Jordan Strong put out this little teaser video strictly named “2012” portraying the chaotic times he had over this past summer going out with all his friends and gettin’ clips. There’s a lot more of the chaos displayed than the skating, but that’s okay, that’s the life he chose. Featuring all the Surrey Loc’s like Calvin Dignard, Dale Kind, Mitch Salter, Ryan Barron, Jay Mykyte, Andy Anderson, Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Jordan Strong and more. Check it out

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A Quick Sunday Sesh with the Budds

With this weather going back and forth and being completely unpredictable we had to pick and choose where we were skating on Sunday. It was a toss up between Tsawwassen Skate Park or White Rock Res, so we chose the quieter one. Still a bit puddley when we first arrived but that was not issue for these Protest boys. It was Andy Anderson, Jordan Strong, Jaden Easton-Ellett and myself Hippie Mike just chillin’ at the Res. Andy and Jordan threw down a couple lines while Jaden and I stuck to what we do best and only rode the nasty obstacles.


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Guildford Bowl’s Final Breaths

Well, there you have it – the existence of the Guildford Bowl has reached it’s final moments. I got an anonymous tip that the crane was there jack-hammering the bowl out this morning so I rushed over to get a couple photos. It was definitely true, and by noon today, the bowl will be completely destroyed.

This is not the first time part of a Skate Park has been taken out in this area. New Line has removed pieces of certain Parks for Revision and Facelifts, and that’s sort of what this is, except the putting it back together part is gonna be delayed until 2014 which sucks. But when the skateboarders get these parks handed to them without having to do any work for it, I don’t think they can complain to much. It’s a different world now and we are totally spoiled with skate parks and at least the City of Surrey acknowledged the fact that they didn’t want to get rid of this one, they just had to. That’s why half the park will remain, and the rest will eventually be replaced.

Thanks for all the good times Guildford Bowl, you will be missed.

For those who didn’t catch it the first tome around, here’s the footage from our Final Film Session there September 29th, 2012

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Bye Bye Guildford Bowl

It was the first closed in bowl with coping in Surrey, and when it was in the planning stage for the Guildford Park I was very adamant that we got a Bowl. There was too much of the same street stuff popping up everywhere and those parks get boring after a while. So Guildford Bowl was built, along with a tiny, somewhat pointless Street Section. Of course now you have to be thankful for the street section because that’s all that will be skateable for the next year and a half until the construction is complete. Once this Lap Pool is built then New Line will come back and build something fresh for us to ride in the remaining footage between the building and street section.

This Park helped to teach a lot of the young kids in Surrey how to hit coping. I remember when it was new and at my Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey Contests there the young kids would all avoid the Bowl and just ride the street stuff, and now almost everyone focuses completely on the Bowl at those events. It also created a group of friends that localized that place, Allen Handley, Myke Johnson and Randy. These guys all know how to shred this spot. It’s a shame that we’re losing it, but life goes on.

Here’s the Video by Protest Skateboards of our Final Film Session at Guildford Bowl. Lots of people showed up including Andy Anderson, Brad “Fighter” Muscat, Jordan Strong, Dale Kind, “Giver” Michael James, Riley Allen Clerihue, Adam Lewis, Josh Lewis, “Hasbrown” Mike Shulze, Dustin Locke, Derek Mayer, Stephan Burke, Matt Cook, Ryan Brynelson, Bachouch Michael, Myke Johnson, Randy, myself and Allen Handley who absolutely destroyed it all day. No one will miss that Bowl as much as this guy.

I’m not completely sure when the fence will go up and the Bowl will come down but it could happen at any given moment, so take your chances and get there for one last session


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GLORY DAZE – Episode 3 Andy Anderson – “It’s Good to be King”

Welcome to Episode 3 of GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike. We’re hangin’ out all day today with one of the most consistent skaters in the Fraser Region. He was named “King of the Bowls” and “King of Surrey” last year in 2011 at the raw age of 15. His sponsors include Protest Skateboards, Vans Shoes, Kilian Clothing, Monke Hardware and Pd’s Hot Shop. Give it up for Andy Anderson!! 

Andy Anderson: How you doin’ Mike?

Hippie Mike: Good, Andy, we’re gonna get right into this, your only 16 years old but how long have you been skateboarding?

Andy Anderson: I’ve been skateboarding for 12 years, so since I was 4

HM: Wow. Can you explain how you first met me and what influence I had on you at that time

Andy: Well, I met you at a Cloverdale Hippie Mike’s Competition. I came in 3rd in Beginner or something, back when you didn’t have Mini. And all I remember is this way too big yellow Substance T-Shirt that I won. I wore it around my house for like 2 weeks, man

HM: So we’re here at the White Rock Bowl/South Surrey Skate Park where you have been training at for the majority of your lifetime, do you think this park has made you the skateboarder that you are today?

Andy: Definitely, because of the various obstacles here. Nothing is actually made for skateboarding, at least that’s how it feels, but I don’t know, White Rock teaches you how to be a Well-rounded Skateboarder – tranny; difficult street

HM: What do you think would be different if you had grown up somewhere else?

Andy: I’d be more based upon one style of skateboarding I think. Also, you’re pretty excluded out here, like it’s the other side of the world for North Van, you know, so I don’t really get to watch that many people unless they’re locals

HM: In the past few years you have consistently placed Top 3 in the majority of competitions that you entered. Is there added pressure in your mind to always win because of that?

Andy: Well that has started recently, but not really, I try to keep that all out. I always fall; I always get extremely hurt whenever I feel slight stress and my mind gets all scrambled. But as long as I’m not worried about winning, I always do good

HM: What was the best contest you ever won?

