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Protest Movement Full Video – Diversity

Protest Skateboards full length video “Diversity” was filmed in over the year of 2017, and edited while I was unable to skateboard. I filmed my own part about 6 weeks before going under the knife for ACL replacement and High Tibial Osteomety in which I didn’t skateboard again until June of 2018.…

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Authentic Board Supply Video – For the Love of the Game

At the end of 2014 we released the Full length video for my skateboard shop, Authentic Board Supply, located in Surrey, BC, Canada. We had only been open for a year at this time, so to have a solid team that could put out footage in a short amount of time was awesome and we wanted to share with the world.…

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SkatePark Styles – Episode 1 – Home Park Fun

In this time where our Freedom to venture out into our usual atmosphere has been taken away from us, it seems like everyone around is starting to build their own stuff to skate. Well since 2016 when we moved from Surrey to Sunshine Valley, we’ve been doing that anyways.…

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Kaelen’s 1st Skateboard Demo – with Ryan Brynelson

Kaelen Faux loves skateboarding, which was pretty much inevitable since both me (Hippie Mike) and mom (Carrie Williams) are skateboarders for life. It’s Kaelen’s 3rd birthday on Sunday, November 11th  and I asked him if he wanted me to get a Clown to show up at his Daycare on Friday, and he said he wanted Ryan Brynelson to come instead and do a Freestyle Demo for all his classmates.…

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2 Year Old Lands Ollie – Kaelen’s 1st Skate Part

Well, you can tell he’s mine by his crazy hilarious mentality and his long flowing locks but growing up in a house of hardcore skaters definitely influences Kaelen to ride a skateboard. And since he has about 7 completely different boards, he experiments with new tricks on each one.…

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey 2012 – Stop #4 Cloverdale

Finally a super sunny day in Cloverdale for a Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey. 3 years in a row it rained and then last year it was just cloudy and cold. But not this time, sunny, clear and hot…

The Mini started off the day with aggressive moves, Jon Schrack was flying into the bowl, Mark Melyukov was stomping flip tricks and even little Aiden threw himself off the big drop which is taller than he is.…

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Hippie Mike’s Tour de Surrey 2012 – Stop 3 Guildford Bowl

What a clear day, you could see for miles and miles, except for when that truck burnt to the ground on the corner of 105 Ave and 152 st. right beside the park.

Not the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen at Guildford Bowl but still decent enough to make it count for a contest.…

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HIPPIE MIKE’S TOUR DE SURREY 2012 Stop 1 – Kwantlen Park

It’s the 9th year for this series of skateboard competitions and I love that I still see a bunch of the same faces as the first year. I kicked off the Tour for 2012 at Kwantlen Park. It’s a tough park for lines, but always a good park for contests.…

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There’s A New King In Town

 Andy Anderson – I say his name a lot on this website, for many reasons. So Andy was the man last summer, and at the age of 15 years old, won the prestige title – “King of the Bowls”. In order to win this title, you have to dominate 4 competitions over a huge number of very experienced competitors at all the old school bowls – Seylynn Bowl, Griffin Bowl, White Rock Bowl and Whistler Bowl.…

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The Week I Found Myself

This last week has been an amazing time, one of my favourite times of my life. As a young child I had lots of fun experiences, and always did tons of different things each day – skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, swimming, basketball, baseball, bowling, hide and seek, board games, whatever.…

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