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Bow Down To Your Kings!!

Finally, I hooked up with Andy Anderson to hand over the King of the Bowls Trophy. This trophy is a historic piece of art which was just constructed this past year to display all the winner’s names from the past 17 years. It took a lot of custom work by Eve Feaver, Don “Bushman” Wilson, and Kate McTavish (Pixie) to create, and this trophy will be passed on gracefully from King to King each year from now on. Andy Anderson, the youngest of all the Kings at the age of 15 when he won the title, was totally stoked. Finally he gets his trophy, but only gets to hold on to it for a couple months, as the next King will be announced on August 19th at Whistler.

Bow down to all your past Kings…

Bowl Series Kings:

John Railmondo                1995

Ben Couves                        1996

Alex Chalmers                   1997

Gary Harris                        1998

Jeff Logan                           1999

Dave Priest                        2000

Steve Lange                        2001

Steve Denham                   2002

Johnny “B” Byers                      2003

Eve Feaver                         2004

Dave Boyce                        2005

Danny Hagge                     2006

Dave “57” Krystof             2007

Don “Bushman” Wilson   2008

Don “Carver” Hartley        2009

Rob Rickaby                       2010

Andy Anderson                 2011

 Who will be the 2012 Champion?

Will Andy be the first to claim the crown twice?

Or is that even allowed?

Only 1 way to find out…. Go to the events.

Seylynn Bowl – July 1st

Griffin Bowl – July 15th

White Rock Bowl – July 29th

Squamish – August 18th

Whistler Bowl – August 19th 

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