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Stories Of The Board

Mike started skateboarding at the raw age of 8, back in 1986. He skated the streets with all the neighbourhood kids, from ages 7-15 years old. From Powerslides, Bonelesses and Street Plants, to Railslides and 50-50 grinds, Mike learned a lot about the unique sport of skateboarding from all the older kids around him, and as he grew, so did the world of skateboarding. With the introduction to the nose at the end of the 1980’s, the technical adventures were about to spring on the generation of skaters who didn’t quit when the “Fad” died.

Mike’s been around a long time in this game, he’s seen the evolution of skateboarding and was always a huge part in keeping it positive. From a full on street skater to a now more transitional street surfer, Mike always had the ambition, desire and the style to be successful.

Many years of givin’r, and many, many serious injuries have had a wicked toll on his body, and have forced him to completely change the way he shreds the board. But Mike will always be a skateboarder, so long as he can walk. And he will always be there for the next generations to make sure that skateboarding continues to evolve into a positive factor of the world.

His creativity keeps the action alive, and his “never stop thinking” brain makes learning new tricks a humungous addiction.

Sit down and prepare yourself for some awesome stories of over 26 years on the board…

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    what was youre first sesh like

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