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Sean Campbell Gets his Point Across

From the story we posted earlier about the upcoming UBC Skate Park written by Sean Campbell and from many people showing their true feelings though emails and comments on Facebook as well, the representatives at UBC and New Line Skate Parks are ready to sit down and review the design plans. Read Sean’s story below, and remember that your opinion does matter in the world, and your voice can be heard. So if something is happening out there that doesn’t make sense or that you have a hard time completely agreeing with, let people know. The word Protest is a very strong word, and people relate it negative behaviour. But protesting is just a way of stating your opinion to try to make a difference or a change in the world.

Positive Protests can go a long way…

Thanks Sean

My UPDATED UBC Skate Park Story!

by Sean Campbell 

 Thursday, November 22, 2012 ·

I would like to drop an update about my UBC skatepark story so that everyone can be in the know !

A few days ago I wrote a couple of emails and sent them off to NewLine and The University sharing my opinion of the skatepark design. I didn’t think it would do a whole bunch – but I’m an opinionated guy so I sent ’em off anyways. Then I posted my shpeel on facebook here sharing what I did and how it worked out pretty good. I had seen a lot of other people online still commenting negatively about the park design and thought it would be good to share my story and let people know.

Suddenly I wound up talking directly to representatives from both UBC and NewLine. Both of them have taken the time to call me personally – which I think is amazing – and after discussing the logistics of the park space and many many other related topics I would like to put this out there …

NewLine and UBC are on the team with the rapidly emerging opinion that the park design is a little less than stellar. Even though it is considerably late in the game for changing the whole park design I would like to let everyone know that NewLine IS sitting down to review the design – not to change it completely or maybe even at all – but they are concerned enough to take a look and see if there is any way make to improvements. That is AWESOME! So yeah – the emails and shit worked – to whoever did send one in – kudos!

After talking with the planners and designers I’ve got a MUCH better understanding in general of the whole project – and I think the fact that UBC and NewLine were genuinely concerned enough about the incoming opinions to take a second look is proof enough that the park is going to wind up being the best that it can be. Any concerns I had about the park design have been laid to rest now that I know more – and no matter what is built at UBC it’s still going to be new and fun.

I grew up in a time and place when skateparks were non-existant – and to me every new park is an epic chance to fulfill every skatepark dream ever and see it put it in concrete! The reality now however is that the city is already planning to build more new skateparks than you could shake a stick at in coming years .. and just because this ONE park doesn’t provide every kind of terrain isn’t the hugest crime ever. It is still a NEW SKATEPARK and it’s going to be fun.

I’m actually still blown away by the calls and other feedback I got from two emails. I’m obviously passionate about skating and I wasn’t expecting to suddenly be in the middle of a debate – and I’m grateful to everyone who shared my note or gave their opinion – and I’m extra grateful to UBC and NewLine for building a new park!

So yeah  – once more – the park plan IS being reviewed and that’s all we can ask for !

please spread the word – i’m not doing the tag 50 people thing again! 🙂

happy skating! – Sean Campbell

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