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There’s A New King In Town

 Andy Anderson – I say his name a lot on this website, for many reasons. So Andy was the man last summer, and at the age of 15 years old, won the prestige title – “King of the Bowls”. In order to win this title, you have to dominate 4 competitions over a huge number of very experienced competitors at all the old school bowls – Seylynn Bowl, Griffin Bowl, White Rock Bowl and Whistler Bowl. Andy was finally crowned King of the Bowls about 2 months ago but still had not received his trophy. The trophy was being constructed by Eve Feaver, Don “Bushman” Wilson, and Kate McTavish (Pixie), who each spent a lot of time hand carving, hand painting, shaping metal, and etch burning all the previous winner’s names in the base of the trophy, going all the way back to 1995.

I finally got the trophy to give to Andy and planned to meet him at Bonsor on Sunday to skate. Andy forgot to show up, and didn’t know I had the trophy, so I gave it away to my son Kaelen instead. Sorry Andy.

Give a huge round of applause to your new 2011 Bowl Series Champion, by default…

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