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Battle at Hastings III – Recap

[youtube id=”2Y2L7kfUorA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

What an insane contest. You couldn’t pick a better name for this event because it was absolutely nothing but a battle. Soldiers giving it their all and getting their asses kicked in return. Dave Priest went down with a dislocated knee, Adam Hopkins popped his shoulder out and smacked his face on a 540 in the finals, and many others slammed as hard as possible multiple times. It was more like the battle for survival at times. This was the most hardcore contest I’ve been at in years. Everyone wanted their share of the $10,000.

Thanks to Vans, Real, Bones, BLVD, Kevin Kelly and the rest of the guys that made today possible. It was sick.

A lot of head bangs, knee bongs and solid lands.

Here’s a little slideshow of some good times, we’ll get the video up soon.

And congrats to the top 5 

  1. Mason Merlino
  2. Mike from Seattle
  3. Chris Steggles
  4. Adam Hopkins
  5. Frontside Kid – James Clarke

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