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2 Year Old Lands Ollie – Kaelen’s 1st Skate Part

Well, you can tell he’s mine by his crazy hilarious mentality and his long flowing locks but growing up in a house of hardcore skaters definitely influences Kaelen to ride a skateboard. And since he has about 7 completely different boards, he experiments with new tricks on each one. I love being a Dad and Carrie and I are lucky to have such an awesome son and he is proving to grow up quick but clever, he’s getting close to 3. Everything you see him do in this video he learned on his own, we had no influence in teaching him. Kealen learns all his skateboard moves by watching people skateboard and then trying what he believes he saw them do.

Monkey see, money do – the best way to learn…

Here he is: Kaelen Faux – at 2 years old

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