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Andy Anderson Gets Ready For Summer


[youtube id=”-dJqWhbMMOA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

We took Andy out skating last Saturday to 3 of the North Van/West Van bowls – GriffinHoreshoe Bay andParkgate. I know Andy has been to Griffin before, since he was King of the Bowl Series last year, I’m not sure if he’d been to Horseshoe Bay or not, and I knew he had never even seen Parkgate.…

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Review: Mosaic Skateboards Park Video


[youtube id=”qgeOVBwWRKU” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Oh Ryaaaaaaaa!!

Or as the rest of the world knows him as – Ryan McKellar, sent me a link to check out the new Mosaic Park Video. So I did.

I’d have to say that Ryan likes to support the rest of the team as much as possible and at least the boys can rip stuff up – especially Lanny DeBoer.…

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Danny Way – Waiting for Lightning DC Shoes Demo – Chuck Bailey

danny way

So Friday, April the 13th, 2012 was the day the Danny Way and some of the DC team came to Chuck Bailey Skate Park in Surrey, British Columbia. Hosted by myself, Hippie Mike, along with Coastal Riders skate shop, it was going to be an easy event to run, provided that the weather agreed with us, which it totally did.…

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Stu Benoit Joins The Protest Team


[youtube id=”EbZS_R6VHcY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

After many years of ripping together, I finally asked Stu if he wanted to represent for Protest. Straight outtaSurrey, Stu’s has always been hardcore, and was always one of my favorite people to skate with.…

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Andy Anderson Gets Crowned “King of the Bowls 2011” [Bowl Series #17]

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 5.24.51 PM

[youtube id=”V8E4M355Quc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Bushman finally presented Andy Anderson with his Crown after earning the title of “2011 King of the Bowls” last August. At age 15, Andy shredded at every Bowl Series competition last year and the title was well deserved.…

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Andy Anderson Skates Plaza 7 stair – 10 tricks in 10 minutes

andyanderson new video

[youtube id=”lQBnEnzvZfM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Just another day in the life of young 15 year old Andy Anderson. The kid knows how to represent, funny part is he’s not even tryin’. See Andy rip 10 tricks down the 7 stair at Vancouver’s Skate Plaza.…

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Watch: What The “F” Were We Thinkin’??

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 5.15.24 PM

Are you tired of the same boring skateboarding videos with the same spots over and over again? Well, brace yourself because the revolution is finally here! There are no rules, restrictions or standards. We are the ones making the rules, and we make the spots while we skate everything that shouldn’t be skated.…

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NEW Protest Skateboards Team Rider Andy Anderson


[youtube id=”” width=”620″ height=”360″]

After many years of teaching Andy Anderson tons of tricks and always encouraging him to skate hard and be creative I finally decided to put him on the team. Andy has been looking up to me since he was 7 years old and was always super talented.…

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