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Dumbest Stuff on Wheels

Dumbest Stuff on Wheels, have you seen this show yet? It’s one of those “Real TV” style send in your clips shows, and it’s hilarious. I don’t watch too much TV, just usually sports and game shows, but I started watching this one a while ago whenever I see it on the guide. I used to watch Maximum Exposure all the time when it was on, and Real TV, and I think there were a couple other ones back then that were good, but the reason I like this show is because it’s all related to things that have wheels – cars, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, and of course the occasional office chair. It’s a great show when you need a laugh, but always be ready to turn your head quickly away from the screen. You can usually tell when someone’s going to get sacked on a rail or land on the head from 20 feet up, but every now and then you get a surprise. The other night I was watching and this BMX biker comes up to this double kinked handrail and I’m thinkin’ “okay, here goes his a-hole”, but no..He sticks on the kink and flies off his bike face first into a sign pole at the bottom of the stairs and the sound was like a church bell – DONNNNNGGG!!! My head hurt just watching it. Then this rollerblader tries to grind this 25-30 stair handrail and wipes out into the splits at the bottom right over the curb. But the funny part was that he got up complaining about his head and his little girlfriend pops into the screen to kiss it better – HHHWHAT? Keep it up hardcore!

Dumbest Stuff On Wheels

The easiest section they have to fill on this show is “The Redneck Roundup” where every Jimmy and his Dog try something stupid in their pickup truck. You just gotta watch the show. It’s on The Speed Network, I have no idea what time, or what day of the week, but next time you’re flippin’ through the guide and see the words ‘Dumbest Stuff on Wheels’ press enter, you won’t regret it…

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