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The Rocky Roads of Life

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Life’s so easy when you’re a kid, even if you have it rough. You wake up in the morning and get ready for the day. Hopefully you get lots of time to play, and do the things you enjoy. You don’t really have to worry about money or the painful battle for survival. You don’t have to pay bills or worry about losing your job. Your biggest concern is usually trying to have fun without getting in trouble. The beautiful life.

As you get a little older, it changes a bit. You start being more concerned about your appearance, and what other people think of you. You want to fit in with the cool crowd and sometimes might do things you normally wouldn’t in order to do so. You start to get more responsibilities put on your plate, and less food. Your main concern becomes a little more complicated with some obstacles in the way, but it’s still all about having fun without getting in too much trouble. It’s a great life.

As you age some more and go out on your own into the cruel world, your life will change. You are now strapped down, and live for survival. Work to get paid, to pay for the things you need – shelter, food, clothing. Times get more serious and you might not enjoy life as much. You will start to refer to childhood as “The Good Old Days” and your body will begin to hurt. But through it all, it’s very important to always try to have fun and keep a smile on your face. Getting into trouble seems to cost a lot more now, so it’s smart to avoid it the best you can.

You never know what life is going to throw your way, or how fast it will throw it at you. Sometimes it may feel like the entire world is completely against you, like you are the sole person at the bottom of the pile and everyone dumps their garbage on top. Maybe you even want to give up, like you just can’t take any more of the abuse, of the pain, of the hurt…

I quote Bob Marley form the song Rainbow Country:

“Though the Road is Rocky – sure Feels Good to me.”

Bob is so amazing with his thoughts, and so strong. No matter what the situation, no matter what the cause of pain, you must step back and look at the rest of your life. Even if it’s been tough for a long time, remember the good old days. Think of the things that made you smile in your life and go do them. Bring back the past and put the present aside for a while, it may bring you a better future. We all have rocky roads we walk, and the paths are all a mystery, but you gotta put your head up and stand tall, walk with strength and confidence, and believe in yourself.

It will get better.

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