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Zero – Cold War Premiere

Zero comes out with yet another unreal skate video with dudes that just annihilate obstacles on the streets as well as beat themselves up continuously. I don’t think I can think of any other video where multiple dudes sack so hard on handrails that they hit their face on the rail…

Zero Cold War Skateboard Video Review

So Jamie Thomas and Tommy Sandoval came out to Vancouver to premiere this new Zero video called Cold War at The Rio Theatre on Broadway. Thomas got up on stage to introduce the show and said it best with one sentence, “We decided to really go back to the roots of Zero and make a video that was just like Thrill of it All and Misled Youth”. The editing was quick, the tricks were all stomped and the spots these guys were skating were completely retarded. Rails that you would be scared to slide down on your ass, rooftop drops, floating ledges sticking out of walls and of course humungous gaps of death. It was a classic right from the start, Jamie Thomas proved once again that he is still a maniac and the rest of the team followed suit.

This video is a must see!! Get it now

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