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It Saved My Life

As I visit the old hometown of Barrie Ontario and run in to my friends from the past I have lots of amazing feelings and emotions running through my veins. I think back over my whole life and all the ups and downs I had, the crazy times I went though and the millions of relationships I made over my 35 years on the earth and how many of them still live on strong. All in all in everything I’ve done, it all seems to relate back to one thing – skateboarding. In the summer of 1986 I got my first skateboard and we would hang out all over our neighbourhood in a large group and just shred the parking lots and streets. It was a connection that was stronger than anything else at that time and built confidence in amongst us all. We learned together, grew together and created together. As time went on I continued to be active in all sports and for a couple years I didn’t skateboard that much, but one day I ran into an old friend Chris Connolly who had just got into skateboarding and told me to come out with him after school to a school called St. Mary’s. I came out, got right back into it and after that day spent many years localizing that spot with a huge crew of the best skaters in town.


I look back at the guys I considered role models like Malcolm Campbell, Chris David, Mike Van Noortwyk, Chris Macallum and Mike Sutton and we learned so much from these guys. And it makes me think of the generations of young skaters that have looked at me the same way and grew up under my wings like Cisco Gooding, Jaden Easton-Ellett and Andy Anderson. We are all role models when we are out in the public just doing our thing, and even if you go through rough times, there’s gonna be someone that looks up to you. You never know where you will end up in life but the most important thing to always consider is to have a passion that you love and live for it. That day Chris Connolly took me to St. Mary’s and got me back on my skateboard was the day that saved my life, and made me who I am today. You know me, and everything I’ve done for the skateboard world – now imagine if I didn’t skateboard and wasn’t here in your society… How would it be different for you?

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