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Oli Ward Joins the Protest Movement

Protest Skateboards would like to welcome their newest Team Rider. 12 year old Oli Ward is a natural on his board, not only does he showcase his awesomeness with little to no effort, he reminds me of a young Andy Anderson. The way he chooses a bigger board with rails on it, rocks the helmet and knee pads properly, and just skates everything with ease, this kid is definitely a “Skater for Life!” We’re stoked to have him grow with us… Check him out here in his natural habitat at Queens Park in New Westminster, BC, and welcome him to the team

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Extreme Sports Jordan Strong Protest Skateboards Skateboarding

Jordan Strong is welcomed to the Team

It’s the final Member added to our revised Protest Skateboards TeamJordan Strong. Protest has been around for a long time, almost a decade if you can believe it, and there are still most of the original Team Riders. In the past 2 months we’ve been revising the company, and the team, adding Stu Benoit, Andy Anderson, Jaden Easton-Ellett and now Jordan Strong. I’ve known Jordan for about 7 years and he brings even more creativity to the team. Another skateboarder who doesn’t follow what everyone else is doing, but just goes out and visualizes his own tricks and then brings them to life. He doesn’t follow the norm, and that’s one of my favorite things about him. It’s hard to find people like that anymore and that’s what Protest is all about.

He’s definitely got a wicked sense of balance and shows that off with some intricate manual tricks and funky powerslides. But at the same time, the dude can kickflip grind a ledge any time he wants. I’ve always enjoyed skating with Jordan, and I love his “Big Ollie Skills”. He’s also taking on the role of Team Filmer. Now it’s time to see what he has to offer to the world of PROTEST.

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Stu Benoit Joins The Protest Team

After many years of ripping together, I finally asked Stu if he wanted to represent for Protest. Straight outtaSurrey, Stu’s always been hardcore, and was always one of my favorite people to skate with. Stu has some serious Big Tranny skills and rips up any bowl, ramp or barricade you put in his path. Stoked to have him on the Team and looking forward to all the footage we’re gonna see. We stopped in to skate with Stu at Leeside the other night and had a blast. Check it out.

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