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VeeDub 12 Recap

Another successful year in Victoria for the VeeDub Skateboard Contest, hard to believe this was the 12th annual. Protest Skateboards was proud to be a sponsor as usual and this year we actually got to head over to the island and hang out with the crew. Hippie Mike hobbled on to the ferry with his crutches and drove over a bunch of dudes in the big black van so they could get in on the action. All the kiddies in the younger categories were going off pushing their boundaries to new limits which is always awesome to see. Other than the injuries that plagued the day, everyone had a great time and people left with many new stories to tell. Andy Anderson headed over with us and put on a show in the Old School Category as well as during the Advanced Best Trick letting his name be known on the island. Merrick Orr represented hard all day for Protest on his fresh Protest Riot Deck and destroyed the bowl. Lots of people went hard in the Advanced Best Trick and there were a bunch of NBD’s that went down topped off by Isaac Walker as he switch kick flipped the long step up with ease….

Check out the video recap from Luke Connor to see some of the chaos during the Best Trick contest


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