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When will we be accepted?

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No matter who you are in the skateboard world, no matter how much publicity we get on the TV and radio, no matter how rich it has made you, street skating is still forbidden in so many places. Nyjah Huston is probably the best Street Skater in the world right now, and is highlighted all over the place by X Games, Dew Tour and Street League. He’s profited over a million dollars in the past couple years just from winning competitions and here he is being told that he’s not allowed to skate a handrail, and that if he doesn’t stop, the police will be coming. All this while actually filming for the X Games Real Street video contest. You would think that if you said that it was for X Games, this guy might know what he’s talking about and say, oh okay, you’re that guy. But no.

When is this planet gonna sit down and shut up about skateboarders doing what we’ve been doing for the past 30-40 years and just accept it? The world is ever changing, why stop the revolution?

Women used to not even be allowed to work and coloured people only had jobs as slaves, but we overcame all that. Now you could have a pregnant black girl with tattoos and face piercings working for the government. That’s called an evolving society. The world has learned to accept whatever the trends are, except for street skating. Why not us?

We are not criminals unless you make us criminals. 

Stop pushing us away and accept us for who we are…

 Yeah Nyjah, way to get ‘r done

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