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Protest Skateboards Welcomes Shawn Rowbottom

I met Shawn Rowbottom through the internet and just started following his ventures of nasty skate spots and crazy tricks he would do at them and I was always stoked on his commitment to skateboarding. As time went on we communicated a bit here and there and finally met face to face a couple months ago in Victoria. As we sat and chatted about life and skateboarding I began to realize more and more how we were very similar, the long hair, the crazy ambitions, and the will to go for it when there’s something we want. The offer was put on the table, and it’s time for Shawn to get some recognition.

Welcome to Protest - Shawn Rowbottom

This guy represents the Langford scene on Vancouver Island and he’s a dedicated Six Side Local which says a lot about someone’s skating right there. If you’re favourite place to skate is the toughest and gnarliest skate spot around, chances are you’re pretty good. I’m stoked to hook this guy up and see what changes happen in his life from here on out, but most of all I’m stoked to skate with him. For his welcome to the team video we decided to show off a compilation of old and new footage that shows Shawn’s crazy side, the last trick says it all.

Have a watch, and enjoy the show – this is definitely just the beginning…

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