Life and Death - And all the Emotions that come in between

Mixed Feelings

I send out my feelings on this Father’s Day to my Dad who just passed away 7 weeks ago. Remember that today is the day to love your Dad and let him know what he means to you. Don’t take your time with each other for granted, you never know when the last laughs you enjoy together will be…

Who You Were To Me

I never met the man that made me,

But I loved the man that made me who I am,

Because you were meant to be my Father,

You were the best for me.

I cherish the time we had together,

And I will always remember how much you cared,

And I will be to my son what you always were to me,

And give him everything he needs.

A smile, and a joke,

A tear when need be,

A spirit filled with happiness,

A soul set free.

I never met the man that made me,

But I never needed to,

For I had you to take me home,

Someone who loved me for me.

You made me who I am today,

Respected and loved by all,

You taught me how to strive for freedom,

Passionate in all my beliefs.

I’ll miss your smiles, and your jokes,

I shed tears when I think of you,

You filled my spirit with happiness,

And your love lives forever in me.

And I will be the figure that you created,

When my son looks up to me,

So caring and supportive in all he does,

For all the world to see.

And he will live on with feelings of love,

Of who I am to him,

And I will live on with sweet memories,

Of who you were to me.

Happy Father’s Day

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