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New UBC Skate Park – Love it or Hate it

UBC Park4

Hippie Mike and Cisco Gooding hit up the new UBC Park today to see what it’s actually like. There have been many comments leaning in both directions about whether this skate park was a waste of space, or is simply amazing. Some people love every inch of it, while others won’t even bother going there.

That’s skateboarding for ya… We had fun there.

The street obstacles are all funky and good for learning on. The stack of books obstacle is probably the main eye catcher of the park, and can be very intimidating, but we’re sure to expect some serious bangers to go down on these floating ledges. The bowl is small and mellow but that’s okay too, it works good for grinds, and people who aren’t as experienced gotta learn on it so at least this way they will. The barrier on the bank is totally sweet so I think that could be an attraction. It may not be the most amazing park ever built, but it’s something new in a secluded area that could benefit from it. I don’t think there any reason for negativity towards it, plus we have definitely seen some awesome videos come out of it already and it’s hardly been open for  2 weeks. In the world of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, the skateboarders are overly spoiled to the point that all of us moan and wine about every park that pops up now a days – oh there’s too much tranny, oh the bowl isn’t deep enough, or oh these ledges aren’t high enough or have the wrong coping. We’re spoiled in the fact that we forget how hard it used to be to skateboard without being kicked out everywhere you go, we forget that there never used to be 8 skate parks in one city, there was hardly one per municipality, and we take for granted the fact that if we don’t like a particular park, we can choose not to go there and still go to another one right close by. Not every city has these luxuries, or gets to pick and choose what Skate Park they are going to skate that day, and what one tomorrow. And each community that is lucky enough to get a skateboard park has people that live there that are going to appreciate it for what it is no matter what, and make the best of it.

Check out this video that was just filmed in Barrie Ontario. This skate park was built in 1999 and is still the only one they have. It’s not laid out that good, the ground is weathered and rough, and the obstacles are all the old chunky style. But you don’t hear these boys complaining, you just hear them stomping every trick they try out of appreciation that they have a skate park at all….

Respect that.

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