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Final Jam at Guildford Bowl



As far as I’ve been told, the construction of the Olympic sized Lap Pool at the Guildford Recreation Centre begins the first week of October which means we only have 1 week left to skate the Guildford Bowl so get out there and make use of the short time that remains. The Bowl has to be removed because the corner of this new Lap Pool building is going to land right in the centre of the Bowl. The rest of the Park with all the Street Obstacles will still be open, but the construction fence surrounding the Bowl will go up soon and the destruction of the Bowl will follow shortly. It’s a real shame but there’s not much we can do about it. At some point when the construction is complete, they will be building something else in the remaining area where the Bowl was. It’s only going to be about half the square footage of the original Bowl. I’m liking the idea of a sick concrete mini ramp with lots of features and extensions. Something unique that we don’t have everywhere else. Any suggestions for what you want to see constructed there send them my way and I’ll pass them on to the City of Surrey’s Planning Department.

So for the sake of the few people that actually called Guildford Skate Park their Home Park at any point in their lives, let’s hook up for one more solid film session and make some memories


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