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Tyler the Creator

Ty Williamson is a mere 18 years old and is starting his venture into the world of videography. He spent the past year filming some of the best skaters around Poco, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows and has released quite a few short films. Ty still has a long way to go before being one of the most well known skateboard filmers in BC but he is definitely on the right path. He got solid equipment and knows how to edit, plus he has a very reputable status with tons of sick riders and he’s ready to dedicate his life to it. Of course filming for One Love Skateboard Shop doesn’t hurt either…

Remember this is how Jordan Mayfield, David Wayne Stevens and  Benny Stoddard all began.

Check out some of Ty’s work below:

His Youtube Account as Tyler the Film Creator


His new Facebook Page for Ty Williamson Films


and this teaser for his first full length skate video to be released sometime in 2013 – Conspiracy – featuring Lanny DeBoer, Ryan Prasad, Dave Jonsson, Jesse Holland, Gilbert Turenne, Blair Higginson, Jackson Wakabayashi, Andre Tsougrianis, Michael James, Calum Wood, Gabe Di Norscio, River Tavis & Tom Korop

[youtube id=”qhK5YQB3lBo” width=”620″ height=”360″]



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