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Andy Anderson Shreddds Leeside – Like Usual

Another masterful Hi-8 Video by Ethan Craig, this time featuring Protest Skateboards Team Rider Andy Anderson. Andy might be the most underrated skater in the Lower Mainland right now. Everyone who knows this kid knows he is a natural ripper, especially in any tranny, and lands everything he tries, but there are still a lot of people not recognizing him. Fact: how often do you see Andy Anderson in the magazines, yet he wins almost every contest he enters…. King of the Bowls and King of Surrey in 2011, places in the finals at every Bowl Series Contest, 2nd place at the BLVD Kensington Pool Contest and placed 5th at the World Round-Up Freestyle Championships this year, plus took Best Skater Award at Ledge n’ Dairy Best Trick Contest at Chuck Bailey. Street Ripper, Rail Killer, Tranny Destroyer, and even a Freestyle Demo Machine along side Kevin Harris, but where’s the coverage???

I’ve been a huge supporter and massive influence on Andy as he has grown up to this still young age of 16 years old that he is now. I used to teach him stuff all the time since he was 7 years old, and I still push him to learn more and more every day. I’ve taught him a ton about skateboarding, and just as much about life, and I am very proud that he represents for Protest Skateboards when he skates. Andy is amazing. He invents tricks by thinking of it and landing it right away, usually first try. I’m stoked to see him in this profile video by Ethan Craig shredding one of his favourite places to skate – Leeside Memorial Park. Here’s what Ethan had to say about Andy after filming this day, “Andy loves to thrash every little nook and cranny there is at Leeside, here is evidence of Andy shralping nearly almost every DIY obstacle there is. Please, enjoy the rawness of Andy’s skating filmed on a Sony Video 8 camera. In Loving Memory of Lee Matasi and Don “Mad Carver” Hartley in which Andy shows his love and support by continuing to wear his helmet beyond his premature years of skateboarding” – Ethan Craig.

Straight to the point, and very true. Andy Anderson is a skateboard machine. He’s calm, cool and collected, but also overflowing with energy. Now please, somebody give this kid the credit he deserves…

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