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New Protest Decks – Summer Line Up 2015

The latest run of boards has arrived at the Protest Warehouse, from the Bob Marley and Malcolm X decks to the crazy coloured Lion Head and of course a memorable look at the unforgettable Vancouver Riots, the 2015 Summer Series is about finding your freedom, making a statement, and doing what you believe is right in every situation of life while shredding the parks and streets on your board. And stay tuned for the latest edition of our Protest Cruiser Decks coming soon with an awesome new graphic designed by the one and only Andy Anderson.

Protest Decks Line Up Postcard - Summer 2015

These decks are distributed exclusively in Canada by Platform Distribution http://platformdist.com/  so ask your local stores to order you one in if they don’t already have stock. For all other sales enquiries contact Hippie Mike by email through the Contact section on the website…

Protest Skateboards – We do what we do because we know what needs to be done and refuse to sit around waiting for someone else to do it for us

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