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I just watched “Lords of Dogtown” for the very first time. I’ve always completely avoided watching it because I knew it was going to be Hollywood cheeseball and I have a problem with movies like that but I figured Kaelen would like it for the fact that he’s 2 years old and loves skateboarding. Since I had seen “Dogtown and Z-Boys” so many times too I figured it wasn’t going to show justice to the documentary. And it really didn’t. In fact it was a totally cheeseball movie that skipped through years like jumpin’ cracks in the sidewalk. But it brought something special to reality for me.

The biggest moral of the story is to: follow your heart but never forget your roots. Always remember who you are and where you came from and love the people that you ventured through those times with forever – or should I say Forephyr.

Lords Of Dogtown

These guys were truly hardcore, We all know that. Anyone who’s seen the documentary or been around for the evolution of skateboarding knows the Z-Boys and thanks them for what they did for skateboarding.

They lived every day on a mission to be awesome.

They took no moment for granted.

They put their balls on the table every chance they got and proved who the man was all day long.

Nothing could stop them.

But then came the dreaded curse of “Fame and Fortune”. So many people in the world strive for it every day of their life not realizing that if you find it your life will never be the same. You go from trying to be somebody that everyone wants to know to being sick of people all the time and just wanting to be alone. Once everyone knows your name they publicize it and then you just get more and more famous which means more and more people who want to get a piece of your name on their products. Sad.

That’s why the movie was actually good to watch because it showed how these guys forgot about the best thing they had – family. The money was offered and the stardom awaited but they had to give up the times they had to get it. That sucks.

Skateboarding is all about freedom and the Zephyr Boys knew what freedom was. But they lost that freedom when they became popular and were forced to be solo artists in the world of skateboarding. Props to jay Adams for always saying no. He may not have made the fortune that a couple of the others did but he kept his freedom by speaking his mind and doing what he felt was right. No one owned jayBoy. Stacy and Alva both took the high road and I think in a way there was definite regrets on both parties but it ended in the same mindframe – they both started their own companies and made them count. Trust me when I say Powell Peralta is the best company of the 1980’s and still rocks the house. “I Hippie Mike declare that Powell Peralta Mini Rats form the late 80s are the best wheels ever made and will only skate those golden nuggets for the rest of my life.”

Powell Peralta Mini Rats

And Stacy Peralta is always and always has been promoting skateboarding for all the right reasons. Powell Peralta was about family, just like how that whole group of surfer kids were before Z-Boys existed. They created the Bones Brigade and promoted all Five riders as One – not one at a time but as a team.

Everybody on that team had something special to offer to the audience. And they respected each other for their skills.

Go back in time and throw The Search for Animal Chin into your VCR and remember what the message was all about. A group of guys on the search for freedom and at the end they discover that it was right there with them the whole time. Animal Chin was a man but they weren’t searching for him… they were searching for themselves.

I understood that video and I found who I am.

Do you know who you are?

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