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Take a Chance on Me

I’ve known about the company Chance Skateboards pretty much since it started and I always liked it because it reminded me of my own company Protest. The graphics were simple but seemed to have a message behind them, and I appreciated that they never looked like they were trying to grab your attention or sell something that meant nothing to the company. I brought Chance on as a sponsor for all my events a few years ago and had a good first “real meeting” with the owner Matt Holdsworth. I had know Matt from skating over the years and we knew who each other were but had never actually sat down together or hung out really. After chilling with him for a little bit I knew that my initial instincts about him were right – he was a family man who had positive dreams he wanted to fulfil and a real passion for skateboarding, not just for promoting himself but for promoting skateboarding in general as a positive activity that anyone could participate in – I was glad to help promote his business. I’ve gotten to know Matt a little closer lately and have partnered with him a few ways, I’ve watched his company grow and get more recognized in the skate world and I’ve seen his vision stay exactly the same. I love that about Matt, and I’m stoked for his company. Everything about him reminds me of myself. It’s great to see a man’s dreams come true…

“The Chance you take in life as a skater and the blood sweat and tears you put into your passions; Chance is not just about one guy doing something, but about creating something that is large enough to allow and enable others to pursue their dreams and passions” – Matthew Holdsworth

Check out this sweet article on fromthefeetup.ca about Chance Skateboards, how it began, what it stands for and why you should support it


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