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Authentic Board Supply releases their Team Rider names!

So, you wanna know who rides for the only true Surrey Skate Team do ya?

1st Team rider - Authentic

Today is November 4th, and first off I need to thank everyone who has been supportive of the new Surrey skate shop Authentic Board Supply so far. We had a ton of awesome customers come in the first 2 days we were open and they were all stoked on the shop, not just on how much sweet product there was but on the actual design itself. This means a lot to me since I am big on being unique and different, and I love custom stuff. We worked hard to make the shop look as cool as it does, and it happened fast.

Today we begin to release the “secret riders” names, bio’s and welcome videos to the world starting with myself – Hippie Mike. 28 years of skateboarding so far and I am far from being done. Check out my bio and this sweet video of me skating the type of obstacle I love most – rocks…


5 more riders will be released throughout the week the same way. Check out the Authentic website www.authenticboardsupply.com everyday around 12 noon to find out who they are and see their skills


Hippie Mike

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