Andy: King of the Bowls (Big Smiles), Whistler… Ah man, that was awesome. That bowl just like, the park makes the competition because the park is so great, and then they host such a great competition at such a classic bowl. I don’t know…

HM: Well Whistler’s a great bowl though, and Whistler has 3 different parks in reality you can skate so there’s all different kinds of styles

Andy: Yeah!

HM: I referred to you as one of the most consistent skaters in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Region, and it’s true, especially in contest runs. How does it make you feel when you know that everyone else at the contest is sitting there hoping you screw up during your runs so they have a chance to win?

Andy: (Laughs) Uhhh, I’ve never thought of it like that. I just always try to block out everything else

HM: Do you think that they have that thought in their brain or are they actually routing for you to win, again?

Andy: That has legitimately never crossed my mind (Laughs)


HM: Okay, tell the world about the support that your parents have given you and are still giving you in your ventures as a skateboarder

Andy: Oh Man my parents are great. They help me out with everything. They bought me stuff when I needed stuff, you know, that was a big thing, and like I don’t know what to say about them…. Dad drives me out to Victoria every year for like a week and we just go skateboarding. He would take time off, like a fuckin’ week, to go skateboarding. And he doesn’t even skateboard. It was awesome

HM: Name your 3 favorite Skate Parks

Andy: White Rock, Leeside… Oh man, this 3rd one’s gonna be hard to hit…. I’m gonna say Hastings

HM: Name your 3 favorite Skate Spots

Andy: Oh man, Cooper’s Park for sure (under the Cambie Street Bridge), uhhhhh, can you count Bear Creek as a Skate Spot?

HM: Sure

Andy: Okay Bear Creek Park! And, ummm, Georgia Banks

HM: Name your 3 favorite Skate Companies

Andy: Oh like legitimately? Vans, Skull Skates, Protest

HM: Name your 3 favorite people to skate with

Andy: (Deep Breath) I do a lot of skating by myself, but….

HM: Are you one of your favorites to skate with?

Andy: (Laughs) Okay yeah, myself. You (Hippie Mike) always push me to do shit, because like nobody pushes me, there all just like kind of sittin’ back yellin’ “Do it! Do it!” getting me really hurt all the time. So you’re definitely not in the Top 3 (laughs), no you’re up there. I don’t know.. Who else do I skate with, Joe Buffalo

 HM: Joe Buffalooooo!! Tell us about your favorite Skateboard Experience ever

Andy: King of Bowls, King of Bowls


HM: Last year in 2011, you won 2 huge titles in this region: “King of Surrey” – for placing in the Top 3 the most times in Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey & “King of the Bowls” – for the same status in the Bowl Series. Right around the same time, you got put on Team Protest, and had a video part in the latest edition of The Protest Profile on the Ear Goggles DVD. What was it like to be 15 years old and have all of this happening at that time?

Andy: Phew, dude. Skateboarding is like my complete life right? So when skateboarding works out it’s just my whole life is working out. It was great. It was the peak so far


HM: In May of this year, 2012, you showed up to the World Round-Up Freestyle Skateboarding Contest hosted by Kevin Harris and asked if you could enter. How come?

Andy: Well, my girlfriend wanted me to go to the Rodeo, and I wasn’t super stoked on it, but I heard there was this skateboarding thing going on so I thought I’d show up and I thought it would be a bunch of guys doing Tre Flips on flat or something, but it ended up being a full-fledged Freestyle Competition

HM: During the Finals, legendary photographer Jim Goodrich came over to where we were sitting and complimented you in front of your parents saying how nice you were, how talented you were, and how you were the one pushing the rest of the group to try harder. How did that make you feel?

Andy: I didn’t know Jim, but really like, how popular is a photographer?? But afterwards I looked at some of his photos and they’re just some of the most classic stuff, like Jay Adams, and like, oh my gosh… so that felt amazing. Jim’s a really nice guy

HM: You ended up placing 5th in the Amateur Category out of about 16 people from around the globe. Did that change your life in any way?

Andy: (Laughing) I didn’t realize that I was that good at Freestyle

HM: (Laughs) So you’ve always practised Freestyle? Are you some sort of “hide in your room” guy at night just doing primo tricks?

Andy: Well I was for like 1 winter. I just got super into like Truck Stands and Primos and stuff, but I always do Manuals and Shovits when I’m skating and that’s a big part of Freestyle, I didn’t realize that

HM: Are you stoked to have a legend like Kevin Harris invite you to perform Freestyle Demos with him?

 Andy: Yes, that is amazing. Kevin Harris is an amazing guy, and he’s got me doing some amazing stuff


HM: So far, you have mastered all types of transitional skating like old bowls, new bowls, mini-ramps, barricades and pools, you can lay down tons of ledge and rail tricks wherever and whenever you want to, and you made a name for yourself in the Freestyle World, what the hell can we expect next from Andy Anderson?

Andy: Hopefully some flip tricks

HM: (Laughs) Alright, I want to thank you for being on GLORY DAZE with Hippie Mike. I have known you and taught you skateboarding skills since you were 7 years old.

I saw your potential right away to be an amazing skateboarder and an amazing person, and I’m glad I got to be there to help encourage you all these years. You are one of the nicest kids out there on the skate scene, you keep it humble, not cocky, and you truly are living in your Glory Daze right now, and I think it’s still gonna get better though…

Andy: Glory Daze

HM:  You make me very proud buddy – Andy Anderson everybody…..

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