Hi. I'm Hippie Mike!
Hippie Mike is a man of many talents, many skills and many creations. A master of construction, Mike loves to build and create unique and custom projects, but he also takes the same mind frame to everything else he does.
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No Sell-Outs


All my life, I’ve been independent. And I never wanted to be filthy rich, unless I could do so without changing my life one bit. But I have major hatred for the world of Sell-Outs who will do anything for money.…

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Hippie Mike Hippie Mike's Messed Up Mind The Man I Am

The Man I Am Introduction Poem


The Man I Am

The Man I Am

Kind and gentle,

Simple and sweet,

But stubborn and serious,

To not show defeat,

I’ve grown up strong,

And left my mean side behind,

I give love to others

Who recognize me as kind,

I struggled to get here

Through my teenage years,

Went through my share

Of liquor and beer,

And other things too,

Which were bad for my life,

But all part of learning,

I would starve without strife,

I am who I am

Because of all I’ve been through,

I am who I am,

And you are just you,

My entire life,

The world pushed me down,

But I won every battle,

I’d never stay down,

I’d fight every fight,

My weapons – my beliefs,

The bullshit they threw at me

Would cause me no grief,

You cannot stop me,

I will still change the world,

And bring even more freedom

To all boys and girls,

Just try and stop me there,

Uncle Sam,

And I will let you see

The man that I am,

I’ve lived a tough life,

And I’ve always overcome,

Went through my rough times,

But redemption would come,

Everything in life

Happens for a reason,

You never know what

 to expect the next season,

but no matter the issue,

no matter the pain,

just push it aside

to the back of your brain,

Be who you are,

Whether people like you or not,

Stop caring how others judge you,

Go on, give it a shot,

And maybe you’ll end up

Right here where I am,

As happy as possible,

The man that I am,

For I am a man

Who has altered the Earth,

Changed minds of all people

From being prejudiced jerks,

From judging on appearance,

Not knowing me one bit,

To respecting all I’ve done,

And praising me for it,

You don’t know me at all,

You don’t know who I am,

You don’t know where I came from,

Or why I hate “The Man”,

You don’t know why I’m angry,

You don’t know if I cry,

But you can be damn certain

That I don’t ever lie,

I’m straight to the point,

As true as it comes,

And I fight for what I believe in,

Till the battle is won,

I help out the innocent,

And knock the guilty ones down,

I have changed the world

Starting right here in this town,

And made it more acceptable

For everyone around,

To be who they are,

And to not be pushed down,

Believe it when I say it,

This isn’t a scam,

‘Cause this is all me –

The man I am……

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Jaden Easton-Ellett – Protest Partnership

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 10.46.35 PM

Jaden EastonEllett

A new partnership with Protest Skateboards

A long time coming, and a lot of interesting times we’ve had. I first met Jaden when he came to one of my Skateboard Camps at the tender age of 9 years old.…

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Hippie Mike Life and Death - And all the Emotions that come in between Protest Skateboards The Man I Am

The Man I Loved The Most


Raymond James Faux

Sept 18th, 1947 – April 29th, 2012

To The man who adopted me, loved me and taught me how to be a man myself – a humungous part of me dies with you, but the rest of me lives on for both of us…

The Man I Loved The Most

By Mike Faux

The day I’ve feared forever
finally arrived,
The day The Man I loved the Most
Had to die,
I knew it would happen
My entire life,
I expected it at any time
My entire life,
He struggled through so much
Sickness and disease,
But he always wore a smile
And he always seemed pleased,
He taught me not to give up
On whatever I believe,
I’ll wear a heart forever
To represent him on my sleeve,
His suffering is over
Now our pain begins,
We will miss him forever
In our hearts within,
To The Man I loved the Most
My regrets I send –
My Dad, my Father,
My Friend till the End…

We love you!…

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Cap'n Old Balls Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Review: Cap’n Old Ballz Episode 1

Screen Shot 2012-04-26 at 9.53.09 PM

Yeeeaaaaaah! D.L.! Dave Levington!

Straight outta Langley!

Dave called me the other day and told me about a couple of videos he’s been putting on Youtube of some of his older footage, and what looks like some newer stuff.…

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Extreme Sports Jay Mykyte Protest Skateboards Skateboarding

Jay Mykyte Skates The Secret Bridge


I was walking through a certain park a couple of weeks ago to meet up with Carrie and Kaelen over by the Duck Pond and out of the corner of my eye I saw this bridge… Not just any bridge, but a beautiful full pavement pathway and arch bridge just begging for flip tricks.…

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Andy Anderson Extreme Sports Protest Skateboards Skateboarding

Andy Anderson Gets Ready For Summer


[youtube id=”-dJqWhbMMOA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We took Andy out skating last Saturday to 3 of the North Van/West Van bowls – GriffinHoreshoe Bay andParkgate. I know Andy has been to Griffin before, since he was King of the Bowl Series last year, I’m not sure if he’d been to Horseshoe Bay or not, and I knew he had never even seen Parkgate.…

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding

Review: Mosaic Skateboards Park Video


Oh Ryaaaaaaaa!!

Or as the rest of the world knows him as – Ryan McKellar, sent me a link to check out the new Mosaic Park Video. So I did.

I’d have to say that Ryan likes to support the rest of the team as much as possible and at least the boys can rip stuff up – especially Lanny DeBoer.…

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Danny Way – Waiting for Lightning DC Shoes Demo – Chuck Bailey

danny way

So Friday, April the 13th, 2012 was the day the Danny Way and some of the DC team came to Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey, British Columbia. Hosted by myself, Hippie Mike, along with Coastal Riders skate shop, it was going to be an easy event to run, provided that the weather agreed with us, which it totally did.…

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Extreme Sports Protest Skateboards Skateboarding Stu Benoit Team Riders

Stu Benoit Joins The Protest Team


After many years of ripping together, I finally asked Stu if he wanted to represent for Protest. Straight outtaSurrey, Stu’s always been hardcore, and was always one of my favorite people to skate with. Stu has some serious Big Tranny skills and rips up any bowl, ramp or barricade you put in his path.…

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