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The OG – 3

Here’s a quick little video of 3 of the Original Team Riders from Team ProtestJeff Cole, Cisco Gooding and myself Hippie Mike. Finally after revamping the Team and bringing on Jordan Strong as the filmer many months ago, we get a taste of the good old days. Protest Skateboards began in 2001 and these 2 were my top choice for representing my company along with Jon Irvine. Between the 4 of us we showed unique skills, technical talents, crazy obstacle choices and reckless abandon. With Jon back in Ontario now, he’s still a part of our Team and always will be, but it’s tough to do the long distance thing for filming and such. It’s been a great run over these past 10/11 years of Protest and it’s really only just beginning. Hopefully this little video will stoke these 2 awesome skaters to come out more when we’re filming and get some footage going again. Low and behold there will be a Protest Video released in 2013, so they’re gonna have to, pressure’s on now…

Jeff and Cisco skate the Ramp

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