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Shred, Share, STOKED!!

Jesse MC1

Last night was the 5th year that Maple Ridge local Jesse Holland put on the Shred, Share, STOKED contest at the Greg Moore Youth Centre’s indoor skate park. It’s a youth event so the competitors are all 13-18 years old. This competition is a Christmas fundraiser for the local community charities and the kids enter the comp with either $5, 5 food items or 5 articles of clothing.

The Crowd1

The Beginners were hardcore and lots of them ripped it up. Kids were kickflipping the 5 stair and launching huge of the ramps. Surrey local Damon Morgan dominated with style and confidence and took 1st Place. The Intermediate category was gigantic and only 3 kids were taking prizes. It came down to Jonathan, John and Jayden M. These kids all shredded hard and fast with super sick tricks all over the park. Noah Eastwood and Weston Hutchinson definitely just missed the rankings on this com but all 5 of these guys really showed their skills, style and creativity. Jayden took it home 1st place. Then we finally got to Advanced where the level of skating went way up. Protest and Authentic rider Andy Anderson got things started by blowing the minds of everyone in the building as he hit trick after trick on every obstacle. Flip tricks, tranny tricks, wallrides and ledges but the kicker was when he effortlessly anti-flipped the 3 block as good as it gets. He set the bar super high in the first heat, but next up was Chance and Authentic rider Dominic DeVries and he let Andy know that he wasn’t scared of him tossing a whole bunch of tough ledge and rail tricks, nollie in, flip in and so on. He also showed some of his transition skills. It was gonna tight between these 2 right from the start. Jacob Drescher reminded the crowd that he was there with some solid ledge and rail skating and his patented Double Flips down the set, and Calum Wood repped hard for his hometown with some super tech. He even impossibled off the big drop. It was tight between all Advanced but these guys were the ones to watch. The judging was based on “Best Run” and it ended like this – 1st Dominic; 2nd Andy; 3rd Calum

The Winners - Dom-Andy-Calum1

Great contest and good fundraiser

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