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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Thanks to the Filmers

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Ohhhhh, the Skateboard Industry… so huge now.

When I was young and started skateboarding in the mid-80’s, skateboarding was crazy – pools, vert and launchers, hair in your eyes and rails on your boards. It was huge at that time and all the skaters wanted to be at the top of their game.…

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Extreme Sports Hippie Mike Skateboarding Team Riders Video Reviews

Tom Korop – The Pitts

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Every Skate Park has a Local that kills it, I think this is the one for Pitt Meadows. I don’t know Tom Korop, but I was told that I should, and after watching this video, I think I will most likely remember his name.…

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Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Kilian – Killin’ it!

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K – I – L – I – A – N

Kilian Martin is a maniac. This guy just might be the next Rodney Mullen. A freestyle wizard, with some serious street skills, and combining the 2 together to create tricks out of some other dimension.…

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Cap'n Old Balls Extreme Sports Skateboarding Video Reviews

Review: Cap’n Old Ballz Episode 1

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Yeeeaaaaaah! D.L.! Dave Levington!

Straight outta Langley!

Dave called me the other day and told me about a couple of videos he’s been putting on Youtube of some of his older footage, and what looks like some newer stuff.…

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Watch: What The “F” Were We Thinkin’??

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Are you tired of the same boring skateboarding videos with the same spots over and over again? Well, brace yourself because the revolution is finally here! There are no rules, restrictions or standards. We are the ones making the rules, and we make the spots while we skate everything that shouldn’t be skated.…

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