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Bowl Series #20 Begins

It felt just like it did 10 years ago, the same faces, the same styles, and probably a lot of the same music, Bowl Series #20 is here. Led by Mike Strato and Jimbo Jak the microphones were filled with great words all day and the skaters were definitely their to feel the vibes. Hundreds of people on site the whole day and everyone was having a blast, Canada Day every year is for sure the biggest and best Family Reunion in existence.

The little dudes started it off with 5 kids in Beginner, then there was about 10 people in Intermediate, the ladies had 6 in their category and then of course there was the Advanced with over 40 dudes competing of all ages from 18 up to 46, what an event! Everyone was killing it in Advanced, the Surrey Heat consisted of myself Hippie Mike, Surrey Stu, Giver and the young buck Andy Anderson – Andy blew away the crowd by mixing freestyle skating into speedlines, something I don’t think has been done before. If you were there, then you will have those runs etched in your brain, and if you weren’t there then watch for footage from Ethan Craig. Eve Feaver, Stevie D, Jonny B, Steve Lange, Jamie Sherratt, and many more regulars were shredding super hard and all the ex-Kings of the Bowls were praised throughout the day. Little Prince Rylee Wong stepped up to the Advanced to defend his crown but the old guys had something to say about it. Adam Hopkins and Rob Rickaby battled it out for 1st Place with multiple techy tricks and awesome gaps but Hopkins was on his game and pulled through for the win. I thing that huge transfer over the MFP Gap had some influence in the judges decision.

All in all a great day in the sun, and a great kickoff to the 20th year of the most amazing skateboard contest series in Canada.

Happy Canada Day!!

1st – Adam Hopkins

2nd – Rob Rickaby

3rd – Andy Anderson

4th – Clinton

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