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Protest Summer BBQ#2

Fighter and Dennis

Saturday we had another Protest Team BBQ which only half the team showed up but we had lots of other friends I had invited too so it was still busy. A lot more mellow than the last BBQ mainly for the fact that Randy Madland showed up sober this time and didn’t drink 20 beers, but don’t worry, Brad Muscat took his place on that level. But at least Fighter wasn’t hucking himself of the cliff like Randy liked to do, he was just hucking himself around in the mini ramp.

Everybody had a good time and we all just hung out having fun. There was ladder golf for the kiddies and mini ramp for the big boys, and plenty of food for everyone. Homer was the BBQ master again, and one my old friends from high school in Ontario, Ray (Turner) Fox showed up to hang, and Dennis Regan was in the house as well. The ramp was kind of the highlight area of the party and it seemed like everyone was on there game – Cisco Gooding was dropping 270’s out of every type of grind all over the ramp, Fighter learned yet another variation of Judo Blunt by popping them to frontside tail, Jaden Easton-Ellett was slashing everything super fast and stylish, Randy Madland was hitting primo stalls out of 50-50 and then landing them back in, Giver (Michael James) was going frontside like usual, and Justin James skated the entire time and probably took the most body slams of everyone, in amongst landing a ton of tricks. I jumped on the ramp for about 10-15 minutes for a doubles photo and video of me 5-0 grinding the hip over Justin doing a bigspin going the opposite direction. That was about it for Hippie Mike‘s skating on this day both my legs were super cramped up from the day before. Later in the evening Jeff Cole and Andy Anderson strolled in and of course both got up on the ramp for a “fresh legs demo”. Jeff is injured right now so he was taking it easy but still slashing with style, and Andy had just come from an all day Freestyle Demo out in Maple Ridge so he was on top of his game, and itching for tranny. He threw down a couple perfect nosegrinds over the hip and Jeff called him out to do nosegrind on the first side and then revert into sugarcane as he transferred the hip. It took Andy a whole 2 tries to stick it and then he did like 3 more in a row. All these guys are great to watch skate mini, and that was pretty much all we did. Food was good, drinks were good, weather was good and the people were awesome.

Not so many at this one, lots were out of town or just didn’t show. I’m sure they’ll be at the next one…

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