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Protesting in White Rock


There’s a thing people do a lot when they live in South Surrey, they tell everyone they’re from White Rock. But I always ask the question, “What’s it say on the envelope when someone mails you something?” Surrey – that’s what. And the funny part is that even the Original Surrey Skate Park still lives by the name “White Rock Bowl”

It’s referred to by many as The Deep Pit and it was built around 1990 following the roll in styles of all the other parks at that time like Seylynn, Griffin and Whistler Bowl but taking away the snake run aspect, White Rock Bowl is a fun one but can kick your ass without warning at any moment. As Mitch Salter was reminded during his run in Advanced when he lost control on a fly out from the deep end and land fully upside down. Ditch, halfpipe, deep end and 2 big tits, that’s what this bowl is about, and there’s only one way to skate it – fast.

It was a beautiful day outside once again, we have been blessed this summer so far. Not as many people as there used to be at this stop but it is very far for most people to drive to. But a good chunk of the Protest Team showed up and were ready to skateboard. Don Bushman Wilson has been skating this park since day 1 and showed his experience with fierce lines that never ended while Brad Fighter Muscat went huge out of the deep end and into the halfpipe, Eve Feaver proved early that he was going to be the man to beat as he blasted airs all over and laid down a whack of technical lip tricks while (myself) Hippie Mike reminded everybody that I’ve lived in Surrey for the past 12 years and have taught many a kid how to shred that park, including the infamous Andy Anderson who for once was not present at this competition due to a Freestyle Demo in Maple Ridge that he was working. The action was hot in all categories starting with Beginner where little 5 year old Presley Huska dominated but ripping down the entire bowl and wrapping around the deep end as well as making out of the end of the bowl. This kid’s crazy! The Intermediates were insane too, Rylee Wong was shredding like he was born in the early 80’s and Purple Pants Riley Allen was pretending he was Andy Anderson with huge flyouts and boneless tricks all over the bowl. Kai Searle and Ross were also ripping hard and laying down lots of tech tricks. When it came time for the ladies we had Carrie Williams for Protest, Krystal Clear from Squamish and Malia who I don’t really know. They all went hardcore, as much as they could but Carrie dominated with her many years of experience at this competition popping fakie tricks on the top banks, doing stalls in the halfpipe and carving the bowl. The Advanced was tight and everyone was skating good. Tons of speedlines, lots of solid huge airs in and out of the bowl and plenty of style form everyone. Jay White carved it up like he knows how while lil’ Mitchie went fast and tried not to hurt himself, Gary Harris was in the house and ripped it up too, and Lil’ G threw down some tough gap ollies and tailslides, Fighter used the whole bowl and stuck some tough tricks as Tyler Wong showed his old school styles inherited from his Dad, but it came down to those Top 3 –

  1. Eve Feaver
  2. Bushman
  3. Hippie Mike

We’ll see you guys in Sqaumish on August 17th and Whistler on the 18th 

Check out the photos from Mark Halliday @ Moonrider Productions


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